Chapter 18 Gun under Morning Star
Chapter 19 II Daybreak War

Chapter 19 part 1 map

Daybreak War is the first part of Chapter 19 in Volume 1 of the Journey in Love Nikki. The story continues in the second part: Chapter 19 II Daybreak War.

Plot Edit

Nikki, Kimi, Bobo, and Momo head off to Losol to find out what happened to Kimi's dad, but they quickly run into a problem: the deadly assassin Shade has been spotted in the city. Orlando has no choice but to take them inside the League Till's outpost, and things only get more dangerous from there. They go to an unconventional church so that they can lie low for the time being, but Bobo's abrupt disappearance combined with some suspicious nuns is only the start of Nikki's troubles.

Stages Edit

19-1 North Losol Edit

19-2 Town Dessert Chef Edit

19-3 Lion in the Road Edit

  • Possible Drop: Neon Leap (Maiden), Veronica (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Lively
  • Key Words: inconspicuous clothing
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Warm

19-4 Losol Shadow Edit

19-5 Part under Moon Edit

19-S1 Miss Mask of Cloud Edit

19-S2 Seer's Guide Edit

19-S3 Traveler in Pigeon Edit

Extra Content Edit

19-Side Story 1 Nightmare Puzzle Edit

Coming soon...

Target Suits Edit

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