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Britain is a style tag. It is described in the game as "A Synonym of Calm and Elegant."


This style is used in the following 3 stages:

List of Items[]

Icon Name Type Suit
Vintage England Vintage England Hair
Gold Autumn Gold Autumn Hair Prom Princess
Dim Flicker Dim Flicker Hair Treasure Keeper
Elegant Style Elegant Style Hair Modern Age
Golden Dream (Hair) Golden Dream (Hair) Hair Bad Hunter
Lawyer's Balance Lawyer's Balance Hair
Ladies Dress Ladies Dress Dress
Ladies's Dress-Brown Ladies's Dress-Brown Dress
Ladies's Dress-White Ladies's Dress-White Dress
Timi's Uniform-Blue Timi's Uniform-Blue Dress
Timi's Uniform-Tartan Timi's Uniform-Tartan Dress
Timi's Uniform-Red Timi's Uniform-Red Dress
Timi's Uniform-Green Timi's Uniform-Green Dress
Uniform Skirt Uniform Skirt Dress
Gym Class Gym Class Dress
Handcraft Style Handcraft Style Dress Steam Punk
Melody of Youth Melody of Youth Dress Youth Poem
Autumn Wish Autumn Wish Dress Limited Late Autumn
Cream Waffle (Dress) Cream Waffle (Dress) Dress Cream Waffles
Stargaze Stargaze Dress Galactic Classics
Courier Uniform Courier Uniform Dress
Courier Uniform-Rare Courier Uniform-Rare Dress
Courier Uniform-Epic Courier Uniform-Epic Dress Heaven Messenger
Courier Uniform-Letter Courier Uniform-Letter Dress Heaven Messenger
The Treasure (Dress) The Treasure (Dress) Dress Secrets of Time
Time of Plover Time of Plover Dress Uncrowned Rose
Star Fall (Dress) Star Fall (Dress) Dress Prom Princess
Alumni Ace (Dress) Alumni Ace (Dress) Dress Alumni Ace
Branch Pattern Gauze Dress Branch Pattern Gauze Dress Dress
Flower Pattern Gauze Dress Flower Pattern Gauze Dress Dress
Leaf Pattern Gauze Dress Leaf Pattern Gauze Dress Dress Forest Legend
Flower Pattern Dress Flower Pattern Dress Dress Forest Legend
Velvet Vanity Velvet Vanity Dress Abyss Apparition
Splendid Civilization -Epic Splendid Civilization -Epic Dress Sky Conqueror
Adventures and Legends Adventures and Legends Dress Sky Conqueror
Stellar Gallery Stellar Gallery Dress Stellar Atlas
Model Starlet Model Starlet Dress Promising Parade
Promising Parade (Dress) Promising Parade (Dress) Dress Promising Parade
King's Game King's Game Dress Game of Cards
Clown's Gift Clown's Gift Dress Game of Cards
Never Forget Never Forget Dress Soul Blues
Your World Your World Dress Farewell Note
One Way Trip Alone One Way Trip Alone Dress One-way Train
Dance with Wolf Dance with Wolf Dress Bounty Hunter
Treasure Keeper (Dress) Treasure Keeper (Dress) Dress Treasure Keeper
Invincible Legend Invincible Legend Dress Storm Tamer
Uncrowned Master Uncrowned Master Dress Storm Tamer
Sunny Smile in Painting Sunny Smile in Painting Dress Sunward Maiden
Life Explorer Life Explorer Dress Regards from Afar
Message from Wind Message from Wind Dress Regards from Afar
Modern Age (Dress) Modern Age (Dress) Dress Modern Age
Justice Triumph Justice Triumph Dress Ace Attorney
War of Belief War of Belief Dress Ace Attorney
Interplay of Light and Shadow (Dress) Interplay of Light and Shadow (Dress) Dress Interplay of Light and Shadow
Knit Vest-Blue Knit Vest-Blue Coat
Knit Vest-Brown Knit Vest-Brown Coat
Knit Vest-Pink Knit Vest-Pink Coat
Cappuccino Cappuccino Coat
Postcard Box Postcard Box Coat
Gray Plaid Coat Gray Plaid Coat Coat
Station Of Departure Station Of Departure Coat
Belfry Belfry Coat
Blind Love (Coat) Blind Love (Coat) Coat
Rainy Days Rainy Days Coat
Chocolate Cape Chocolate Cape Coat Chocolate Story
Long Love Long Love Coat Limited Late Autumn
Cygnus Cygnus Coat Stellar Atlas
Cozy Coat Cozy Coat Coat Cheese Rolls
Messenger Coat Messenger Coat Coat
Messenger Coat-Rare Messenger Coat-Rare Coat
Messenger Coat-Epic Messenger Coat-Epic Coat Heaven Messenger
Messenger Coat-Letter Messenger Coat-Letter Coat Heaven Messenger
The Precious The Precious Coat Secrets of Time
Budding Dream Budding Dream Coat Uncrowned Rose
Striped Shawl Striped Shawl Coat Memory on Snowfield
Striped Shawl - Clear Striped Shawl - Clear Coat Memory on Snowfield
Mirror of Lies Mirror of Lies Coat Abyss Apparition
Earl's Cloak Earl's Cloak Coat Kindred Earl
Honest Attitude Honest Attitude Coat Soul Blues
Young Look Young Look Coat Farewell Note
Boundless Longing Boundless Longing Coat One-way Train
Rule Enforcer Rule Enforcer Coat Bounty Hunter
Dream Sky (Coat) Dream Sky (Coat) Coat Dream Sky
Sea Cruiser Sea Cruiser Coat Storm Tamer
Spirit of Contract Spirit of Contract Coat Storm Tamer
Star Badge Star Badge Coat Starry Night Silk
Messenger Cloak Messenger Cloak Coat Regards from Afar
Unstoppable Unstoppable Coat
Unstoppable - Rare Unstoppable - Rare Coat
Unstoppable - Epic Unstoppable - Epic Coat Crimson Cavalier
They Way to Win They Way to Win Coat Ace Attorney
Silent Guardian Silent Guardian Coat Ace Attorney
Knight's Promise Knight's Promise Coat Knightly Courtesy
Evil in Fairy Tale Evil in Fairy Tale Coat Bad Hunter
High School Student High School Student Top
Cool Student Cool Student Top
Head Boy Head Boy Top
Gentle Waiter-Shirt Gentle Waiter-Shirt Top Gentle Servant
Polite Waiter-Shirt Polite Waiter-Shirt Top Gentle Servant
Humorous Waiter-Shirt Humorous Waiter-Shirt Top Gentle Servant
Obedient Waiter-Shirt Obedient Waiter-Shirt Top Gentle Servant
A Bit Sweet A Bit Sweet Top
Secretary-Clothes Secretary-Clothes Top
Star-leaf Dress Star-leaf Dress Top Stellar Atlas
Spring is Waning (Top) Spring is Waning (Top) Top Spring is Waning
Rampart Rampart Top Alumni Ace
Refined Swallowtail Refined Swallowtail Top Kindred Earl
Power of Music Power of Music Top Soul Blues
Summer Encounter Summer Encounter Top Farewell Note
You by My Side You by My Side Top One-way Train
Legacy of Faith Legacy of Faith Top Dream Sky
Ancient Rule Ancient Rule Top Treasure Keeper
Starlight Mind Starlight Mind Top Starry Night Silk
Unnamed Longing-Memory Unnamed Longing-Memory Top Royal March
Crimson Waltz Crimson Waltz Top
Crimson Waltz - Rare Crimson Waltz - Rare Top
Crimson Waltz - Epic Crimson Waltz - Epic Top Crimson Cavalier
Pliable Wood Pliable Wood Top Bold Adventurer
Shade Poetry Shade Poetry Top Knightly Courtesy
Silver Ballad Silver Ballad Top Bad Hunter
Bad Hunter (Top) Bad Hunter (Top) Top Bad Hunter
Ingenuity Design Ingenuity Design Top Interplay of Light and Shadow
Classic Kilt-Brown Classic Kilt-Brown Bottom
Classic Kilt-Blue Classic Kilt-Blue Bottom
Classic Kilt-Red Classic Kilt-Red Bottom
Classic Kilt-Green Classic Kilt-Green Bottom
Tailor Class-Khaki Tailor Class-Khaki Bottom
Tailor Class-Brown Tailor Class-Brown Bottom
Tailor Class-Army Tailor Class-Army Bottom
Pitaya Platter Pitaya Platter Bottom
Secretary-Shorts Secretary-Shorts Bottom
School Skirt-Green School Skirt-Green Bottom
School Skirt-Red School Skirt-Red Bottom
Starry Pants Starry Pants Bottom Stellar Atlas
Design Standard Design Standard Bottom Cheese Rolls
Grasses and Warblers Grasses and Warblers Bottom Spring is Waning
White Phantom (Bottom) White Phantom (Bottom) Bottom Alumni Ace
Mysterious Taboo Mysterious Taboo Bottom Kindred Earl
Clear Future Clear Future Bottom Soul Blues
Soaked with Sunlight Soaked with Sunlight Bottom Farewell Note
Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Bottom One-way Train
Move Forward (Bottom) Move Forward (Bottom) Bottom Dream Sky
Timeless Guardian Timeless Guardian Bottom Treasure Keeper
Thorny Elegy Thorny Elegy Bottom
Thorny Elegy - Rare Thorny Elegy - Rare Bottom
Thorny Elegy - Epic Thorny Elegy - Epic Bottom Crimson Cavalier
Adventurous Heart Adventurous Heart Bottom Bold Adventurer
Lifeless Time Lifeless Time Bottom Knightly Courtesy
Fire Fantasy Fire Fantasy Bottom Bad Hunter
Instant Inspiration Instant Inspiration Bottom Interplay of Light and Shadow
Garden Chatter Garden Chatter Bottom A Day in the Countryside
Student Socks-Blue Student Socks-Blue Hosiery
Student Socks-Brown Student Socks-Brown Hosiery
British Plaid-Brown British Plaid-Brown Hosiery
British Plaid-White British Plaid-White Hosiery
British Plaid-Blue British Plaid-Blue Hosiery
British Plaid-Pink British Plaid-Pink Hosiery
Student Sports Socks Student Sports Socks Hosiery
Maiden Student Socks Maiden Student Socks Hosiery Blossom Season
Leather Socks Leather Socks Hosiery Nikki Mechanical
Messenger Socks Messenger Socks Hosiery
Messenger Socks-Rare Messenger Socks-Rare Hosiery
Messenger Socks-Epic Messenger Socks-Epic Hosiery Heaven Messenger
Messenger Socks-Letter Messenger Socks-Letter Hosiery Heaven Messenger
Sailor's Dagger Sailor's Dagger Hosiery, Leglet Storm Tamer
Unbending Faith Unbending Faith Hosiery Storm Tamer
Whisper of Letter Whisper of Letter Hosiery Regards from Afar
Crescent Badge Crescent Badge Hosiery Bad Hunter
Assistant-Boots Assistant-Boots Shoes
Little Gentlemen Little Gentlemen Shoes
Coquettish Knight Coquettish Knight Shoes
Courtesy Courtesy Shoes
Brushing Past Brushing Past Shoes
Music Box-Brown Music Box-Brown Shoes
Student Shoes-Brown Student Shoes-Brown Shoes
Gentle Waiter-Shoes Gentle Waiter-Shoes Shoes Gentle Servant
Polite Waiter-Shoes Polite Waiter-Shoes Shoes Gentle Servant
Adolescence Adolescence Shoes Blossom Season
Student Shoes-Black Student Shoes-Black Shoes
Music Box-Black Music Box-Black Shoes
Ginkgo Path Ginkgo Path Shoes Limited Late Autumn
Stars at Daybreak Stars at Daybreak Shoes Stellar Atlas
Thin Shoelace Thin Shoelace Shoes Cheese Rolls
Messenger Boots Messenger Boots Shoes
Messenger Boots-Rare Messenger Boots-Rare Shoes
Messenger Boots-Epic Messenger Boots-Epic Shoes Heaven Messenger
Messenger Boots-Letter Messenger Boots-Letter Shoes Heaven Messenger
Passing Traveler Passing Traveler Shoes Secrets of Time
Classic Brogue Classic Brogue Shoes Uncrowned Rose
Plain Strap Sandals Plain Strap Sandals Shoes
Bowknot Ankle Boots Bowknot Ankle Boots Shoes
Bowknot Thigh Boots Bowknot Thigh Boots Shoes Forest Legend
Bowknot Thigh Boots - Brown Bowknot Thigh Boots - Brown Shoes Forest Legend
Offshore Journey -Epic Offshore Journey -Epic Shoes Sky Conqueror
Childlike Dream Boots Childlike Dream Boots Shoes Promising Parade
To the Dreams To the Dreams Shoes Promising Parade
Elegant Boots Elegant Boots Shoes Kindred Earl
Spade Long Boot Spade Long Boot Shoes Game of Cards
Same Path in the End Same Path in the End Shoes Soul Blues
Melody of Rain Melody of Rain Shoes Farewell Note
Alley of Encounter Alley of Encounter Shoes One-way Train
Idol of the Age Idol of the Age Shoes Dream Sky
Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries Shoes Treasure Keeper
Storm Symphony Storm Symphony Shoes Storm Tamer
Silent Breath Silent Breath Shoes Sunward Maiden
Dressage Dressage Shoes
Dressage - Rare Dressage - Rare Shoes
Dressage - Epic Dressage - Epic Shoes Crimson Cavalier
Brand new Journey Brand new Journey Shoes Bold Adventurer
Forest Legend (Shoes) Forest Legend (Shoes) Shoes Knightly Courtesy
Choices matter Choices matter Shoes Bad Hunter
Exclusive Aura Exclusive Aura Shoes Interplay of Light and Shadow
Leisure Steps Leisure Steps Shoes A Day in the Countryside
Time Concept Time Concept Accessory, Bracelet (Right)
Retro Monocle Retro Monocle Accessory, Face Age of Steam
Retro Crutch Retro Crutch Accessory, Handheld (Right) Age of Steam
Steam Belt Steam Belt Accessory, Waist Age of Steam
Tea Time Tea Time Accessory, Hair Ornament
Cosiness Cosiness Accessory, Hair Ornament
Autumn Meeting Autumn Meeting Accessory, Scarf
Memorial Badge-Pink Memorial Badge-Pink Accessory, Hair Ornament
Memorial Badge-Gray Memorial Badge-Gray Accessory, Hair Ornament
Ancient Crutch Ancient Crutch Accessory, Handheld (Right) Nikki Mechanical
Tea Time-Gray Tea Time-Gray Accessory, Hair Ornament
Tea Time-Red Tea Time-Red Accessory, Hair Ornament
Tea Time-Brown Tea Time-Brown Accessory, Hair Ornament
Gold Button Knot-White Gold Button Knot-White Accessory, Hair Ornament
Gold Button Knot-Blue Gold Button Knot-Blue Accessory, Hair Ornament
Tassel Handbag-Brown Tassel Handbag-Brown Accessory, Brooch
Tassel Handbag-Red Tassel Handbag-Red Accessory, Brooch
Tassel Handbag-Pink Tassel Handbag-Pink Accessory, Brooch
Tassel Handbag-White Tassel Handbag-White Accessory, Brooch
Ginkgo Pray Ginkgo Pray Accessory, Veil Limited Late Autumn
Polestar Lens Polestar Lens Accessory, Face Stellar Atlas
Astronomical Telescope Astronomical Telescope Accessory, Foreground
Messenger Hat Messenger Hat Accessory, Hair Ornament
Messenger Hat-Rare Messenger Hat-Rare Accessory, Hair Ornament
Messenger Hat-Epic Messenger Hat-Epic Accessory, Hair Ornament Heaven Messenger
Messenger Hat-Letter Messenger Hat-Letter Accessory, Hair Ornament Heaven Messenger
Camellia Hat Camellia Hat Accessory, Hair Ornament Gentle Toona
Camellia Bag Camellia Bag Accessory, Handheld (Right) Gentle Toona
Feather of Memory Feather of Memory Accessory, Hair Ornament Secrets of Time
Inky Scent Inky Scent Accessory, Brooch Ice Blue Classical Dream
Uncrowned King (Hair Ornament) Uncrowned King (Hair Ornament) Accessory, Hair Ornament Uncrowned Rose
Confidential Document Confidential Document Accessory, Handheld (Right) Uncrowned Rose
Poetry's Aroma Poetry's Aroma Accessory, Brooch Ice Blue Classical Dream
Crape Hat Crape Hat Accessory, Hair Ornament
Spring Whisper (Clothes Store) Spring Whisper (Clothes Store) Accessory, Hair Ornament Spring is Waning
Fragrant Grace Fragrant Grace Accessory, Gloves Prom Princess
King's Glory King's Glory Accessory, Hair Ornament Alumni Ace
Homecoming King Homecoming King Accessory, Brooch Alumni Ace
King's Honor King's Honor Accessory, Hair Ornament Alumni Ace
Nikki Rugby Nikki Rugby Accessory, Foreground Alumni Ace
Homecoming Queen Homecoming Queen Accessory, Brooch Prom Princess
Plain Corset Plain Corset Accessory, Waist
Elegant Corset Elegant Corset Accessory, Waist
Embroidered Corset Embroidered Corset Accessory, Waist Forest Legend
Embroidered Corset - Brown Embroidered Corset - Brown Accessory, Waist Forest Legend
Reflected Stars Reflected Stars Accessory, Hair Ornament Abyss Apparition
Guidance of the Polaris Guidance of the Polaris Accessory, Background Sky Conqueror
Star Top Hat Star Top Hat Accessory, Hair Ornament Promising Parade
Symbol of Status Symbol of Status Accessory, Hair Ornament Kindred Earl
Reunion Tears Reunion Tears Accessory, Hair Ornament Soul Blues
Get Together Tears Get Together Tears Accessory, Hair Ornament Soul Blues
Summer Night Wind Summer Night Wind Accessory, Hair Ornament Farewell Note
Unchanging Path Unchanging Path Accessory, Handheld (Right) Farewell Note
Confession of Loneliness Confession of Loneliness Accessory, Head Ornament Farewell Note
Hug Silence Hug Silence Accessory, Scarf One-way Train
Relaxing Mood Relaxing Mood Accessory, Handheld (Right) One-way Train
Long Trip Long Trip Accessory, Handheld (Left) One-way Train
Recollecting Love Recollecting Love Accessory, Foreground One-way Train
Go with Wind Go with Wind Accessory, Hair Ornament Bounty Hunter
Song of Blades Song of Blades Accessory, Waist Bounty Hunter
Pilot Cap Pilot Cap Accessory, Hair Ornament Dream Sky
Route to Dream Route to Dream Accessory, Gloves Dream Sky
Intimate Partner (Waist) Intimate Partner (Waist) Accessory, Waist Dream Sky
Silent Like Blind Silent Like Blind Accessory, Face Treasure Keeper
Runed Sword Runed Sword Accessory, Handheld (Right) Treasure Keeper
Marine Legend Marine Legend Accessory, Hairpin Treasure Keeper
Golden Trap Golden Trap Accessory, Background Treasure Keeper
Only Treasure Only Treasure Accessory, Ground Treasure Keeper
Son of Poseidon Son of Poseidon Accessory, Foreground Storm Tamer
Pride and Honor Pride and Honor Accessory, Hair Ornament Storm Tamer
Deep Space Morning Star Deep Space Morning Star Accessory, Hair Ornament Starry Night Silk
Star Flare Guide Star Flare Guide Accessory, Handheld (Right) Starry Night Silk
Radiant Gift Radiant Gift Accessory, Hair Ornament Sunward Maiden
Sincere Regards Sincere Regards Accessory, Hair Ornament Regards from Afar
Chaser Chaser Accessory, Necklace Regards from Afar
Autumn in a Letter Autumn in a Letter Accessory, Brooch Regards from Afar
White Feather Hat White Feather Hat Accessory, Hair Ornament
Soaring Flame (Scarf) Soaring Flame (Scarf) Accessory, Scarf
Rose Thorn Rose Thorn Accessory, Handheld (Left)
White Feather Hat - Rare White Feather Hat - Rare Accessory, Hair Ornament
Soaring Flame - Rare Soaring Flame - Rare Accessory, Scarf
Rose Thorn - Rare Rose Thorn - Rare Accessory, Handheld (Left)
White Feather Hat - Epic White Feather Hat - Epic Accessory, Hair Ornament Crimson Cavalier
Soaring Flame - Epic Soaring Flame - Epic Accessory, Scarf Crimson Cavalier
Rose Thorn - Epic Rose Thorn - Epic Accessory, Handheld (Left) Crimson Cavalier
Token of Victory Token of Victory Accessory, Foreground
Journey of Exploration Journey of Exploration Accessory, Hair Ornament Bold Adventurer
Simple Band Simple Band Accessory, Gloves Bold Adventurer
Wind of Fashion Wind of Fashion Accessory, Hair Ornament Modern Age
Unique Moment Unique Moment Accessory, Earrings Modern Age
Ultimate Ace Ultimate Ace Accessory, Handheld (Right) Ace Attorney
Ideal Rule Ideal Rule Accessory, Handheld (Right) Ace Attorney
Bright Crown Bright Crown Accessory, Hair Ornament Knightly Courtesy
Cleanse Cleanse Accessory, Handheld (Right) Knightly Courtesy
Loyal Guardian Loyal Guardian Accessory, Waist Knightly Courtesy
Forest Poet Forest Poet Accessory, Hair Ornament Bad Hunter
Night Whisper (Ears) Night Whisper (Ears) Accessory, Ears Bad Hunter
Fantasy Realm Fantasy Realm Accessory, Necklace Bad Hunter
Vintage Hunter Vintage Hunter Accessory, Handheld (Right) Bad Hunter
Night Gift Night Gift Accessory, Hair Ornament Interplay of Light and Shadow
Good Taste Good Taste Accessory, Face Interplay of Light and Shadow
Thousands of Choices Thousands of Choices Accessory, Gloves Interplay of Light and Shadow
Fashion Bible Fashion Bible Accessory, Handheld (Left) Interplay of Light and Shadow
Fire Women Fire Women Accessory, Hair Ornament
Long Afternoon Long Afternoon Accessory, Hair Ornament A Day in the Countryside
Nature's Greeting Nature's Greeting Accessory, Gloves A Day in the Countryside