Cloud Capital
Cloud Capital 3
Nation: Cloud Empire
Residents: Bai Yongxi[1]
Bai Jinjin[1]
Bai Jinjin's Father[1]

Cloud Capital is the capital city of Cloud Empire. It is considered a place of "cultivation, glory, and majesty".[2]

History Edit

New Year's Eve Edit

During New Year's Eve one year, Long Street in Cloud Capital had a feast and festivals, which were attended by many people, including Yue Qianshuang, Zhu Ruosheng, and Cloud Empress.[3][4] The Cloud Empress snuck out of the palace in order to join in the festivities, but got lost and was led back by a fairy.[3] Fireworks were set off at midnight, and everybody finally left before dawn.[4]

Locations Edit

Royal Court Edit

The royal court is held in Cloud Capital,[5] and is currently run by the regent Bai Yongxi.[6] The Royal Court is generally run by people from the Bai, or Dragon, clan.[7]

Long Street Edit

Note: This street should not be confused with Long Street which is located at the base of Mount Mango.

Long Street is a street in Cloud Empire where festivals such as the New Year's Eve celebrations are held.[3][4]

Additional Locations Edit

  • Bai's Palace, where the Bai Clan lives[1]
  • Palace where the Cloud Empress stayed[3] (possibly the same as the Bai Palace)
  • Cloud Capital Restaurant[8]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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