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Butterfly Mystery Map

Special map for the Butterfly Mystery event. There are 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battle stages. Completing these stages will give you Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wing.


1 - Lost ButterflyEdit

  • Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool
  • Opponent: Fit Girl
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 1, True Love 3, Clock 2

Bai Jinjin
The highly anticipated opera is to be aired, but the lead actress is nowhere to be found. Wear light sets to help the staff find her!

  • Nikki: Jinjin, this is Wings Theatre.
  • Bai Jinjin: Yes, it's a little Cloud town, but it gets more famous as many great troupes perform here.
  • Nikki: The architecture style seems to be a mix of Pigeon and Apple.
  • Bai Jinjin: I heard that the curator is a very talented person~
  • Momo: I care more about Ximu who will perform tonight.
  • Nikki: Her new show Twin Butterfly is really hot. Lucky we got the ticket!
  • Bai Jinjin: It's a high-level show and she is a popular star.
  • Momo: What are we waiting for? Let's get in.
  • (Nikki met several troubled staff at the gate)
  • Worker: We went through the whole theatre and nobody was found...
  • Worker: Sorry, did you see Miss Xiwu?
  • Momo: Do you mean Xiwu?
  • Nikki: Is her missing?
  • Worker: During the rest in the rehearse, she went to backstage and then missing! The show is beginning soon. What should I do!
  • Bai Jinjin: Don't worry. Let us find together.
  • Worker: Yeah! Thanks! This is a poster of Twin Butterfly. And the girl here is Xiwu.
  • Momo: A beautiful poster of Xiwu! Nikki, let's go!!
  • Worker: A moment. She's been missing for a while, and your clothes...
  • Momo: Right, Nikki, wear clothes easy to move and search for a bigger area.

2 - Momo's TreasureEdit

  • Quiz Stage

Take a look of my photo album of Lady Xiwu! Eh? The pages are all messed up? Nikki, help me sort it out!

3 - Go on TrackingEdit

  • Quiz Stage

Flyer Girl
I seem to see the one on the poster walked into the opera. As for which door... Help me give out the flyers and I'll tell you.

4 - Inverted Mirror ImageEdit

  • Style: Simple, Cute, Lively, Pure, Warm
  • Opponent: Passerby Girl
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 5, Critical Eye 4, Sleeping 1, Clock 1

I thought we have found her, but this happened. Wear a cute sweet dress to soothe frightened Momo.

  • (Under the guidance of the flyer girl, Nikki went to the opposite side of the theatre and a familiar figure appeared.)
  • Momo: That is Xiwu!
  • Bai Jinjin: I'll inform the staff!
  • Young Lady: Well...
  • Nikki: Miss Xiwu, don't worry. We mean you no harm. The staff will take you to the backstage.
  • Young Lady: I... I didn't... I'm not...
  • Momo: Give me a signature! I'm a fan of you for years!
  • Young Lady: Well, I think you should...
  • Worker: Xiwu, you are here! Look at your makeup. Go backstage and change a suit!
  • Zhaoyin: ...
  • (The girl seemed to lose the confidence to explain anymore and went to the backstage.)
  • Bai Jinjin: Can we go to the backstage? I'm pretty interested in your designs.
  • Stylist: No problem. You did us a great favor!
  • (When the dresser and stylist were busy around the girl and Nikki discussed the style with Bai Jinjin...)
  • Nikki: Eh?! This is... Xiwu?!
  • Momo: Gosh. Why there are two Xiwu!
  • (At the door of the dressing room is another girl who looks exactly like the girl being dressed.)
  • (People went all silent. It's too surprising.)
  • Xiwu: Zhaoyin, is that you?
  • Zhaoyin: Xiwu, I finally met you!
  • Momo: They are talking. Am I crazy?
  • Bai Jinjin: Just two girl who look very similar, like Nikki and I. Maybe they are sisters.
  • Momo: Ah, I thought the girl was an image walking out of the mirror. Nikki, wear sweet cute skirt to calm me down.

5 - Old PromiseEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegant, Mature, Pure, Cool
  • Opponent: Theatre Audience
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 5, Critical Eye 4, Sleeping 1, Clock 1

Never thought there are so many backstage stories. The show is beginning, wear a formal suit and go to the audience.

  • Xiwu: I heard that Zhaoyin was coming, so I left without telling you. I'm very sorry.
  • Worker: Zhaoyin? You are the stylist our troupe signed recently? You two look so similar. Are you sisters?
  • Zhaoyin: We are both the orphans adopted by the troupe. We are not sisters but we are more than that...
  • Nikki: That's amazing...
  • Bai Jinjin: It's really a karma to share a similar appearance and experience like this.
  • Xiwu: I'm happy for you. You've made yourself a great stylist.
  • Zhaoyin: Sister Xiwu. When my parents came for me, I said I'll take you together...
  • Zhaoyin: Today you are a star in the Wings Theatre. I cannot imagine what I can do for you anymore, so I plan to design a costume for you.
  • Bai Jinjin: A stylist and a theatre star. They are both great...
  • Xiwu: Zhaoyin, actually there is something I want to tell you for years...
  • Zhaoyin: What's that... Let me guess. Actually the daughter of the parents is you but not me, right?
  • (Xiwu nodded silently, her eyes watered)
  • Momo: This... is unbelievable!
  • Zhaoyin: When I was adopted, parents told me to design clothes. I felt very strange to do such things...
  • Zhaoyin: But Xiwu, you used to design our costumes... I felt it might be a mistake back then...
  • Xiwu: Sorry... I knew they mistook you as their daughter, but I thought you were not good at performance, maybe it's for the best.
  • Xiwu: So I said nothing and alternated your life assertively...
  • Zhaoyin: Sister Xiwu, you sacrificed yourself for me...
  • Xiwu: Zhaoyin, it's not a sacrifice. I enjoy the performance. I'm doing what I want to do. Please enjoy my show.
  • Nikki: Seems to be a happy ending. Jinjin, let's wear a formal suit and watch the show.


Q. Contrary to Aria, what's the recitation called?
A. Recitative
Q. What does the line in a five-line staff mean?
A. Musical pitch
Q. What does the word Grandet refer to?
A. A greedy person
Q. What is a common performance during an opera?
A. Singing
Q. What is a Pulled rickshaw?
A. Man-powered cart
Q. What medium does Phonograph use to play music?
A. Record
Q. What should you do when watching an opera?
A. Keep quiet
Q. What's not a common performance in an opera?
A. Magic
Q. What's the dress that gets stolen in Sofia's performance?
A. Star Sea
Q. What's the name of the self-contained solo in opera?
A. Aria
Q. Which is not a common number of acts that an opera has?
A. 99
Q. Which music is often used in a nostalgic ballroom?
A. Jazz
Q. Which of following is not the Four Great Comedies of Shakespeare?
A. Romeo and Juliet
Q. Which of following is not the Four Great Tragedies of Shakespeare?
A. Twelfth Night
Q. Which of the following is not a commong longtang game?
A. Basketball
Q. Which of the following is not a major role in the Peking Opera?
A. God
Q. Which of the following is NOT a reason for rugged walls in a theatre?
A. For decoration
Q. Which of the following is not a work of December Troupe?
A. Romeo and Cinderella
Q. Which of the following is not an instrument of an orchestra?
A. Harmonica
Q. Who is the heroine in the Phantom of the Opera?
A. Christine

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