Cesare is a character in Love Nikki.



Cesare has shoulder-length, slightly wavy black hair, pale skin, narrow purple eyes, and pointed ears. Beneath his chiseled lips are pointed fangs.[3] He wears a long black and red coat, a black shirt, white pants, and black gloves and boots. He holds a cross necklace.

Cesare looks distinctly similar to Lakris. Though it is not visible in his sprite, he also has a distinctive elfen mark on his wrist that emits a dim light.[3]



Year 680Edit

Duke Cesare made a home in a castle called the Death Castle of Pigeon Forest[4] and began to attract people who lived there, luring them to him with promises of banquets, wealth, and wine. Dwarves which had previously lived an undisturbed life were being tempted towards yielding to Cesare.[5]

A conflict arose in Dwarf Town of the Pigeon Forest, in which the humans accused the dwarves of stealing a treasure of Duke Cesare, a jewel-studded necklace.[1] Noah escalated the conflict by using his magic to hide a fake in the Dwarf Chieftain Holtby's hat, as he was eager to make Holtby meet, and make amends to, Duke Cesare. The issue was only resolved when Chloris stepped in and revealed the illusion.[6] However, Noah transformed the fake necklace into an invitation for Chloris to visit Cesare, before he disappeared.[5]

Chloris considered the fluctuating power in the forest and the strange winds, which were so abnormal that even Lakris woke up.[7] He and Lakris decided to pursue Cesare in order to best protect the Pigeon Forest.[8] Together, they went into the northern Pamir Forest with an army of forest elf warriors. However, a black mist surrounded them, and Lakris disappeared, leaving Chloris no choice but to investigate within a castle that loomed ahead.[4]

Chloris entered alone to find Duke Cesare sitting on a throne and Lakris lying in a coffin, close to death. Cesare implied that Lakris was gone and told Chloris that Lakris was a part of him that was taken.[3] Cesare insisted that Lakris never truly existed in the first place, despite Chloris' protests.[9]

Chloris banished Cesare from the castle by taking out his Dawnblade, which brought morning rays into the room. Though the dawn brought pain, Cesare remained unfazed by it, admitting that he appreciated the pain from the sunrise that reminded him he was alive. He slowly faded into the mist with the promise that he would meet Chloris again soon in Shadow City.[9]

Name by ServerEdit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Cesare
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 西泽尔 (Xī zé ěr)
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 西澤爾 (Xī zé ěr)
Korean Flag South Korea 시젤 (Si-jer)
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Cesare

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  • Prior to an official translation of his name, the common fan translation was "Xavier".

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