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Cloud Empire Symbol
Cloud Empire lies on the east of Miraland. This is one of the oldest civilizations on the continent. In the history of the ancient empire, it merged some ethnic cultures, derived out some new as well.

Both eastern ancient city and comfortable town can be seen. People here are good oriental style.

If you ask me what the country is like, I would say "an ancient but elegant civilization in the new era."

Cloud Empire is one of the 7 Nations and lies on the eastern coast of Miraland. It's a wealthy nation resembling the ancient Tang Dynasty. Everyone dresses up in a flowing and traditional eastern style.

In the Time Diary, Cloud Empire is described as an ancient and powerful oriental country. It is a place where ancient big cities and delicate small towns coexist. People here are skilled in gorgeous oriental style. 'A nation where ancient civilization and new age shine together'.

Cloud Empire's nobility consists of the Great Four Families Of Cloud: Yue, Bai, Zhu, and Ming. Each holds a key position in the government and/or society of Cloud.


The emblem takes a circular shape with details within it, surrounding a wispy black and white phoenix.

Notable LocationsEdit

Cloud City Edit

The Cloud Empire’s northern border city. It is also the city that Lunar is determined to protect.

Lor River City Edit

A place of strategic military importance. It stands as a natural barrier, and the northwest gateway to the Cloud Empire.

Moonlit City Edit

A bustling and refined city in the south of a Cloud Empire. It is also Lunar’s hometown.

Cloud Capital Edit

Cloud Capital is situated at the east of the Cloud Empire and a place of cultivation, glory, and majesty.

City Ning Edit

An influential town in Cloud. The adventure story of its mayor is well known in the nation.

Flower Field Edit

A southern land near Lilith. Legend has it that the Ancient Pavilion Master lives in the Flower Field.

Long Street Edit

The boulevard at the bottom of Mount Mango. It is the closest courier station at the south of Moonlit City.


Cloud Empire Map
Cloud Empire

Style Edit

Silver Silk Armor Edit

As the master of the Tiger Clan with brilliant military success, Yue Qianshuang cherishes her dark silk coat and silver armor. It is well designed by Tiger Army, hard and practical. The cape is designed for Snownight Fight. Fur has been added to the elbow, neckline, and waist to keep warmth and for aesthetics.

On the vast snowfield, Yue Qianshuang valiantly rides her horse, long hair stirring in the wind.

Light Cloud Armor Edit

Zhong Lizi was always seen dressed in a scholarly sky-blue robe, designing clothes of all the latest fashions for his love. But now with the current national crisis, he wears dark steel armor for the battlefield, and somehow it surprisingly suits him well. Dark steel armor protects a warrior's body, cloud and dragon patterns inspire a triumphant. He chose the frontier's northern wind and snow, only to protect the cloud Empire and the one behind.

Cloud Watercolor Commander Uniform Edit

War Commander Zhu Ruosheng of the Power Phoenix wears an outfit embroidered with clouding and water patterns, which blends with Ruosheng's regal position and peaceful temperament perfectly. The outfit was designed to combine patterns from minorities in the South with finest silk embroidery. Fine and elegant, majestic and luxury, this is the style of Power Phoenix.

Green smoky feather sash water stripe shirt Edit

At first glance, Fu Su could be mistaken for a celestial being. This smoky jade water ripple jacket was developed over many years in the an [sic] Ancient Pavilion. The elegant soft robe has a thin waist with a ribbon and delicate partly hidden floral pattern. It's as if the body is shrouded in flowing water. A light breeze blows and the skirt flows like a floating fairy.

Soft Azure Dress Edit

Ming Shuiyuan, the master of the Deep Ocean, is soft spoken. She is fond of simple clothing, always wearing an aquamarine dress. This dress is cut to accentuate the curves of its wearer. It is graceful yet dignified and generous. Its color is fresh and elegant.

Dancing in the warm breeze is such a beautiful scene to see.

Hibiscus Petal dress Edit

Lunar - heiress of the Silk Shop, [sic] showcases the sacred Lotus Calico Dress and its celestial quality, making her a goddess in a painting. The material used is a fabric that is unique to Silk Shop - light as feathers, flowing list water. The lotus pattern around the chest highlights the designer's superior techniques. The accessory around the waist made of red-bean pearls accentuates her femininity. Like a poem, like the moon, like water, like the lotus flower.

Azure dragon court dress Edit

With close attention to the Azure dragon court robe on Bai Yongxi - majestic and composed, whose extremely intricate details not all make people feel messy. Obviously the technique of its designer has reached perfection. The dragon ring around the waist resonates with the necklace, unveiling the powerful and far reaching background of the clan of Dawn Dragon.

We can only imagine how luxurious the attire Bai designs for the Top of Cloud would be.

Silver Flower Dress Edit

As a member of Cloud Bai Clan, Bai Jinjin often dresses in fashionable Apple attire. However, when she puts on the Mesmerising her mother designed. The gentle and elegant combination of light purple and gold, the perfect cut, the stunning peony adornment presents Bai Jinjin's high-class charm.

A gentle smile like the sunshine on a snowy morning. Perhaps this is what Zhong Lizi fell for.

Plum Embroidered Gown Edit

Ask which dress is both elegant and luxurious, and the people of the Cloud Empire will think of South Kingdom Empress Zhu Yuxian's golden coral silk gown. The plain white gown is accented with shiny red plums. A bright red satin belt is layered upon the waist.

He is truly royalty.


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