It's said that Christmas Elf in Lilith will bring gifts to everyone in the night.
— Event text

The Christmas Adventure event ran from December 22nd to 26th, 2017.

How to Play Edit

Complete Journey stages to get Snow Bell (Snow Bells).

Exchange the Snow Bell for an Icing or Cone Box. A Cone Box requires 4 Snow Bell and an Icing Box requires 6 Snow Bell.

5 free attempts were given each day of the event to convert the Snow Bell to Boxes; they can be reset for 24 Diamond each.

Collecting a certain amount of each Box allowed the player to obtain parts of either the Christmas Adventure or the Rondo of Snowy Night suit. Collect the Icing Box for the Rondo of Snowy Night suit and the Cone Box for the Christmas Adventure suit.

Collection RewardsEdit

Both suits needed 53 Boxes to be completed.

Christmas AdventureEdit

Total Cost: 212 Snow Bell, 53 Cone Boxes

Rondo of Snowy NightEdit

Total Cost: 318 Snow Bell, 53 Icing Boxes

Video Edit

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