Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! Wiki
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! Wiki
For a list of all shoes, see Shoes.
Meteor icon.png
6,887 Gold
Pearl Tears-Pink icon.png
Pearl Tears-Pink
2,699 Gold
Fleeting Clouds icon.png
Fleeting Clouds
7,286 Gold
Furred Shoes icon.png
Furred Shoes
7,068 Gold
Leather High Heels-Black icon.png
Leather High Heels-Black
2,755 Gold
Candy Shoes-Yellow icon.png
Candy Shoes-Yellow
18 Diamonds
Europa-Black icon.png
2,885 Gold
Pointed Pearl icon.png
Pointed Pearl
3,655 Gold
Fallen Leaves icon.png
Fallen Leaves
28 Diamonds
Gentle Waiter-Shoes icon.png
Gentle Waiter-Shoes
3,010 Gold
Pandora's Box icon.png
Pandora's Box
2,115 Gold
Print Flats icon.png
Print Flats
6,472 Gold
Enchanting Purple icon.png
Enchanting Purple
2,850 Gold
White Snow Shoes icon.png
White Snow Shoes
2,650 Gold
Dark Blue Secrets icon.png
Dark Blue Secrets
7,437 Gold
Round & Fluffy-Black icon.png
Round & Fluffy-Black
3,680 Gold
Bellona icon.png
3,750 Gold
Learning Journey icon.png
Learning Journey
7,500 Gold
Strawberry Pudding icon.png
Strawberry Pudding
11,347 Gold
Chocolate Boots icon.png
Chocolate Boots
13,487 Gold
Focus icon.png
17,563 Gold
Bright Street icon.png
Bright Street
19,985 Gold
Cherry Mountain icon.png
Cherry Mountain
31 Diamonds
Lush Scenery icon.png
Lush Scenery
22,135 Gold
Tassel Shoes icon.png
Tassel Shoes
98 Diamonds
British Shoes-White icon.png
British Shoes-White
16,210 Gold
Lace Sandals icon.png
Lace Sandals
7,536 Gold
Crocs-Pink icon.png
3,550 Gold
Polka Sandals-Blue icon.png
Polka Sandals-Blue
6,843 Gold
Purple Cloth Sandals icon.png
Purple Cloth Sandals
2,359 Gold
Gommino icon.png
3,850 Gold
Sneakers-Green icon.png
3,257 Gold
Diamond Glint icon.png
Diamond Glint
2,548 Gold
Paper Plane icon.png
Paper Plane
4,150 Gold
Model's Swagger icon.png
Model's Swagger
32 Diamonds
Forging Ahead icon.png
Forging Ahead
5,749 Gold
Black Platform Shoes icon.png
Black Platform Shoes
4,815 Gold
Simple Sandals-Black icon.png
Simple Sandals-Black
3,147 Gold
Heart Firework icon.png
Heart Firework
2,730 Gold
Cozy Shoes icon.png
Cozy Shoes
2,885 Gold
Night Tusk icon.png
Night Tusk
5,180 Gold
Transparent Shoes icon.png
Transparent Shoes
5,180 Gold
Little Gentlemen icon.png
Little Gentlemen
6,749 Gold
Gray Board Shoes icon.png
Gray Board Shoes
2,720 Gold
Starfish Sandals icon.png
Starfish Sandals
2,485 Gold
Brushing Past icon.png
Brushing Past
5,905 Gold
Studded Boots icon.png
Studded Boots
15,489 Gold
Snakes of Temptation icon.png
Snakes of Temptation
5,659 Gold
Prime Secretary-Shoes icon.png
Prime Secretary-Shoes
7,346 Gold
Leather Shoes icon.png
Leather Shoes
15,315 Gold
Lace icon.png
6,597 Gold
Fresh Snow Boots icon.png
Fresh Snow Boots
7,895 Gold
Homely Slippers-White icon.png
Homely Slippers-White
3,003 Gold
Beach Sandals-Red icon.png
Beach Sandals-Red
3,125 Gold
Mousse icon.png
20,559 Gold
High Realm-Black icon.png
High Realm-Black
4,600 Gold
Leaf Rain Shoes icon.png
Leaf Rain Shoes
28 Diamonds
Jonna icon.png
6,263 Gold
Devout Flower-Shoes icon.png
Devout Flower-Shoes
16,833 Gold
Sunny Day-Green icon.png
Sunny Day-Green
15,882 Gold
Short Snow Boots-Brown icon.png
Short Snow Boots-Brown
3,071 Gold
Tall Snow Boots-Brown icon.png
Tall Snow Boots-Brown
7,090 Gold
A Maiden Heart-Pink icon.png
A Maiden Heart-Pink
12,050 Gold
High Heels-Black icon.png
High Heels-Black
11,000 Gold
Crocs-Blue icon.png
4,850 Gold
Doll Shoes-White icon.png
Doll Shoes-White
84 Diamonds
Gem Sandals-Silver icon.png
Gem Sandals-Silver
2,874 Gold
Rainy Season icon.png
Rainy Season
14,547 Gold
Peep-toe Sandals-White icon.png
Peep-toe Sandals-White
5,647 Gold
Avant garde Design icon.png
Avant garde Design
14,842 Gold
Outing in Spring icon.png
Outing in Spring
12,457 Gold
Liberalism icon.png
34 Diamonds
Clock Ankle Boot icon.png
Clock Ankle Boots
24 Diamonds
Long Sleepless Night icon.png
Long Sleepless Night
16 Diamonds
Light Branch Roman icon.png
Light Branch Roman
15 Diamonds
Elegant Snowsoul icon.png
Elegant Snowsoul
23,662 Gold
Chasing Sea Wind icon.png
Chasing Sea Wind
22638 Gold