Brilliant Christmas Eve

Brilliant Christmas Eve, also known as Shiny Xmas Night and Christmas Eve on its return, was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion that ran from December 24th to December 30th, 2018. It ran again from December 18th to December 24th, 2019.

Getting all items unlocked the Snowy Night Gift chibi.

List of FurnitureEdit

Super Rare Furniture H6Edit

Icon Name Style Type
ReindeerpulledSleighIcon Reindeer-pulled Sleigh Pigeon Tag Ornament

5-star Super Rare H5Edit

Icon Name Style Type
TripinStarryNightIcon Trip in Starry Night Pigeon Tag Carpet
AntiqueHarpIcon Antique Harp Pigeon Tag Ornament
ChristmasBanquetIcon Christmas Banquet Pigeon Tag Table

4-star Treasured H4Edit

Icon Name Style Type
HeavensentGiftIcon Heaven-sent Gift Pigeon Tag Door
StarryNightWindowIcon Starry Night Window Pigeon Tag Window
AuditoriumArchIcon Auditorium Arch Pigeon Tag Door
RhombicFloorTileIcon Rhombic Floor Tile Pigeon Tag Floor
WhiteSnowIcon White Snow Pigeon Tag Carpet
BasswoodBookcaseCircleIcon Basswood Bookcase·Circle Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
SolomonsCircleIcon Solomon's Circle Pigeon Tag Carpet
MagicSnowmanIcon Magic Snowman Pigeon Tag Ornament
ChristmasTreeIcon Christmas Tree Pigeon Tag Plant
FamilySecretsIcon Family Secrets Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
BasswoodBookcaseCurseIcon Basswood Bookcase·Curse Pigeon Tag Wall Decor

3-star Treasured H3Edit

Icon Name Style Type
CastleWallIcon Castle Wall Pigeon Tag Wall
ChristmasStairsIcon Christmas Stairs Pigeon Tag Stairs
WhiteStairsIcon White Stairs Pigeon Tag Stairs
ChromaticMistletoeIcon Chromatic Mistletoe Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
PlanetariumIcon Planetarium Pigeon Tag Ornament
PraiseMusicPapersIcon Praise Music Papers Pigeon Tag Ornament
WitchsHouseIcon Witch's House Pigeon Tag Ornament
ScholarlyGiftIcon Scholarly Gift Pigeon Tag Ornament
GloryTapestrySpadeIcon Glory Tapestry·Spade Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
WhiteStoneFenceIcon White Stone Fence Pigeon Tag Ornament

Gallery Edit

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