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December Troupe's tour show has begun! the rehearsal of Joker & Diamond Mask is very mysterious. Only guests who are personally invited can watch it! Will Nikki pass various trials and obtain Joker's mask?

The Circus Night event ran from February 10th to 13th, 2018.

How to Play Edit

There were two parts to this event.

Part 1 Edit

The first part was a personality quiz. Depending on the answers, a 50% discount on either the Circus Night or Joker Diamond Mask suit would be given.

Part 2 Edit

The second part is completing stages. There was an event map with 5 stages. Complete the stages to get Joker Mask (Joker Masks). You will get a different amount depending on your letter score. You are given 5 free attempts for each stage daily and can reset them for 30 Diamond.

Suits Edit

Circus Night Edit

Total Cost: 2,008 Joker Mask

Joker & Diamond Mask Edit

Total Cost: 2,008 Joker Mask

Video Edit

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