Chapter 5 Mutated Tea Party

Mutated Tea Party is the fifth act in Volume 1 of the story mode of Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

Nikki, Lunar, Bobo and Momo have now officially arrived to the Tea Party in Wintermount! There's a huge problem, though: their new friend and fellow model Bai Jinjin has run off after a fight with her boyfriend and stylist Zhong Lizi, so before they do anything in the Party, they must find her. And after that, it's time to get their stands and wardrobes ready for anything.

Stages Edit

5-1 Girlfriend is gone! Edit

5-2 Search the Tea Cafe Edit

5-3 Strange Woman Edit

5-4 Elopement! Edit

  • Possible Drop: Fresh Peach, Silk Lake (Maiden), Marine Flower, Azure Flower (Princess)
  • Style: Ninja Outfit or Kimono Dancing
  • Key Words: The opponent is a female ghost ninja
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Kimono, Dancer

5-5 Meet Royce Again Edit

5-6 Bookish Girl Timi (3) Edit

  • Possible Drop: Student Socks-Blue, Apricot Leaves (Maiden), Cowgirl (Princess)
  • Style: Chinese Republic Style Clothes
  • Key Words: Traditional student uniform
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm

5-7 Manga Artist Annabel (3) Edit

5-8 Winter Clothes of Arctic Edit

5-9 Office Lady Vivi (3) Edit

  • Possible Drop: Cozy Shoes, Reind (Maiden), Denim Scarf (Princess)
  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegance
  • Key Words: Classy lady outfit
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool

5-10 Rival Appears Edit

5-11 Aim for Best Stylist! Edit

  • Possible Drop: Athletic Maiden, Flower Bud (Maiden), Red Apron (Princess)
  • Style: Beautiful Agent Suit
  • Key Words: Looks like a very skilled agent
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Swordsman

5-12 New Journey Edit

  • Possible Drop: Sneakers-Green, Sexy Lace (Maiden), Reindeer Hat (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Elegance
  • Key Words: Modern style Cloud Empire apparel
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Modern China, Republic of China

5-S1 Master and Servant Edit

  • Possible Drop: Cheese Stick (Maiden), Sapphire Sea (Princess)
  • Style: Cute, Pure
  • Key Words: Cute and Warm Winter outfit
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Winter

5-S2 Seashore City Edit

  • Possible Drop: Outfit Clash (Maiden), Denim Earring (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Cute
  • Key Words: Sailor Outfit
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool, Navy

5-S3 Sexy Doctor Edit

  • Possible Drop: Love Lock (Maiden), Oceanic (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Elegance
  • Key Words: Elegant Simple White Uniform
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Sexy, Cool, Paramedics

Target Suits Edit

The most famous apparel group in Apple Federal released a set of wasteland style outfits recently. Now go collect the Flower of Wasteland set!

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