Chapter 16
Night before Storm is the sixteenth chapter in Volume 1 of the story mode in Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

After leaving Cloud City on the airship, Nikki, Bobo, Momo and the Iron Rose meet the adorable Debbie. She and the other Iron Rose are on the hunt for clues about Nidhogg, but when Cali the Amphithea reporter gets news about the Apple Apparel Group switching hands and Nikki hears a friend is in town to talk to her, it begins to sound like Kimi could be in trouble...

Stages Edit

16-1 Return to Cloud City Edit

16-2 Troubled Times Edit

  • Possible Drop: Tartan Dress (Maiden), Staple Gun (Princess)
  • Style: Elegance, Sexy
  • Key Words: the Apple Federation's Haute Couture
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool

16-3 The Dwarf Stylist Edit

16-4 Cannot Be Underestimated Edit

  • Possible Drop: Dark Silence (Maiden), Gloves of Mechanics (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Pigeon Scholar Dress
  • Key Words: the Pigeon scholar
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Preppy

16-5 Special Agent Neva Edit

  • Possible Drop: Fresh Leggings, Cold Blue (Maiden), Wind Jade Crown (Princess)
  • Style: Mature, Sexy
  • Key Words: low-key special agent costume
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Swordsman

16-6 Airship's Lies Edit

16-7 Cloud Empire Anecdote Edit

16-8 Reunion in the Forest Edit

16-9 Soldier's Decisions Edit

NOTE: The player will automatically lose the first duel with Orlando, even if they have the Dress and Shoes of Tipsy as Snow (the stage requirements). Then, the game will have Kimi telling Nikki to practice together and the following duel will be winnable as long as Nikki wears the required parts.

16-S1 Forest Maiden Neva Edit

  • Possible Drop: Sweet Pink (Maiden), Butterfly Antenna (Princess)
  • Style:
  • Key Words:
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Dryad

16-S2 The Queen's Admirers Edit

  • Possible Drop: Blue Mood (Maiden), Floating Dream (Princess)
  • Style:
  • Key Words:
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, European

16-S3 Uniform Challenge Edit

  • Possible Drop: Trailed Upstyle (Maiden), Crane Cloak (Princess)
  • Style:
  • Key Words:
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Mature, Pure, Warm, Army

Extra Content Edit

16-Side Story 1 Angry Reproach of Huo Qizhou Edit

General Huo Qizhou, angry that Zhong Lizi let Nikki escape, threatens to punish him. Zhong Lizi speaks up, asking if Huo feels remorseful for Lunar's death and the fall of Cloud City. Huo warns him, but Zhong Lizi keeps going, explaining the mistakes General Huo had made to cause the situation and says that he will be tried by the Imperial Judges. Huo Qizhou decides to lock up Zhong Lizi for half a month.

16-Side Story 2 Fortune Comes with Disaster Edit

A Cloud soldier lets Zhong Lizi out, and an emissary from Cloud Capital informs him that General Huo has been relieved of duty and that Zhong Lizi is the new General. He is surprised, but steels himself to make sure the North army doesn't advance.

16-Side Story 3 Rescue Edit

With Orlando gone, Nikki and Kimi discuss their next move. Kimi reveals that she wants to go back to the Apple Federation in order to strike first, since her father is in serious danger. Though it's dangerous, Nikki wants to go to Apple too in order to help her.

Target Suits Edit

Put on the high heel and dress. Dive into the disarray of White Blossom with elegant smile!

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