Cloud's Smile
Cloud's Smile
Dark and light have to be together. If the dark cannot be expelled, let's face it together.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Color White/Green/Gold
How to Obtain Completion of Wind's Whisper
Cloud's Smile is a Story Suit that can be obtained by completing the suit Wind's Whisper.

Completion Prize: Cloud's Smile.

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Keller is a very shy one. After the first glance of his birth, he was scared by noticing someone walking out of the opposite tree. He did not dare to leave his tree. Yet watching the singular one, the sorrowful one, he knew it was a nice person, however he still feared to toddle out until the one began to water him, which gradually plucked up his courage to go out.

“I wouldn’t let you feel lonely,” this was the very first sentence Keller said to Evelyn, and he marked his words deeply inside himself. Year after year, day after day, he always woke up one step ahead of Evelyn even if he must face the chill when frost melts. 

No truth hides forever. Evelyn seemed to notice something, she also began to wake up earlier and earlier. To keep his promise, Keller decided not to fall asleep but to bear the sufferings during this winter, fighting against the Snow Queen’s might.

Seeing the leaves falling one by one and the snow piled little by little, Keller became more and more concerned about Evelyn. He picked up the fallen leaf nearby, composing his desire on it as a short poem, which actually was full of love for Evelyn. Keller made a decision to compose one each day, it was his way to confront winter.

Time had passed, and the Snow Queen strolled for a long winter, taking off at the revival spring for all life. Leaves collected by Keller stacked thicker. He bound them into an anthology of leaves, it was the best gift he would present to Evelyn.

Keller couldn't let Evelyn take this loneliness alone. He made up his mind and walked out.
Snow Melting

Everyone has his own leave poetry. Just we haven't written it down.
Cloud's Smile

I won't make feel lonely any more. This is the promise Keller made for Evelyn.
Revival Music

Keller rubs her body to warm herself. Tree Spirit has no resistance to cold. He took so much pain.
Snow Song

Keller took a leaf and wrote down her miss for Evelyn on it.
Ice Chant

When spring comes, Keller in the pain picks a twig and bind the leaves of poems together.

The poetry book made of leaves is the gift from Keller. It's the best gift Evelyn has ever seen.
Shining Necklace

Dark and light always stay together. If the dark cannot be expelled, let's face it together.
Winter Awake


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