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Gun under Morning Star is the eighteenth chapter in Volume 1 of the story mode in Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

Nikki, Kimi, Momo and Bobo must hurry! The White Blossom dress, the most beautiful gown of the Apparel Group AND an extremely important treasure for Kimi and her father, has been taken by the mysterious Phantom Thief! As Reid and Charles try to calm down the crowds and gather information, the group does their best to slide away from the crime scene, chasing after both culprit and gown...

They eventually manage to catch up... then the thief officially reveals their identity, explains themself, drops vital info about the culprits and then returns the White Blossom to Kimi. It looks like things will go well after all - but confronting the masterminds behind the theft will not be easy, even with Orlando's help, and double when their antagonists bring in their actual trump card.

Stages Edit

18-1 Star's Riddle Edit

  • Possible Drop: Hopscotch (Maiden), Orange Mood (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Mature
  • Key Words: Low-key dinner dress
  • Style Notes: Simple, Mature, Elegance, Sexy, Cool, Evening Gown

18-2 Star Dresser Edit

  • Possible Drop: Textured Shorts (Maiden), Reflexive Red (Princess)
  • Style: Professional Dresser
  • Key Words: Professional makeup artist
  • Style Notes: Simple, Sexy, Elegant, Warm, Mature, Office

18-3 Welton's Night Edit

  • Possible Drop: Candy lover (Maiden), School Braid (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Cute
  • Key Words: Warm Clothes
  • Style Notes: Simple, Cute, Pure, Warm, Lively, Winter

18-4 Trace White Blossom! Edit

  • Possible Drop: Lacquered Star (Maiden), Courageous Step (Princess)
  • Style: Baseball Player's Clothes
  • Key Words: Baseball Costume
  • Style Notes: Cute, Simple, Lively, Pure, Cool, Preppy

18-5 Masked Thief Edit

  • Possible Drop: Surprising Reflection (Maiden), Box of Matches (Princess)
  • Style: Lively, Sexy
  • Key Words: Peculiar Dress
  • Style Notes: Lively, Sexy, Simple, Cute, Cool, Harajuku

18-6 Sneak into Group Building Edit

  • Possible Drop: Candy Ice Cream (Maiden), Spiral Decision (Princess)
  • Style: Sexy, Mature
  • Key Words: a rock star dress
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Warm, Rock

18-7 Betrayal and Loyalty Edit

18-8 Lie and Truth Edit

18-9 The gun under Morning Star Edit

18-S1 Vivi's Dream Edit

18-S2 Bookish Debbie Edit

18-S3 Run! Cali! Edit

  • Possible Drop: Candy Girl, Metal Punk (Maiden), Warm Light (Princess)
  • Style: Cute, Gorgeous
  • Key Words: Pigeon-style dress
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool, European

Extra Content Edit

18-Side Story 1 Promise of Compromise Edit

Coming soon...

Target Suits Edit

The city is back to silence and the morning star rises. Be bold and step on the new journey.

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