Christmas Star Hat
Christmas Star Hat
The Xmas fairies always wear their Xmas hat. The stars are different, don't mistake others'!
Physical and Vital Information
Type Accessory, Hair Ornament
Attributes LivelyCute
Rarity H5
Color Red/White/Gold/Green
Wardrobe # 1887
How to Obtain Event, crafting

Christmas Star Hat could be obtained during the Christmas Adventure event and can now be obtained through Recipe Crafting.


A deep red hat with thin green string wrapped around it adorned with gold beads, some star shaped hanging from it, along with several tiny studs. Hanging from the tip is a gold star. White fluff lines the head area.

Crafting Edit

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Gallery SuitEdit

Christmas Star Hat is part of the Festivals suit Christmas Adventure.

The other parts of the suit are Christmas Tree, Christmas Snow, Christmas Elves, Holy Night Light, Holy Night Journey, Xmas Gift, Holy Night Star Bell, Xmas Fireplace and Holy Night Snow Eye.

There is an alternate series for the suit. It contains Christmas Adventure, which combines Christmas Snow and Xmas Gift and gives an alternate pose for the suit.


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