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Chenxi is a character in Love Nikki. He is the captain of an expedition team.



Chenxi is a short teenage-looking boy with blue eyes and short silver hair with bangs that cover his left eye.


Chenxi is very blunt and direct, and often defers to styling battles rather than negotiation or cooperation. He designed his own styling program within a robot called Eleven and uses it to compete in styling battles. He is also curious about history and devices, such as when he thought Momo was a robot cat.


Year 680[]

Nikki, Momo, Ace, Ransa, and Tuda confronted Chenxi and his expedition in the Stardust Remains. Chenxi proposed a styling contest, where if he wins Nikki and her friends cannot interfere with the expedition, and if he loses he and his team must must leave and replace the relics they damaged.[2] After losing to Nikki however, he said in exchange for the knowledge he acquired, he would let them know the truth about the Stardust Remains, and signaled a member to trigger a mechanism.[3]

Underneath the Stardust Remains, Nikki and her friends are stunned by the sight of planes, electric wires, and machines. When they pressed Chenxi for answers, once again he has them battle him before complying.[4]

After losing against Nikki again and again, he finally introduced himself and explained that the plane factory under Stardust Remains was created by a group of people who were trying to find the end of the continent. The sudden increase in knowledge and innovation at the time was caused by the Nine-Day Dream at the start of the New Era, where people saw formulas and theories beyond what they knew at the time in their dreams and remembered them when they were awoken by a piece of music, 'The Revelation'. The plane factory in Stardust Remains, the Lonely Whale Shipyard, and Ruin Island are products of that era.[5] However, no one could pass the surging waves and hurricanes at the end of the continent, and the explorations all failed, causing them to abandon the factory.[6]

Chenxi also explained to the group about the Shimmer, a colorful skyray that appeared in the sky above Ruin Island after the Nine-Day Dream. The Shimmer entered the first computer created in Ruin and the skyray vanished, starting the Year of the Shimmer. The Shimmer's knowledge and calculations also surpassed those at the time and it predicted that Miraland was fated to be doomed, but it was affected by a variable that it could not predict. 33 years later, the Shimmer renamed itself to Berta and started the Year of Berta.[7]

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  • "Let's not waste our breaths. A styling competition is more effective than negotiation, isn't it? If I win, you can't interfere with the expedition anymore."
    — Chenxi in V2: 9-3 Expedition
  • "As a 'return' for the new knowledge I acquired, I'll give you a chance to learn more about the truth of Stardust Remains."
    — Chenxi in V2: 9-4 Another Mechanism

  • "The impact of smile on the score is one of my current researches."
    — Using Smile
  • "Your styling data needs updating."
    — Using Critical Eye
  • "Will robots dream of electric sheep?"
    — Using Sleeping

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Chenxi
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 尘煦 (chén xù)