Xmas Map

Special map for the Christmas Surprise event. There are 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battle stages. Complete these sages to collect Snowflakes Snowflake2.


1 - Christmas FestivitiesEdit

  • Style: Simple, Mature, Elegant, Sexy, Warm
  • Opponent: Kimi
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 8, Picky Immune 5, Picky Bounce 2

The Xmas Carnival in Apple Apparel Department Store is beginning. Wear simple and mature clothes to go in.

  • Promoter: The Apple Federation Apparel Mall's Christmas Carnival has begun! 50% off and Buy 1 Get 3 Free deals everywhere! Come quick, you don't want to miss out!
  • Momo: Wow, how tempting! Didn't we get lots of great stuff last year, Nikki? Why not go in and have a look this year, too?
  • Nikki: Of course! Look, there are even a bunch of Santa Clauses at the main entrance!
  • (The mall towers high above them, its sign bedecked in green and red lights. Christmas is in the air, as shoppers come and go with their purchases, enjoying the atmosphere.)
  • (Many people in Santa Claus costumes run back and forth as they greet guests.)
  • (Just as they were looking at the Santa Clauses at work, a familiar girl's voice rings out to their side.)
  • Kimi: Nikki, Momo! I never expected to see you two here!
  • Momo: Kimi! You're here too!
  • Kimi: Mmhmm! I'm here to see how the Christmas event is coming along.
  • Nikki: Are these people in Santa outfits in charge of the Christmas event this year?
  • Kimi: No, they're only our Christmas messengers. They say Santa employs lots of elves to make toys in the Christmas Kingdom, and sends them in pairs to drive sleds and deliver presents.
  • Kimi: So, we decided to use this story as our theme for this year's Christmas event. If you agree to play their games, you'll even win some small prizes. Give it a try, if you want!
  • Nikki: How fun! It sounds so festive!
  • Momo: It's kind of cold, I think it's starting to snow! Let's hurry inside!
  • Kimi: Wait, the costumers inside are all so well-dressed. Nikki, can you help me match a simple and mature outfit, please?

2 - Vivi's QuestioningEdit

  • Quiz Stage

It's such a hustle and bustle here... Answer the question and earn your Xmas Gifts

3 - Xmas EmissaryEdit

  • Style: Sexy, Lively, Cute, Gorgeous, Cool
  • Opponent: Kaja
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 8, Picky Immune 5, Picky Bounce 2

What a coincidence. I have a show later, compete over lively sexy dress as a warm-up.

  • (On the ground floor, many staff members hurry to decorate the stage inside. A Christmas tree is covered in colorful lanterns, and the stage curtain is laden with holly.)
  • Momo: This stage is amazing! Is someone famous performing tonight?
  • Kimi: During peak hours, lots of vendors usually host events here. This year, they've prepared a few shows and performances for Christmas!
  • (On one side of the stage, a few actors have already changed into their costumes. One of them waves at Nikki.)
  • Nikki: Kaja! Long time no see! You're performing here, too?
  • Kaja: Yep! Even though I much prefer playing rock, I'll agree to play at lively venues like these from time to time.
  • Kaja: But where's Bobo?
  • Nikki: Um... something came up, and she couldn't come with us.
  • Nikki: Are you going to wear a Christmas messenger outfit and perform, too?
  • Kaja: Hahaha, nothing like that. Those guys are professional actors, I'm just here to sing.
  • Kaja: My song's about the Christmas messengers, about how they spend all year preparing gifts in the Christmas Kingdom for Christmas Day, to grant the wishes of everyone in the world.
  • Nikki: Two girls riding a magical sleigh over oceans and mountains to deliver gifts to all... It's beautiful no matter how I look at it! We'll be sure to see your performance!
  • Kaja: Sure thing! But it's still early, so you guys can go shop for a bit before it starts.
  • Kaja: But before you go, let's have a match! The theme is lively, sexy performing outfit!

4 - Suzu's QuizEdit

  • Quiz Stage

White Christmas is so sweet... And two girls went upstairs. I answered a small question and earned a gift!

5 - Warm Well-WishesEdit

  • Style: Simple, Pure, Cute, Lively, Cool
  • Opponent: Kimi
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 5, Critical Eye 4, Sleeping 1, Clock 1

Thank you for your best wishes! Be sure to wear low-key clothes to win luck!

  • Momo: Look over there! Are they the strange girls Toto was talking about?
  • (Two girls walk through the crowds on the roof. One is cute and bubbly, the other a bit shy. Their matching Christmas messenger outfits are even nicer than the performers'.)
  • Secret Girl: Welcome to the Apple Federation Apparel Mall! I'm Lita, and this is Snow! Answer our little question to receive a mysterious prize!
  • Momo: How wonderful! Let's give it a try!
  • Snow: Now then, what does Santa Claus wish for more than anything?
  • Nikki: Let me think... is it for everyone to have a happy and safe Christmas?
  • (Lita and Snow, both surprises, nod their little heads over and over again.)
  • Lita: Congratulations, you guessed right! As your gift, please tell us your wish!
  • Momo: You're amazing, Nikki! Didn't you say you want to be the best stylist in the world? Or maybe... we could wish for a lifetime's supply of grilled fish!
  • Nikki: Easy, Momo. You don't need to gain any more weight!
  • Nikki: I think it's best if I work my hardest to become the best stylist in the world, instead.
  • Kimi: Hmm, well said.
  • Nikki: There isn't really anything I want... but if the Christmas messengers truly exist, I'd like to wish them a merry Christmas, too.
  • (Both girls are stunned, not expecting Nikki to respond like this. In the next instant, Lita skips excitedly over to Nikki and gives her a big hug.)
  • Lita: Thank you so much! Hearing you say that... I'm sure Snow will be able to keep going!
  • (Snow takes a step forward, placing Nikki's gift in her hand. Nikki, stunned by their actions, watches as they turn around and disappear into the crowd.)
  • Kimi: Look outside the window, guys!
  • (Outside, snowflakes fall gently from the sky. The silhouette of a sled trails across the night sky, leaving a shiny, silver trail of stardust at its wake.)
  • Nikki: Momo! Remember the Christmas elf we ran into last year? Do you think those two girls just now were elves from the Christmas Kingdom, too? They didn't seem like normal promoters.
  • Momo: It's possible! But isn't tonight's big shopping event starting soon? Go change into some low-key street clothes and go hunt for some amazing deals too, Nikki!


Q. How many reindeers does Santa Claus have?
A. 9
Q. If Santa Claus is leaving for Apple on 25th, but there is a 50% chance that he would be stopped by Ice Queen, when will he arrive?
A. In the Christmas Eve
Q. What's the previous night of Xmas called?
A. 24th Dec.
Q. What's the common food of Xmas?
A. Turkey dinner
Q. What's the traditional ornament for Xmas?
A. Christmas Tree
Q. What's the classic song for Xmas?
A. Jingle Bells
Q. What's the origin of Xmas?
A. Commemorate the birth of Jesus
Q. What are the classic colors of Xmas?
A. Red, Green, White
Q. What kind of children will receive Christmas gifts?
A. On the list of 'Good Children'
Q. What's a Christmas tree usually?
A. Pine
Q. What's the usual name for Santa Claus?
A. Saint Nicolas
Q. What's the traffic tool of Santa Claus?
A. Sleigh
Q. What's a traditional snack for Christmas?
A. Gingerbread
Q. When is Christmas usually observed?
A. Gala Night
Q. Where does Santa Claus put the gifts?
A. In the socks
Q. Where will the Santa Claus send in the gifts?
A. In the chimney
Q. Which animal is known to pull the sleigh for Santa Claus?
A. Reindeer
Q. Which plant is often used to decorate rooms for Xmas?
A. Holly, Mistletoe
Q. Who will give out gifts in Xmas?
A. Santa Claus
Q. Under which plant cannot a person refuse other's kiss on Xmas?
A. Mistletoe

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