Chapter 3
'Witch and Star Sea' is the third act in the story mode of Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

Nikki, Momo and Bobo explore Cicia, the largest city of Lilith Kingdom, known for housing many artistic venues. They get ready to attend a performance where one of their new friends, the actress and model Sofia, will wear the famous and powerful gown known as the Star Sea. However, trouble is brewing on the horizon...

Stages Edit

3-1 Bookish Girl Timi (2) Edit

Bobo offers to show Nikki around Cicia, and they decide to find other people to compete with so that Nikki can take on Sofia's challenge to "beat the Star Sea". They run across Timi, who is in Cicia to spend more time with her senior.

3-2 Lead Singer: Kaja (2) Edit

  • Possible Drop: Rainy Day, Boneteeth Necklace (Maiden), Higanbana (Princess)
  • Style: Gorgeous, Lively
  • Key Words: Punk clothes
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Mature, Sexy, Lively, Cool, Rock, Unisex

Neva implores Royce to come back with her, telling him that he has been traveling for too long. He is annoyed she managed to find him, but she only brushed it off by saying it was her duty to do it. Royce tries to convince her to come with him, promising she wouldn't get in trouble if she traveled with him, and finally managed to convince her by promising he'd consider returning after the Designer's Tea Party.

Meanwhile, Bobo and Nikki run into Kaja again, who is at the Cicia Design School to recruit members for the band, though she isn't having much luck.

3-3 Prime Minister's Secretary Edit

  • Possible Drop: Knit Vest-Blue, Bowknot Hairpin-Red (Maiden), Maple (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Elegance
  • Key Words: distinguished formal wear
  • Style Notes: Pure, Warm, Elegance, Mature, Simple

At Cicia's design gallery, Nikki and her friends admire the art and designs displayed. They consider going to the Designer's Tea Party as well after they are done in Cicia. They then notice Yvette, who accidentally reveals that she's Nidhogg's secretary and a government employee of Lilith.

After they have a styling battle, Nidhogg finds Yvette and reprimands her for taking so long to bring him a report. When she tells him she got in a styling battle, he asks if she at least won, which she has no answer to. Nidhogg told her that she needed to be powerful or else she would be eliminated before taking her to a conference.

3-4 Manga Artist Annabel (1) Edit

  • Possible Drop: Tank Top-Black, Cloud Walk (Maiden), Pink Wings (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Mori Girl Clothes
  • Key Words: Fresh and natural mori girl
  • Style Notes: Cute, Cool, Simple, Pure, Elegance, Dryad

3-5 Sport Girl Aron (3) Edit

3-6 Toto, Girl In Love (3) Edit

3-7 Lisa is sick?! Edit

3-8 The Phantom Thief Edit

3-9 The one stole Star Sea is? Edit

3-10 Manga Artist Annabel (2) Edit

  • Possible Drop: Short Skirt-Black, Leno Red Satin (Maiden), Warm Robe (Princess)
  • Style: Lively, Cute
  • Key Words: needs to play cute sometimes as well
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool, Pet

3-11 Star Sea Edit

  • Possible Drop: Scientist, The Mark (Maiden), Wild (Princess)
  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegance
  • Key Words: beat the 'Star Sea'
  • Style Notes: Mature, Elegance, Gorgeous, Sexy, Cool, European

3-12 To Wintermount Edit

3-S1 Who is like Sissi?! Edit

  • Possible Drop: Fringed Earrings-Pink (Maiden), Denim Cap (Princess)
  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegance
  • Key Words: Court dresses with such edgy and embelished designs
  • Style Notes: Elegance, Warm, Pure, Gorgeous, Mature, European

3-S2 Wedding Dress Design Edit

  • Possible Drop: Leaf Raincoat (Maiden), Maid-Neckwear (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Wedding Dress
  • Key Words: wedding dresses
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Wedding

Target Suits Edit

Nikki wants to prepare a special gift for Kaja's birthday. She plans to collect a set of performance suits of Kaja's idol, the most popular rock singer in the Apple Federation!

Rock Singer: Whole chapter

Trivia Edit

When you enter the chapter for the first time, a cutscene plays between Nikki, Momo, and Bobo in which they fawn over a sign for 'Candy Witch and Star Sea' outside the theater.

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