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Cloud Empire Symbol.JPG
Cloud Empire lies on the east of Miraland. This is one of the oldest civilizations on the continent. In the history of the ancient empire, it merged some ethnic cultures, derived out some new as well.

Both eastern ancient city and comfortable town can be seen. People here are good oriental style.

If you ask me what the country is like, I would say "an ancient but elegant civilization in the new era."

Cloud Empire is one of the 7 Nations and lies on the eastern coast of Miraland. It's a wealthy nation with clothing resembling the ancient Tang Dynasty. Everyone dresses up in a flowing and traditional eastern style.

In the Time Diary, Cloud Empire is described as an ancient and powerful oriental country. It is a place where ancient big cities and delicate small towns coexist. People here are skilled in gorgeous oriental style. 'A nation where ancient civilization and new age shine together'.

Cloud Empire's nobility consists of the Great Four Families Of Cloud: Yue, Bai, Zhu, and Ming. Each holds a key position in the government and/or society of Cloud.

The emblem takes a circular shape with details within it, surrounding a wispy black and white bird.


As one of the oldest nations in Miraland, Cloud Empire has a long and rich history.

Bixiao and Chixiao[]

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In ancient times, the world was guarded by two sisters, Bixiao and Chixiao, who guarded the day and night respectively and could only meet when an eclipse occurred. As the humans grew more and more war-hungry, Bixiao became worried. The eclipse came, and Bixiao was alarmed to discover that her sister Chixiao was just as war-hungry as the humans. Chixiao's power tore Bixiao into four wills of war, and Bixiao realized she had to fight war with war.[2]

From then on, Bixiao was there to stop Chixiao when she became out of control. She managed to seal Chixiao into a circle within the clouds above Brocade City before falling asleep herself, unwilling to see her sister be destroyed and hoping that one day the blood of the emperor could awaken them again.[2]

Tower of Zen[]

Early in its history, there were a King and Queen who met when they were young, and were known as King Saint Cloud and Queen Saint Phoenix. The queen was from a low-blooded family, but was very wise and courageous, and came to be admired by every girl in the Cloud Empire.[3]

As an adult, the king of Cloud met an oracle in his dream, and was told to build a tower that scraped the heavens. It took decades to build, and was called the Tower of Zen. The building of the tower was largely opposed by the population of the time, with the exception of the Queen. The emperor asked the most mysterious stylist family of the time to design the ceremony suit, which was designed based on the theme of Dragon-Phoenix.[4][3]

Only an accomplished king could ascend the Tower of Zen and reach the heavens. When this happened, an azure dragon appeared.[4] The queen ascended as well, and phoenix appeared above the tower, its plumes dyeing clouds like burning fire. For this reason, it's believed that the king and queen were reincarnated from the dragon and the phoenix.[3]

Cloud Capital[]

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In approximately the year 580, the emperor of Cloud decided that Cloud Capital needed to be renovated in order to bring it into the modern day. He recruited the Ming family of the north to redesign the architecture of the city, and they surpassed every expectation. Their designs were accepted and construction began immediately. This resulted in the Ming clan being granted leadership over the north of Cloud.[5]


Cloud is divided up into four geographical parts: Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern. Each region is ruled by a clan: Ming, Zhu, Yue, and Bai, respectively.

Northern Cloud[]

Northern Cloud is a mountainous region that experiences a lot of snowfall, which is traditionally viewed as a sign of harvest.[6] Snowfall City is located there. Yaks and snow leopards, which are seen as guardians of the mountain goddess, are native to the region, especially Snowjade Peak, one of the mountains that divides Cloud from the North.[7]

The region also celebrates a cherry blossom festival each May, when the last cherry blossom blooms to signal the transition from spring to summer.[8]

Southern Cloud[]

Southern Cloud is where the Flower Field is located. It is prosperous and beautiful, with rice and design markets at the border. It has a spring-like climate, with lots of rain, and is well-known for its production of tea leaves and flax.[9]

An example of a style that can be found in Southern Cloud is Silver Embroidery, which was created by a girl named Azure and her mother.

Western Cloud[]

Western Cloud's culture has an emphasis on dancers[10] and fortunetellers.[11] Western Cloud also has a history of bandits, which were defeated by Yue Qianshuang and Zhu Ruosheng.[12] It's mostly forested, with railroads being the only way to get around,[13] and it's the only place in Miraland where pandas can be found.[14]

Eastern Cloud[]

Eastern Cloud is home to Cloud Capital, where the royal court is located.[15]


Cloud Empire Map.JPG
Cloud Empire.png

Notable Locations[]

Chapter 15 part 2.jpg
Cloud City
The Cloud Empire's northern border city, which faces attacks from the neighboring North Kingdom.
Chapter 16.png
Lor River City
A place of strategic military importance. It stands as a natural barrier, and the northwest gateway to the Cloud Empire.
Mysterious Moonlit City.png
Moonlit City
A bustling and refined city in the south of Cloud Empire. It is also Lunar's hometown.
Imperial Palace.jpg
Cloud Capital
A city situated at the east of the Cloud Empire and a place of cultivation, glory, and majesty.
Flower Field Encounter.jpeg
Flower Field
An expanse of flowers in the south, near Lilith. Legend has it that the Ancient Pavilion Master lives here.
Chapter 7.jpeg
Long Street
The boulevard at the bottom of Mount Mang. It is the closest courier station at the south of Moonlit City.
Perseverance Cinema (day).jpg
Lotus Town
A town near the Apple Federation, which incorporates modern Cloud styles into its atmosphere.
Jinlin Palace.jpg
Brocade City
A city in the east of Cloud Empire governed by the Clan Bai.
Mt Tai Chi.png
Mount Tai Chi
A mountain containing a temple, which was burnt down a hundred years ago.
Unknown City.png
City Ning
An influential town in Cloud. The adventure story of its mayor is well known in the nation.
For a list of all locations, please see Cloud Locations.


Lunar Bustup.png
The heiress of the Silk Shop in Moonlit City and the chief designer of Cloud City. A friend of Nikki's.
Bai Jinjin Bustup.png
Bai Jinjin
A girl who ran away from her family, the Bai Clan, in order to marry her beloved Zhong Lizi.
Zhong Lizi Bustup.png
Zhong Lizi
A designer in the Cloud Army and the boyfriend of Bai Jinjin.
Bai Yongxi Bustup.png
Bai Yongxi
The regent of the Cloud Empire.
Cloud Empress Bustup.png
Cloud Empress
The 6-year-old empress of Cloud, who is under the tutelage of Bai Yongxi.
Yue Qianshuang Bustup.png
Yue Qianshuang
The Great Protector of Cloud and the head of the Yue clan.
Ming Shuiyuan Bustup.png
Ming Shuiyuan
The head of the Ming clan and a skilled inventor. She is determined to do whatever it takes to save Cloud.
Zhu Yuxian Bustup.png
Zhu Yuxian
The head of the Zhu Clan, who later disguised himself as Zhan Qiuming. Helped contribute to the fall of Cloud City.
Zhu Ruosheng Bustup.png
Zhu Ruosheng
Yue Qianshuang's close friend and partner, as well as the military advisor of Lor River City.
Fu Su Bustup.png
Fu Su
An immortal man who travels the world. He is the former pupil of the Ancient Pavilion Designer.
Mayor of Moonlit City Bustup.png
Mayor of Moonlit City
A playful girl who leads Moonlit City. She loves small animals.
Xiao Zong Bustup.png
Xiao Zong
A chaotic, immortal man who once knew King Sayet.
For a list of all characters, please see Cloud Characters.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Cloud Empire N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Empire Nimbus Nimbus Empire
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 云端王国 (Yúnduān Wángguó) Cloud Kingdom
Japanese Flag.png Japan 雲上帝国 (Unjō Teikoku) Cloud Empire
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아샤 왕국 (Asya Wang-gug) Asia Kingdom
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Kekaisaran Awan Cloud Empire
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Vương quốc Chân Mây Kingdom of Cloud
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Cloud Empire N/A

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