Cicia is the first and biggest city in Lilith Kingdom. It is best known for its theater, which is considered the best on the continent.

History Edit

When Nikki and Bobo visited in year 680 shortly after Nikki arrived in Miraland, the December Troupe put on a production of 'Candy Witch and Star Sea' at the theatre. 'Romeo and Cinderella' was also being performed by another troupe. There was a Bathrobe Festival one night.

Locations Edit

As a city in Lilith, the homes are whimsical and fairytale-esque. One building looks as though it's made of giant books, and many of the buildings have candy pink roofs.

Cicia Grand Theater Edit

Cicia is best known for its theater, which is round and has a distinctive pink-and-blue roof. Lisa is the manager of the theater, though she also attempted to steal the Star Sea while she was there.

Cicia Design School Edit

Cicia's Design School is attended by Timi and Timi's senior, though Timi originally attended a school in Wheat Field. Before the year 678, Yvette also attended Cicia Design School.

Additional Locations Edit

  • Art gallery that showcases outfits from the Designer's Tea Party
  • Western Wildness Hotel
  • Hot spring
  • Rowboats

Items Edit

In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the story. All of the following items mention Cicia.

Name Item Description
Shiny Sundae Hair No.1281 The summer of Cicia welcomed a new actress Starcy. Her new film took place in an ice cream shop in Lilith.
Summer of Star City Hair No.1287 The new show Star City of December Troup has been launched. Starcy from Cicia played 2 roles in it.
Bachelor Gown Dress No.520 Timi has finished her study in Cicia Design School. She came to Lilith Kingdom for her dream and love.
Ice Dew Star Candy Top No.564 In the hot summer, Castry's color rainbow cream is the most beautiful view in Cicia.

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