City Subway
City Subway
Exhaustion flooded in to drown you until you lose consciousness. I heard only a distant whale howl.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Story Suit
Gallery: Old Album
Color(s): Black/Red
Obtained by: Time Palace Event
Completion Reward:

City Subway is a Story Suit that appeared in the Time Palace Event together with Melody of Whale.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Sedimentary Dream, Black and White City, Secret One Way Trip, Last Train and 30 Diamond.

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Like other girls on Miraland, my dream is to become a designer for Apple Federation Apparel Group.
Dark Wind and Rain

A crowded city, lights shining. The tall building carries dreams of millions of girls, and I am one of them.
Momory Coner

It is hard to be accepted by Apple Federation Apparel Group and I made my way in. It might be a blessing.
Shadow of the City

To realize a dream is inspiring. My design is placed at the center of the mall, under the spotlight.
Travel Alone

Passersby glimpse my designs for a second. Maybe the rule of the world is not to get what you want.
Black and White Weave

I became the most ordinary designer in this building, designing ordinary works and being ordinary.

Gossip around me is like magic, sweet as honey but harsh as a blade. My ears hear blindly and lips tell lies.
Floating Foam

There's no use working hard, for some people are born to be designers. Gradually, I accept these statements.
Simple Lunch

I shouldn't have such a dream just for a pretty dress when I was little. Perhaps everything will be different.
Thin Gleam of Hope

Ads flashing by are like time crease. If I were not a designer, which crease would I be? I keep thinking.
Stopped Time

Exhaustion flooded in to drown you until you lose consciousness. I heard only a distant whale howl.
Sedimentary Dream

Dim lights were burning, and I am in the water, not suffocating. I saw my dream from childhood and blue sea.
Black and White City

Like every night I walked home alone, I went into the subway station, under the lights and stars in Welton.
Secret One Way Trip

See also: Melody of Whale.

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