Chairman Schiller is the president of the Apple Federation Apparel Group[2].




Schiller dedicates White Blossom to his wife (year unknown, must be before 668)

Year 662

Kimi is born

Year 668

Lady Crescent passes away

Year 680

Schiller stops attending Board of Directors meetings. He willingly goes to Losol and gives up White Sakura to Nidhogg, Reid, and the Tyre Coalition after being threatened (?). Charles takes over the position from him.

Reid hires the Phantom Thief family (probably not needed on this page but just for posterity) to steal the White Blossom during the Banquet (I guess this is so that it looks like it is an accident). Kimi probably was not supposed to interfere but she does anyways trying to get the White Blossom back. Charles didn't know about the plan either I suppose.

Kimi and Orlando and Nikki go to Losol to track him down and Orlando seems to have found him.


Lady Crescent

Talk about their lifelong love.


Kimi's promise to Schiller and her care for him. His willingness to protect her and for her to focus on her studies.


  1. White Blossom
  2. 16-2 Troubled Times
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