Cat Café2

Cat Café was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion. The first season ran from April 20th to April 26th, 2018. The second season ran from March 1st to March 7th, 2019.

List of Furniture Edit

Super Rare Furniture H6 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
CatAlienVisitorIcon Cat·Alien Visitor Apple Tag Ornament

5-star Super Rare H5 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
SweetEncounterIcon Sweet Encounter Apple Tag Door
KittyFugueIcon Kitty Fugue Apple Tag Major Appliance
CatsMousseLandIcon Cat's Mousse Land Apple Tag Cabinet

4-star Treasured H4 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
AfternoonofCatKingdomIcon Afternoon of Cat Kingdom Apple Tag Window
LittleCookieWoodenDoorIcon Little Cookie Wooden Door Apple Tag Ornament
CatsandSunshineIcon Cats and Sunshine Apple Tag Wall Decor
HedgeinSpringIcon Hedge in Spring Apple Tag Plant
SecretinCatKingdomIcon Secret in Cat Kingdom Apple Tag Cabinet
BlackChocolateReceptionDeskIcon Black Chocolate Reception Desk Apple Tag Kitchen
MacchiatoCatTreeIcon Macchiato Cat Tree Apple Tag Ornament
CatSilhouetteIcon Cat Silhouette Apple Tag Wall Decor

3-star Treasured H3 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
TiramisuIcon Tiramisu Apple Tag Wall
SugarFootprintIcon Sugar Footprint Apple Tag Floor
CatClawCuttieIcon Cat Claw Cuttie Apple Tag Carpet
SoftCloudIcon Soft Cloud Apple Tag Ornament
CatandSummerIcon Cat and Summer Apple Tag Carpet
CatOreoIcon Cat·Oreo Apple Tag Ornament
CatSoftcloudIcon Cat·Soft cloud Apple Tag Ornament
CatClawandMochaIcon Cat Claw and Mocha Apple Tag Chair
IdeaofABaristaIcon Idea of A Barista Apple Tag Kitchen
CatCookiesIcon Cat Cookies Apple Tag Table
NoMoreRainySeasonIcon No More Rainy Season Apple Tag Ornament
CatSesameBallIcon Cat·Sesame Ball Apple Tag Ornament
LittleHazelIcon Little Hazel Apple Tag Ornament
CatCandyPillIcon Cat·Candy Pill Apple Tag Ornament
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