Caelum et Ocean Event

Ran from July 4th to July 10th, 2018.
Ran again from April 24th to April 30th, 2019.

Event for the Caelum et Ocean Story Suit. Draw in the event pavilion to collect Echo Conches Echo Conch. You will have a free draw every day and additional chances can be bought for 30 Diamond each. Each draw will return StaminaStamina, GoldGold, or DiamondsDiamond. Collecting Echo Conch will allow you to obtain one of the 5 event suits. The 3rd and 5th nodes are guaranteed to drop either the Winged Journey or Ocean Dream suits. The last 3 nodes will come with backgrounds as well.

Note: This event will come back with higher milestones and your current progress will be saved.


Season 1 Edit

15, 40, 80, 150, and 220

Season 2 Edit

20, 45, 90, 160, and 230


When you reach and claim a milestone, you will see a story that indicates what suit you'll be getting.

Ocean Dream - Ocean Pearl EllisaEdit

Pure beauty with golden hair

Blue tail fin stirs the night

Starry eyes shine the abyss bright"

"She sings the story of Pheral

It shines on Dew Ocean every night"

"She sings the story of Autumn

It shines on Dew Ocean every night"

"Oh, Goddess of Ocean

Please bring her friend back

Winged Journey - Blue Wing PheralEdit

Let's sing for the brave one

On wind and rain

Across land and sea

The story is told in bird's song

She lights up the night of mermaid sea

The lonely bird watches

The rose awaits

Ocean, my dear friend

When will our next meet

Shiba and Croak - Apple-flavor SummerEdit

The rain in summer Apple is lovable

On the lamp I wait in the rain

Green frog jumps onto the girl's head

Onto the girl's umbrella

Onto the girl's dress

Crimson Creek - The clear stream and the dream seaEdit

The bright eyes and the supple hair

The pretty face and the smooth ponytail

Enjoy her swimming in the clear stream

Turned into the begonia red

I asked her, what's her dream

She said that one day

She'd swim along the river to the sea

Rippling Silk - To NomaEdit

To tailor a dress

With deep or shallow water silk

To weave hair

With big or small blue starfish

To decorate

With bright or dark deep sea gem

Like water, she dances in summer night

With song, sirens praise her


Ocean DreamEdit

Story Suit - ocean dream

Winged JourneyEdit

Story Suit - winged journey

Shiba and CroakEdit

Apple Federal - shiba and croak

Crimson CreekEdit

Cloud empire - crimson creek

Rippling SilkEdit

Apple Federal - rippling silk



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