Circus Wonder Night
Circus Wonder Night
When the clock strikes seven, the magic night is about to begin. Your breath is mine to take away!
Physical and Vital Information
Type Top
Attributes GorgeousLively
Rarity H5
Color Red/White/Gold/Black
Wardrobe # 444
How to Obtain Circus Night Event, Clothing store

Circus Wonder Night can be obtained from the Circus Night Event by exchanging Joker Mask and can be bought in the Clothing Store for 329 Diamond.

Appearance Edit

An upper torso composed of a tube top lined in black, wearing a  gold, maroon, and white accordion attached to black, gold, and maroon straps. On the neck is a dark maroon scarf with gold detail, while residing on each shoulder is a maroon strap. Beneath the shoulders are white puffy sleeves with maroon stripes and a trim of gold frills. The arms are held up with a cuff, one of white with a red button, the other black with a white button and gold designs to match the border of each cuff. A white and maroon hula hoop dangles from the right arm.

Gallery Suit Edit

Circus Wonder Night is part of the Circus Night suit.

The other parts of the suit are: Hippie Clown, Circus Adventure II, Clown Socks, Heart Adventure, Small Magic Hat, Miracle Circus, Funny Park, Spinning Ball and Cute Smile.

Completing the suit will give you a Styling Gift Box containing Circus Adventure-TopMagic Hula Hoop, and Adventure Accordion.

There is an alternate series for this suit. The posed version contains: Cute Smile, Circus Adventure-Top, Circus Adventure II, Clown Socks, Heart Adventure, Funny Park, Small Magic Hat, Adventure Accordion, Spinning Ball, and Hippie Clown.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Cool