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Castle Thrill was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion that ran from September 25th to October 8th, 2018. It ran again from October 22nd to October 31st, 2019.

Getting all items along with all of the items in the time limited Users Furniture Sale, the Nikki chibi Royal Guardian and Neva visitor will be unlocked.

List of Furniture[]

Super Rare Furniture H6.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
DreamyFlowerBathIcon.png Dreamy Flower Bath Lilith Tag.png Bathroom

5-star Super Rare H5.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
VisitVampiresatNightIcon.png Visit Vampires at Night Lilith Tag.png Window
HellLadderIcon.png Hell Ladder Lilith Tag.png Stairs
SkullConductorIcon.png Skull Conductor Lilith Tag.png Ornament
ParadiseoftheDeadIcon.png Paradise of the Dead Lilith Tag.png Ornament
SwanSongofADesignerIcon.png Swan Song of A Designer Lilith Tag.png Ornament
FadingDreamIcon.png Fading Dream Lilith Tag.png Bed

4-star Treasured H4.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
StarryNightSilouetteIcon.png Starry Night Silhouette Lilith Tag.png Floor
HazyNightIcon.png Hazy Night Lilith Tag.png Wall
WineShowcaseIcon.png Wine Showcase Lilith Tag.png Wall Decor
MidnightBellIcon.png Midnight Bell Lilith Tag.png Ornament
LegendofMysteriousIcon.png Legend of Mysterious Butterfly Lilith Tag.png Wall Decor
DemonsAncientRecordsIcon.png Demon's Ancient Records Lilith Tag.png Cabinet
AshesFireplaceIcon.png Ashes Fireplace Lilith Tag.png Cabinet
RoseCurtainIcon.png Rose Curtain Lilith Tag.png Window
SighofDevilIcon.png Sigh of Devil Lilith Tag.png Ornament
CastleFrightNightIcon.png Castle Fright Night Lilith Tag.png Cabinet

3-star Treasured H3.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
TeardropCrystalLampIcon.png Teardrop Crystal Lamp Lilith Tag.png Major Appliance
RiftFlowersIcon.png Rift Flowers Lilith Tag.png Plant
GazeofSkullIcon.png Gaze of Skull Lilith Tag.png Wall Decor
ThornandRoseBarIcon.png Thorn and Rose Bar Lilith Tag.png Ornament
ResidualDreamIcon.png Residual Dream Lilith Tag.png Carpet
DarkLaceRoundBlanketIcon.png Dark Lace Round Blanket Lilith Tag.png Carpet
ScarletDinnerIcon.png Scarlet Dinner Lilith Tag.png Table
RedWitchCouchIcon.png Red Witch Couch Lilith Tag.png Chair
HeartofFallenAngelIcon.png Heart of Fallen Angel Lilith Tag.png Chair
RedVelvetThroneIcon.png Red Velvet Throne Lilith Tag.png Chair
VermillionRoundTableIcon.png Vermillion Round Table Lilith Tag.png Table
ImmortalHeartIcon.png Immortal Heart Lilith Tag.png Ornament
RevenantEmissaryIcon.png Revenant Emissary Lilith Tag.png Ornament