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Cloud Realm is a set of Story Suits. Suits can be obtained from the Brave New World event.

Completion Reward: 50 Diamonds

Nightmare Rhyme[]

CR Nightmare Rhyme.png CR Nightmare Rhyme Text.png
Daymare Fairy Tale
Cover my eyes

I can still see the beautiful world

Take away my tongue

I can still sing a romantic song

Imprison my body

I can still dance freely

Lock up my heart

I can still dream

Gilt Ode[]

CR Gilt Ode.png CR Gilt Ode Text.png
Glorious Chapter
At the brilliant sunset

The sea water is like flowing gold

Glittering rolling waves

Decorate her hemline

The reflection of stars curtsies

The light builds up a staircase

A goddess in the mortal world

Brings the gospel of beauty

Covenant Blade[]

CR Covenant Blade.png CR Covenant Blade Text.png
Aster Guardian
Write fate into covenant

Make vow by the blade

Boiling burning blood

Forms the circle of samsara

Carve the soul into pattern

Imprint the seal of eternity

Let this body be the edge

A witness to your glorious coronation

Last Homesickness[]

CR Last Homesickness.png CR Last Homesickness Text.png
World in Dream

The fragrance of wintersweet
may last for ages

While a dayfly may not see the
next season in its life

Life is so changeable
Why worry about
ethereal fame

Bluebird, Bluebird,
where are you now
Come back, come back,
take my love back


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Cloud Realm N/A
Japanese Flag.png Japan 空の境 心の海 (Sora no Sakai Kokoro no Umi) Boundary of Sky, Heart of the Ocean
Korean Flag.png South Korea 구름의경계 (guleum-uigyeong-gye) Cloud Boundary
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Cloud Realm N/A
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A