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Chloris is a character in Love Nikki. He is the prince of forest elves and a guardian of the Pigeon Forest.



The guardian of Pigeon Forest, the prince of the Tree Elf family, Prince Chloris. Awaken from a 100-year sleep, his coldness and power are just like 1000 years ago. The adornment between the eyes, the feathers hanging from his body, an attire specially designed frame, no one else can own this look apart from the elf prince.

You are a tear in the Bhowali lake, you the calling of the warm wind across the trees, you are the son of the forest.

— Chloris' description in the Time Diary

Chloris has fair skin and steel-blue eyes. He has pointed ears typical of a fantasy elf. His blond hair reaches his waist, and is braided at the end, with a circlet adorning his forehead. His hair is parted in the middle, with long forelocks reaching his chest.

Chloris is depicted as wearing a silver chest-piece with an intricate blue and white coat over the top, with layered spaulders and a matching cape. He wears grey trousers, and his silver-white boots are patterned, reaching over his knees. He also wears grey elbow-length gloves with silver gauntlets.


Chloris is a quiet, mostly indifferent person with a slightly melancholy nature.

Chloris can often appear disdainful and apprehensive when faced with strangers, but over time grows to be friendlier. Since elves live in general isolation, and Chloris spends half of his time sleeping, it is possible that his inept social skills stem from a lack of opportunity to converse with others.

He possesses the ability to teleport[5] and fights with the Ice Flame Bow.[16] He has heightened tracking abilities, able to use the wind to direct himself.


1000 Years before 680[]

Chloris was born to the Elven Queen and the Lord of Kindred. The Elven Queen was an elf and the Lord of Kindred was a kindred, and the fact that they belonged to two different species meant that they could not be together. It also meant that Chloris could not be with his twin brother, Cesare, and he never once met him as a child when the war between Elves and Kindred occurred a thousand years ago, and ended when the Kindred were banished to Shadow City.[17][2] Despite the time that passed, Chloris has always remembered the losses that the elves faced, and strives to avoid similar tragedy.[18]

After the Elf Queen disappeared, Lakris became a guardian of the Pigeon Forest as well, and the two took turns sleeping and guarding for a hundred years each. Though Chloris and Lakris did not interact, due to one sleeping while the other was awake, they were able to sense everything the other experienced through the frontlets they wore,[6] as well as through a fate mark.[19]

Year 60[]

During this year, Chloris was meant to be asleep while Lakris was awake. However, Chloris was awoken early by Babbi, and Chloris and Lakris were able to meet for the first time.[20]

Lakris strengthened the seal to make sure Chloris wouldn't be awoken again. However, they learned then that Babbi, the dwarf that had woken Chloris up, had gone off to the forbidden Pamir Forest. Chloris insisted on going with Lakris to retrieve Babbi, and so they went together, though under the condition that Chloris stay close to Lakris the whole time.[21]

Together, the two elf princes located Babbi and reassured him before bringing him home. Both Chloris and Lakris stressed that the conflicts of the dwarves and elves were not Babbi's fault, and commended him for being a dwarf that saw past the boundaries between the two races.[22]

Before Chloris went back to sleep, he and Lakris expressed how happy they were to finally get to meet each other after thousands of years of shared experiences. Lakris especially wished that he could have been able to sing a psalm under the moonlight to Chloris, or to discuss their love of the Elf Epic. As they discussed how they could share their knowledge of the elves' history with the world, Lakris encouraged Chloris to lighten up and tell more jokes. Finally, Chloris smiled, just from the experience of talking with Lakris.[23]

Year 580[]

This year was the last before Chloris was meant to go to sleep, but before he did, a human girl named Flora happened upon him while he was playing the harp in the forest.[24] He was alarmed by her presence and quickly teleported towards her, but ran away once she started asking him questions. When she followed him, he suggested she return home, but she grew emotional and begged him to be her friend since she had never had one before. Curiously, Chloris offered to meet her again the next night, though he later doubted the decision.[5]

Flora began to visit Chloris every night, and they became friends of a sort, even though Chloris was not used to spending time with others and found her annoying at times. Flora told Chloris about the world outside of Pigeon Forest to Chloris and encouraged him to leave, but he explained that he couldn't leave because it would weaken him.[16]

When Flora hurt herself one day walking in the forest, Chloris carried her back to the manor where she was staying. While he did, he revealed to her that he was immortal and was due to begin a sleep cycle on the midsummer's night. He promised to dance with her and say goodbye the night before.[25]

Unbeknownst to him, she fell ill and was taken away the next day without the chance to say goodbye to him.[26] Chloris went to the manor to look for her, but the butler did not give him a suitable explanation for why he left, and he went to sleep disappointed.[27]

Year 670[]

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Year 680[]

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Chloris and Flora only knew each other for a short time during the summer of 580, but both were lonely people and took companionship with each other each day. However, fate was not on their side. Not only could Chloris not leave the forest due to it being the strength of his power, but he also had to go to sleep during the midsummer. Flora, being a young human girl, was not supposed to go into the Pigeon Forest, but did anyways. Additionally, her illness prevented her from staying in Pigeon for as long as she could have.

Though she died while Chloris was asleep, she made a permanent impression on him. His desire to see her once more manifested in Eli's mirror in the year 680: for the first time, the mirror was able to supply him with an appealing illusion. However, even in the mirror, Chloris knew it was only a dream.[28]


Chloris is younger than Eli, indicated by how he referred to Eli as his respected senior.[29]

Their first meeting was not pleasant as Chloris seemed to put a stop to Eli's dreams of crafting the 'Dream Staff'. Not only did he free the creatures whose power Eli was drawing from, he also debunked any claims that Eli's goal of crafting an all-powerful staff would actually work, explaining that the overall styling is more important than any one individual item.[30] However, Eli was intrigued by Chloris, the one elf he'd met who was not susceptible to his illusions.

Their meeting in the year 680 showed Chloris taking more pity on Eli's state of total powerlessness, prompting him to invite Eli to use his power for a more educational purpose. Later, while Chloris shows Eli's mirror to younger elves, he warns them not to call Eli a "bad elf", as it could anger Eli.[31]


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Gray Raven[]

Gray Raven has a special interest in Chloris, never having met an elf before, and seeks to use him for experiments.[1]

Appearances and Mentions[]

Main Story[]

Around the World[]

This character does not appear in any Around the World stages.

Dream Weaver[]




Item Caption Icon
Primal Bow Casted by wood elf ancestors. The Ice Flame Bow has unique appearance and power when wielded in different owner's hand. Primal Bow
Retribution Arrow When young Chloris hold it for the first time, Ice Flame Bow formed elegant engravings on it. Retribution Arrow
Twin Serenade It's fated that we can't talk while we're awake. Through the silver crown on my head, I hear a blue serenade of your life Twin Serenade
Spirit of Illusion Ever since I was conscious, I can create illusions. Power, fortune, or beauty, I can give you everything Spirit of Illusion
Dream Awakening (Spirit) Chloris is the first guardian and Lakris didn't appear under the Life Tree till Elf Queen went missing. Dream Awakening (Spirit)
Reflection of Truth I'm just a mirror, but I'm unpredictable. I love reality, so I'll never conceal anything from you. Reflection of Truth
Mirror of Illusion I'm just a mirror, people see themselves in me. I can reveal your deepest lust and delusion... Mirror of Illusion
Mirror of Forest I'm just a mirror. I can both reflect reality and create illusions. I named myself Eli when I was deserted. Mirror of Forest
Crescent and Flowers Chloris and Lakris cannot get to see each other, but they are connected through the fate mark. Crescent and Flowers
Dawn Harp When Lakris is asleep, he can tell from the harp by Chloris that everything is ok in Pigeon Forest. Dawn Harp
Sunk Feather Chloris spent a great amount of time meditating but still cannot awaken the Ice Flame Bow. He's confused and upset. Sunk Feather
Ice Flame Bow Watered by his tears, the bow awakens and releases arrows which break time and space. There he sees Floral. Ice Flame Bow
Wood Elves' Ballad We elves are the guardian of the forest. As a duty, you sing the regal ballad. Wood Elves' Ballad
Century Symphony After centuries of sleep, he suddenly appears in my life. The laughter and tears are a symphony in my blood. Century Symphony
Diamond Aria Wood elf's dormant chant once again infuses into the holy gem. It's a story of forgiving and waiting Diamond Aria


  • "Are you willing to accept the blessing of the wind, to fight alongside me?"
    — In the Introduction menu of Dawn Front

When greeted[]

  • "Greetings, traveler, may the nature be with you."
  • "Huh? You again? Anything you can't fix?"
  • "Was it a nice trip? People always love to see different scenery."
  • "What can I do for you today?"
  • "Look at the flower, do you feel better now?"


  • "I'm curious about what you've seen in your dream, can you tell me?"
  • "Elves' dreams are longer than anyone else's, do you have enough patience to complete the story?"
  • "Completed the new dream yet? What are you waiting for? What am I waiting for..."
  • "If dreams have colors, perhaps mine would be emerald? How I wish to sleep in this dream..."
  • "Here comes the season of blossom, did you see this in your dream? The magnificent flower blossomed in the forest."

Institute Quest[]

  • "Is this request difficult? Don't worry, the wind will guide you."
  • "How's your request going? You look pretty relaxed."
  • "How is your request going? Humans seem good at these kind of quests."
  • "Leave after you take the request, I'm going to start my meditation."
  • "So you took this interesting request, good luck."

Star Stylists[]

  • "Interested in me? Is it just because I am an elf?"
  • "Don't you already know? What else do you want to know about?"
  • "So you're curious about me, yet the Star Dictionary has recorded everything well, sto stop asking me."
  • "My hobby looks oldish? For humans, I am old indeed."
  • "Constellation match? Why do you humans believe such a thing..."

When touched[]

  • "Though your tricks did nothing to me, that was offensive."
  • "You are, annoying...I am thinking..."
  • "Don't touch me, human! I can get angry, too."
  • "Why do you keep interrupting my meditation?"
  • "If you have nothing to do, how about go read a book?"

  • "On midsummer nights, the blooming flora are breathtaking."

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Chloris
    France Flag.png International (French) Chloris
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 克洛里斯 (Kèluòlǐsī)
    Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 克洛里斯 (Kèluòlǐsī)
    Japanese Flag.png Japan クロリス (Kurorisu)
    Korean Flag.png South Korea 클라리스 (Keullariseu)
    Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Chloris
    Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Kloris


    In Greek mythology, Chloris refers to a goddess or nymph of spring, flowers, and new growth. Her Roman name was Flora.


    • In the Dream Weaver stage Dance of Fireflies, the Styling Opponent uses Chloris' name, but erroneously uses Bobo's quotes and character sprite.



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