Charles was the chief financial officer of the Apple Federation Apparel Group.[1]


Year 680 Edit

Charles was the Chief Financial Officer of the Apple Apparel Group up until Chairman Schiller failed to appear at meetings for a week. At this point, Charles was appointed the president of the Group.[1] Schiller disappeared because Charles sent him to Losol, supplying him with his ticket the day before the White Blossom Banquet.[2]

Charles went on to host the banquet with Reid, where he announced that Schiller and Kimi had both gone on vacation.[3] He also presented the White Blossom, saying that Schiller had given them permission to display it.[4]

After the banquet had concluded, Charles ran into Kimi again in the chairman's office of the Apple Apparel Group's building. He told Kimi to leave, saying that it wasn't safe for her there. He tried to have the guards remove Kimi from the building, but the guards tackled him instead.[2]

Reid and Shade showed up shortly afterwards to try and obtain the White Blossom from Kimi. As Orlando and Shade faced off with their guns drawn, Charles grabbed the White Blossom from Kimi and made an attempt to get away. Shade then fatally shot him, took the dress, and left.[5]

After the skirmish was over, Orlando bowed to Charles, and Kimi closed Charles' lifeless eyes. Teary, she commended him for being loyal to her father the whole time. She resolved to avenge Charles and find her father in Losol.[5]

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