Cherry Blossoms
Physical and Vital Information
Type Hidden Suit
Color Red/Grey/Brown
How to Obtain Log in every day during the 10th Month
Cherry Blossoms[1] is the Monthly Sign-In set given to the player during their 10th month logging in to Love Nikki. It does not have an official completion award as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

Wardrobe Edit

Lore Edit

This time, Vivi's job is a model for new products, so she bought the wig especially.
Cherry Blossoms

The combination of a gray sweater with a white shirt makes Vivi look more intellectual.
Fake Two-piece Sweater

The thick woolen material in perfect shape and length. Vivi bought one after the exhibition too.
Woolen Miniskirt

An item strongly recommended by the apparel shop. It keeps you warm and makes you look slimmer.
Knitting Leggings

Vivi likes them very much. They ease off fatigue while you have to stand long.
Buckskin Boots

No doubt the hat is the highlight of the entire suit. You can barely hold to eat the cherry.
Cherry Hat

The set is one that Vivi picked out. She has a new job modelling, and picked out the hair as a wig. The set is very practical, with the leggings keeping you warm and the boots being suitable for standing for a long time.

References Edit

  1. The name Cherry Blossoms is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.
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