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This article is about the suit. For the waist item from Golden Dancer, please see Butterfly's Dream (Waist).

Butterfly's Dream is a Pigeon suit that appeared in the Ring Fantasy Event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Good Bright Day, Colorful Butterfly Dream, Dance of Wings, Cruise in Flowers, Butterfly in Sunset Glow, Flickering Butterfly and 30 Diamonds.

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  • Hair: Starry Date
  • Dress: Wish Karma
  • Shoes: Guiding Butterfly
  • Hair Ornament: Butterfly Image
  • Hairpin: Butterfly Word
  • Earrings: Butterfly in Mist
  • Necklace: Butterfly Song
  • Bracelet (Right): Innocent Meeting
  • Wings: Dazzling Wings
  • Foreground: Flying Butterflies
  • Background: Ring Wonderland

Alternate Series (Pose)[]

  • Hair: Good Bright Day
  • Dress: Colorful Butterfly Dream
  • Hair Ornament: Cruise in Flowers
  • Hairpin: Butterfly in Sunset Glow
  • Earrings: Flickering Butterfly
  • Necklace: Butterfly Song
  • Wings: Dance of Wings
  • Foreground: Flying Butterflies
  • Background: Ring Wonderland


Item Descriptions[]

Across the distance of light years, she came. In the night, the fairy in the ring was awakened by the girl's prayer
Starry Date

As long as the ring's master has an innocent heart, she would answer the prayer. This is the bond, this is her.
Wish Karma

In the silent night, the butterfly flying by heard the girl. The innocence attracted her in.
Guiding Butterfly

She seeks the picture in the shadow. There reflects her vague future, so she offered 3 challenges accordingly.
Butterfly Image

Word by word, she listens. Suddenly, the magic surges and she walks into reality in a soft chant
Butterfly Word

The second is to test her will. To reach the highest peak takes sweat and persistence.
Butterfly in Mist

She hovers her colorful wings flexibly. Every word turns into a starry spot and falls onto the girl's shoulder.
Dazzling Wings

The third is to test her determination. Moss can only flow with the current. Be a tree then you can stand and grow.
Innocent Meeting

The first to test her personality. A shortcut sometimes means great cost. Only the hard path is the right one.
Butterfly Song

Suddenly, a group of colorful butterflies flies out, making a beautiful band, embracing the girl's innocent heart
Flying Butterflies

The ring connects to a wonderland. In here, the warm wind is sweet, rainbow smiles gently, and the sun never sets.
Ring Wonderland

Witnessing the dream of Hesper, her eyes flow the light of joy. How priceless is the innocence in this mortal world.
Good Bright Day

Sunshine sprinkles down and pink dreamy butterflies surround her. Maybe one day, the ring fairy will appear again.
Colorful Butterfly Dream

The brilliant moon rises and the galaxy light stretched her shadow. She wanders in the sky, watching the girl
Dance of Wings

The river in the wonderland slowly flows in her heart. She sings and wanders freely in the sea of flowers.
Cruise in Flowers

Every time she feels that stubborn and pure faith, warm sunshine fills her heart and she would smile.
Butterfly in Sunset Glow

No matter how far time goes, her look doesn't change. She always keeps the girl's company in the form of a butterfly
Flickering Butterfly


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See also: Miss Hesper.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Butterfly's Dream N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Rêve de Papillon Butterfly's Dream
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 蝶梦斑斓 (dié mèng bānlán) Butterfly's Gorgeous DreamCT
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
蝶夢斑斕 (dié mèng bānlán) Butterfly Dream
Japanese Flag.png Japan 指輪の妖精 (Yubiwa no Yōsei) Ring Fairy
Korean Flag.png South Korea 소원의 반지요정 (sowon-ui banjiyojeong) Wishing Ring Fairy
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Mimpi Violeta Violeta's Dream
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Cánh Bướm Mơ Màng Dream Butterfly Wings
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Butterfly's Dream N/A