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Clariel is a character in Love Nikki. She is the host of an exhibition displayed in the Blue Bird Center in Hayden.



Clariel has short white hair with long bangs that transition to black at the ends. She is extremely pale and wears black lipstick and eye shadow.


Clariel is a proud woman and an experienced host who can use her words to appear pleasant and appease her visitors.[2]


Year 680[]

Clariel hosted a collection in Hayden, with the main attraction being the Aurora's Tear, one of King Sayet's works.[3] She believed the value of a design can only be realized by fully explaining a work, so she would only appear when the most visitors are present.[4] She accepted styling battles with 10 exhibition-goers with the prize being the chance to view the Aurora's Tear up close, but no one had won against her.[5]

After Nikki realized Nancy and the other participants lost their memory after battling with Clariel, Nikki challenged Clariel herself and won, to Clariel's disbelief.[2] Clariel had been wearing the Aurora's Tear the whole time, and invited Nikki to the lounge with her. However, the onlookers protested and during the commotion, Ace showed up and confronted Clariel about the memory loss and indifference people gained after losing to her. Clariel signaled to her men to lead the battle participants away, but Nikki and Momo followed after them and brought everyone back.[6]

Still onstage, Clariel denounced the accusations Ace threw at her, but Nikki brought back the battle participants as proof something suspicious was going on. The hall erupted into commotion and Clariel tried to spin the situation as a plot concocted by Nikki and her friends to steal the Aurora's Tear from her. Nikki took the Aurora's Tear from Ace and challenged Clariel to another styling contest, but this time Nikki would wear the jewel. [1]

Clariel believed Nikki knew the secret behind King Sayet's work and told her to drop the act, as Nikki had won. Addressing the crowd, she said, "Are you still watching when things went like this? I suppose it's not what the Lord expects." A sudden white smoke appeared and Clariel vanished during the opportunity.[1]

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  • "Thank you for visiting my collection show. I've always thought a great design is supposed to be shared. That's why I'm here."
    — Clariel in V2: 7-3 Collection Show

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized)
International.png International (English) Clariel
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 克拉芮尔 (kè lā ruì ěr)