It's Tanabata festival!
— Event text

The Cloud Tanabata Festival event ran from August 16th to 20th, 2018. The recipes were made available starting August 15th until the 20th.

How to PlayEdit

The day before the event, the recipes were available to collect from the in-game Mailbox. The next day, Journey stages would drop Cloud Feather, which is a piece of the suit, Silver Feather, as well as an ingredient used to craft the rest of the suit.

Suit Edit

Item # of Cloud Feathers Other Materials Needed
Moonlight in Room 63 4 Romeo
Moon Feather Dress 73 4 Bow's Dream-Yellow
Jade-Green Fairy Twig 54 8 Lime Coat
Mist upon Bank 57 6 Peep-toe Sandals-White
Recall Old Times 54 3 Nikki Choker-Red
Moonset Roost 51 3 Nikki Lifebuoy-Yellow
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