Swordsman - Chic Knight Alliance Clothing

The Swordsman category is a special attribute on story Chapters: Chapter 3-9: The one stole Star Sea Is?, Chapter 5-11: Aim for Best Stylist, Chapter 7-8: Lu Yinian, the Heroine, Chapter 8-S1: Meet Lisa Again, Chapter 9-9-T1: One-piece Dress, Chapter 12-3: Sneak Into the Bedroom, Chapter 15-4: Encounter Zhong Lizi, Chapter 16-5: Special Agent Neva, Chapter 19-S3: Traveler in Pigeon

Commission Requests: 3-7 Swordswoman, 7-2 Zhong at Front Line, 9-6 Swordsman and Thief

Co-Op Contest: Ace - Assassins Union

Dream Weaver: Lunar - Farewell

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