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Stories from the Brave New World event. Each styling battle stage takes once chance, with the exception of the first time, and will drop Window Flower Window Flower.png. Story stages do not drop Window Flower.png or take up chances.

The story told about a mysterious dream state that many people in Miraland fell into. After Nikki wakes up from her own, she goes to wake up her friends Kimi and Ace. She then goes into a world called a Cloud Realm, where she reunites with Lunar and finds out who's behind the dreams. It takes place in the timeskip between V1: Chapter 19 II Daybreak War and V2: Chapter 1 Ode of Oren.


Brand New World Map Day.png

Dream Waking[]

Drops Window Flower.png

The civilization of the land is submerged by the surges. And Nikki sinks along with the world. Upon waking from the nightmare, Nikki finds herself return to the reality...

BNW Nikki in Deep Sea.png
Water fills the ear, Only faintest sound can be heard.
  • Momo: Nikki! Wake up!
Heavy body falls into soft water, The soul is answering the call from deep.
  • Momo: In that case... I'm going to play my trump card!
  • Momo: Itch-Scratch-Scratch!
  • Nikki: ...!!!
Finally, away from the boundless sea, Nikki frowns, And opens her eyes--
  • (There is no usual tweeting of the birds to wake up to, and the light through the window is already very bright.)
  • Momo: Nikki, you're finally awake! You've been asleep for a long time!
  • Nikki: Where... is this?
  • Momo: Nikki, what are you talking about... Don't you even know your room? You must still be asleep!
BNW Nikki Room.PNG
  • (Nikki's eyes wander to the white ceiling. The light feels so familiar.)
  • (The quit, and the furniture, they all seem to be greeting Nikki after a long parting time.)
  • Nikki: ... My room?
  • Nikki: This... isn't Miraland?!
  • Momo: Miraland? What is that?
  • Nikki: Momo, didn't you... Hey, I was...
  • Nikki: I seem to have had a long, long, strange dream...
  • Momo: Forget it now! Everyone is waiting! Get up and dressed!
  • Momo: Everyone is busy preparing for the Spring Festival. Nikki can't be a lazy bone in bed all day!
  • Nikki: ... Spring Festival? Is it already time?
  • (Momo pulls Nikki out of the bed, jumps down and opens the wardrobe.)
  • Momo: Everyone has come to our home to celebrate together. Nikki, be sure to dress cuter ! Now hurry up!
  • ('Bang')
  • (The door closes and there is only Nikki left in the room.)
  • (Clothes are neatly arranged in the wadrobe. Nikki raises her hand and flips through them gently.)
  • (The memories deeply buried long ago are stirred up gradually.)
  • (The memories that you thought had gone and would never come back.)
  • (The memories with the warmth of yesterday.)
  • Nikki: Is it... Really a dream?

. . .

  • Momo: Nikki! You're here!
  • Ace: We were just about to decorate the room. You want to join us?
  • (Nikki is about to answer when a person rushes in, handing a stack of papers into Nikki's hand. The papers are printed with various patterns with some handwritten marks.)
  • Bobo: Nikki, which one do you like best!
  • (Nikki, in surprise, takes a look at Bobo's hand holding her and takes another look at Bobo.)
  • (Bobo, though confused by Nikki's eyes, answers with a smile. She is so sweet.)
  • Nikki: ...Bobo? Why...why are you here?
  • Bobo: I decided not to go traveling and I'll spend the festival with you! It's so nice to have a gathering like this. I cannot miss this!
  • Momo: You've finally done something right!
  • Bobo: What? When did I make a mistake?
  • (Bobo and Momo grappled together in the room, what a familiar scene.)
  • Nikki: (Right... It's a dream!)
  • Nikki: (Bobo's leaving is also a dream!)
  • (Nikki, looking at Bobo's back, breathes a sigh of relief as if finally grabs ahold of something.)
  • Bobo: Nikki, anything wrong? You look absent-minded...
  • (Bobo, releasing her hand grasping Momo's cloak, looks at Nikki with some worry.)
  • Nikki: It's all right. I just didn't sleep well.
  • (The sound of high heels is getting closer. Kimi pushes open the door and comes in.)
  • Kimi: I've brought the materials. When do we start?
  • ???: The ink is also ready. Why not start now?
  • (Nikki looks back, catching Lunar coming with the brush, ink, an ink slab, and a smile.)
  • (What a familiar smile. Those moments of harmony and sorrow seem to be things of yesterday.)
  • (But here she is, like spring breeze blows into the cold of December.)
  • Nikki: Lunar...
  • Lunar: Yes? Nikki, what's wrong?
  • Nikki: Nothing... Lunar, it's been a while.
  • Lunar: Yes, it's been a while. I'm really happy to be with everyone for the new year this time.)
  • Nikki: (It's just a dream...)
  • Lunar: Nikki, you don't look good. Did you sleep well?
  • Bobo: Lunar and I asked the same question! Nikki, did you have nightmares in your sleep?
  • Momo: I guess so! Nikki said she had a strange dream when she got up.
  • Ace: Nikki, forget about that dream.
  • Ace: We got some handicraft to do if we want to decorate the room. Join us and relax.
  • (Ace takes the ink slab from Lunar's hand. Kimi comes up to Nikki too.)
  • Kimi: Nikki, just as you required. Take a look and see if you need something more.
  • Bobo: I think we have everything! Nikki, let's quickly get started!
  • Nikki: Okay...
  • (Amid trances and joys, the new day begin.)


Drops Window Flower.png

New Year.png
  • Kimi: How about this one?
  • Ace: It's pretty good. Put the window flower cutting here, what do you think?
  • Kimi: A little higher, I think.
  • Lunar: Let's say... the horizontal scroll will say 'World of Spring'?
  • Momo: Momo with you! Both literary and festive! Oh, Lunar the Goddess!
  • Bobo: Nikki, look! Am I awesome at this?
  • Nikki: Yes... You really are!
  • Nikki: (Weather in a dream or in reality, Bobo and Momo are always so close.)
  • Nikki: (It's so nice to spend some leisure time with everyone...)
  • Bobo: Nikki!
  • (Thoughts interrupted by Bobo, Nikki finds she cuts too deep into the paper.)
  • Nikki: I... Ah! Sorry. I was distracted.
  • Bobo: Never mind, never mind. Let's pick another one! Kimi brings so many papers that will be enough for the next year anyway!
  • Nikki: Okay...
  • (Round lanterns hanging in the doorway shine on the newly written couplets. The steamed windows covered with window flower cuttings of varied sizes.)
  • (So the ingenious girls decorate the house full of festivity.)
  • Bobo: Done! All done! Looks pretty good!
  • Momo: Wow! Look! It's snowing!
  • (Momo leans his whole body on the edge of the window, looking outside. Snowflakes fall in large pieces, blurring the buildings in the distance.)
  • Lunar: So beautiful and timely...
  • Ace: I haven't seen snow for a long time. What a nice surprise to see it at our new-year gathering.
  • Kimi: I can see the snow every year. And the first snow is always near the New Year's Day.
  • Bobo: Why don't we go have a snowball fight later!
  • Momo: Good idea! Time to show you my super snowball skills!
  • (Nikki walks to the window. The snow has accumulated to a thin layer on the ground and the treetops are also seemingly covered in a silvery cream.)
  • Nikki: (Snow... I haven't seen such a snowfall since I left the North...)
  • Nikki: (... North?)
  • (For a moment, the snow seems to suddenly build up, drowning everything and revealing the vast, endless land of snow.)
  • (Nikki even forget to breathe for a moment. But when she rubs her eyes and looks again. It's still buildings and roads outside.)
  • Nikki: (... Illusion? I must have slept too long today...)
  • Bobo: Nikki! Hurry up and get changed. We're going out for a snowball fight!
  • Kimi: Remember to put on Warm Clothes. It's snowing very heavy now.


Story Stage Story Stage.png

Waking from the dream of deep sea, she sees those familiar images unfolding before her eyes. No one understands Nikki's doubt. But, is everything yesterday a dream itself?

Soft sea. Warm Sea.
Body buoyed up by sea water, Floats to the other end of the world.
Wrapped by seawater in the dream again, Nikki cannot open her eyes, Or cry.
  • Momo: Nikki, wake up!
  • (Bright light through the window crawls into eyes. It's still the familiar light and white ceilig.)
  • Momo: Nikki, you're finally awake!
  • Momo: Everyone is waiting! Get up and dressed!
  • Momo: Everyone is busy preparing for the Spring Festival. Nikki can't be a lazy bone in bed all day! Now hurry up!
  • Nikki: (... Hey?)
  • Nikki: (What Momo just said... I seem to have heard it somewhere before.)
  • (Nikki turns to look at the wardrobe. Clothes are neatly arranged there, just like yesterday.)
  • (Flapping sound passes in. The bird that landed on the windowsill just now flies away. The sound draws Nikki back to reality.)
  • Nikki: (... Am I overthinking?)
  • (Nikki pats her face, gets changed and walks downstairs.)
  • Momo: Nikki! You're here!
  • Ace: We were just about to decorate the room. You want to join us?
  • (Bobo hands a stack of papers into Nikki's hand. The papers are printed with various patterns with some handwritten marks.)
  • Bobo: Nikki, which one do you like best!
  • Nikki: Hey... Yesterday, didn't we--
  • Kimi: I've brought the materials. When do we start?
  • Lunar: The ink is also ready. Why not start now?
  • Nikki: ?!
  • (Nikki looks back, catching Lunar coming with the brush, ink, an ink slab, and a smile.)
  • (A smile exactly the same as that of yesterday.)
  • Nikki: (... What's going on?)
  • Lunar: Nikki, what's wrong?
  • Nikki: No... nothing...
  • Bobo: Nikki, did you have nightmares in your sleep?
  • Momo: I guess so! Nikki said she had a strange dream when she got up.
  • Nikki: (It is because of that dream? But this all feels so familiar...)
  • Ace: Nikki, forget about that dream.
  • Ace: We got some handicraft to do if we want to decorate the room. Join us and relax.
  • (Ace takes the ink slab from Lunar's hand. Kimi comes up to Nikki too.)
  • Kimi: Nikki, just as you required. Take a look and see if you need something more.
  • Bobo: I think we have everything! Nikki, let's quickly get started!
  • Nikki: Okay...
  • (Nikki sits in the same position, picks up the scissors, and cuts out the window flower patterns as she remembers them.)
  • Bobo: Nikki, look! Am I awesome at this? I'm doing better than yesterday!
  • (Bobo lifts the window flower paper cuttings made ready, revealing a string of the same patterns, the silly smiling faces of Momo.)
  • Nikki: Yes... You really are!
  • Nikki: (... Am I dreaming again?)
  • Nikki: (No... No, Bobo also remembers that we cut window flowers yesterday...)
  • Bobo: Nikki!
  • Nikki: I...
  • Lunar: Let's say... the horizontal scroll will say 'World of Spring'?
  • Nikki: ... Lunar, didn't you write one yesterday?
  • Lunar: Huh? What did I write yesterday?
  • Nikki: ...
  • (Behind Nikki, Ace holding a completed window flower is looking for a good position on the window, while Kimi stands beside preparing the couplets.)
  • Kimi: How about this one?
  • Ace: It's pretty good. Put the window flower cutting here, what do you think?
  • Nikki: This window flower... Wasn't it the same one we posted here yesterday?
  • Ace: We only just started posting it.
  • Momo: Nikki, what are you talking about?
  • Momo: Nikki, what are you talking about? We agreed to prepare for the new year together today, and everyone just got here. No one posted a window flower yesterday!
  • Bobo: I think Nikki is still in her dream!
  • (Bobo pokes Nikki's head and everyone laughs.)
  • (Laughter fills the room, like every other warm and lovely day. Only Nikki stands there, stunned.)
  • Nikki: ... Eh?!


Story Stage Story Stage.png

Despite the multiplying weird things, the friends turn a deaf ear to Nikki's questions. It snows again outside the window. And something seems to break...

  • (None of the people in the room seems to have experienced Nikki's 'yesterday'.)
  • (But they have also not expressed a hint of doubt about the 'yesterday' that Nikki has experienced.)
  • (Nikki looks at the calendar on the wall, which shows the same date as 'yesterday'. And that gets her thinking about her memory.)
  • Nikki: But... Bobo also said she cut the window flowers yesterday...
  • Bobo: I... I practiced at home by myself yesterday!
  • (Nikki picks up the paper with the window flower pattern printed on it.)
  • (Next to a few beautiful window flower patterns are marks left by Nikki yesterday.)
  • Nikki: But this mark... I left it yesterday.
  • Nikki: We picked some patterns we liked. Bobo, you just started learning cutting yesterday, didn't you?
  • Bobo: I...
  • Nikki: I can still remember, yesterday Bobo cut out an adorable 'Spring' and the pattern of Momo was later laughed at by Momo himself...
  • Momo: ...
  • (Momo is leaning on the table, studying the menu for tonight, his tail swinging leisurely.)
  • Nikki: Lunar, do you remember?
  • (Lunar dips in the ink, and writes a new stroke.)
  • Nikki: ... Kimi? Ace?
  • (Except Bobo, everyone continues working as if they have not heard Nikki's words.)
  • Nikki: ...Bobo?
  • Bobo: Nikki, you must be mistaken!
  • Nikki: Am I... Mistaken?
  • (Nikki's thoughts are falling into a mess. Something inside is screaming, as if trying to break throught the boundary of reality and dream.)
  • (The snow outside window begins to fall. It dances in the wind and accumulates a thin layer.)
  • Nikki: (What a heavy snow... Wait! Snow?!)
  • Nikki: (It was snowing heavily yesterday and a thick layer has accumulated on the ground...)
  • (A sound of something breaks. It's faint, and when it's gone, it seems to have never happened.)
  • Nikki: What's going on...
  • (Nikki turns to look at Bobo, and her hand cutting the window paper stops.)
  • Nikki: ... Bobo?!


Story Stage Story Stage.png

Still the deep sea. Still the failed escape. The 'yesterday' in cycles after cycles is like a nightmare that traps Nikki into its own cage. But it seems that there is one who's standing outside the cage.

Completely merged in seawater.
Struggling upward, But once again dragged down, The cry for help is oppressed by water.
Finally, Down into sea deep, Sunshine is gone.
  • Momo: Nikki, wake up!
  • (Nikki startles from the dream. The light from outside is very bright, but she's bathed in cold sweat.)
  • Momo: Nikki, you're finally awake!
  • Nikki: ...
  • Momo: Everyone is waiting! Get up and dressed!
  • Nikki: (... It's still exactly the same.)
  • Momo: Everyone is busy preparing for the Spring Festival. Nikki can't be a lazy bone in bed all day! Now hurry up!
  • Nikki: Momo--
  • ('Bang')
  • (The response Nikki can hear is the door being closed.)
  • (Nikki, sitting by the bed, stares at the exact same number on the calendar as 'Yesterday', sweat streaming down her chin.)
  • Nikki: (It's not an illusion, I'm really back to yesterday...)
  • Nikki: (But why...)
  • (Clothes are neatly arranged in the wardrobe, just like yesterday.)
  • Nikki: ('Yesterday'... How did it end?)
  • Nikki: (Everyone looks a little strange, and the end... What is the end? I don't seem to have any impression at all...)
  • (Flapping sound passes in. The bird that landed on the windowsill just now flies away.)
  • (Nikki looks out the window. The clean streets do not have any trace of snow.)
  • Nikki: (What on earth is going on here?)
  • (As with every 'yesterday', Nikki gets changed and comes downstairs.)
  • Momo: Nikki! You're here!
  • Ace: We were just about to decorate the room. You want to join us?
  • (Bobo rushes over to Nikki, handing a stack of papers into Nikki's hand. The papers are printed with various patterns with some handwritten marks.)
  • Bobo: Nikki, which one do you like best!
  • (The sound of high heels is getting closer. Kimi pushes open the door and comes in.)
  • Kimi: I've brought the materials. When do we start?
  • Lunar: The ink is also ready. Why not start now?
  • Nikki: (As expected, everything is exactly the same...)
  • (Nikki looks back, catching Lunar coming with the brush, ink, an ink slab, and a smile.)
  • Nikki: (It's like a cycle... a cycle that cannot be left.)
  • Lunar: Nikki, what's wrong?
  • Nikki: ... Lunar, don't you think it's a little strange? All of this now, we've all been through this already, haven't we?
  • Lunar: You don't look good. Did you sleep well?
  • (Lunar looks at Nikki some worry, but knows nothing of her doubts.)
  • Nikki: (How come... Lunar doesn't seem to feel anything?)
  • Nikki: No... Haven't you noticed? We are back to yesterday! Once again!
  • (In the silence, Nikki looks at her friends eagerly, almost unable to breathe.)
  • (But the silence soon comes to an end, and everyone continues working as if they have not heard Nikki's words.)
  • (Lunar spreads the paper, she writes 'World in Spring'.)
  • (Ace holding a completed window flower is looking for a good position on the window, while Kimi stands beside preparing the couplets.)
  • (Bobo sits in the corner, cutting out the stack of window flower papers with marks on them.)
  • (Weirdly quiet.)
  • Nikki: ... Everyone, don't you feel anything strange?
  • (Lunar dies not look up. She dips in the ink, and writes a new stroke.)
  • (Kimi and Ace are talking about the position to put up window flowers and couplets.)
  • (Momo is leaning on the window, looking at the snow outside.)
  • (Bobo spreads out the cut window flower, the crooked lines form a pattern that Nikki didn't see before.)
  • Nikki: (A window flower different from that of yesterday...)
  • (The snow builds up quickly and soon great patches of white are accumulated on the street.)
  • Nikki: (Same... All is the same! Except...)
  • (Nikki again looks back at Bobo and the window flower in her hand. Buzzing sounds ring in her head again.)
  • (As if aware of something, Bobo puts away the window flowers somewhat unnaturally.)
  • Nikki: ... Bobo, you know something, don't you?
  • (Bobo freezes stiffly.)
  • Nikki: ... What on earth is going on here? Bobo?!

Dream Broken[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

The world reveals itself from the disguises of dead silence. And the one who appears to be cold and distant in the dream is a familiar face.

  • (Silence.)
  • (Like a serene night, a night when stars have no sights and wind has no sounds.)
  • (But it is the daytime. The white snow only brightens the day even more. It's only that the snow has no sounds.)
  • Nikki: Bobo... What's wrong with you?
  • (Window flower papers and scissors fall from her hands onto the table. She looks up at Nikki.)
  • (That look. Nikki has never seen it before. It's not like Bobo. Or she's not Bobo at all.)
  • (Now Momo, Kimi, Ace, and Lunar around Bobo, they not only stop what they're doing but also reveal mottled shades and weird color blocks on their bodies.)
  • Nikki: What's happening... Why?!
  • (Bobo slowly stands up, and walks towards Nikki.)
  • (Everything around begins to dissolve and come off with Bobo approaching, including those familiar faces.)
  • Nikki: Wait! Kimi, Ace, Lunar! Momo... Is this an illusion...
  • (At last, the room melts into a boundless void, with only Bobo and Nikki facing each other.)
  • Bobo: It's a dream.
  • (There is no emotion on Bobo's face. She seems at home in this strange world.
  • Nikki: Bobo... What happened to you?
  • (Nikki wants to reach out but hesitates, as a strange feeling surges up.)
  • Nikki: What on earth is going on here?
  • Nikki: You said it's a dream... What does it mean?
  • Nikki: Everything happened these days, Kimi, Ace, Lunar... Just a dream?
  • Bobo: Your questions are too many.
  • Nikki: ... What?
  • Nikki: (Nikki hardly believes the coldness in Bobo's words. This strangeness is not an illusion all the time.)
  • Bobo: All you need to know is that I am saving you foolish humans from a world that is about to be destroyed.
  • Nikki: A world that is about to be destroyed?! Is it... Miraland?!
  • Bobo: This would not have to happen if it had not been for the self-righteousness of humans.
  • Nikki: ... What does that mean?
  • (Bobo casts Nikki a glance. Nikki feels it complex and remote.)
  • Bobo: To Miraland, you are an outsider. Don't fancy you can change anything.
  • Bobo: Compared to change, isn't this dream what you long for? Why insist on destroying it?
  • Bobo: I'll save this world. As for you, just have a good dream here and don't wake up again.
  • (Bobo turns around to leave as she finishes. Subconsciously, Nikki runs over and holds Bobo.)
  • Nikki: Wait!
  • Nikki: You... You're not Bobo, are you?
  • Nikki: What did you do to Bobo?! How's Bobo now?
  • (Bobo frowns slightly. She takes a deep breath and pulls her hand free from Nikki's grasp.)
  • Bobo: ... You don't need to know.
  • Nikki: Of course, I need to know how Bobo is!
  • Nikki: She's a very important friend to me, and I can't let you hurt her!
  • (Something flashes through Bobo's eyes. She raises her hand to support her forehead and turns her back to Nikki.)
  • Nikki: (... What's wrong with her?)
  • Nikki: (Looks painful...)
  • Bobo: Nikki... Run...
  • (Finally, Bobo turns back. Now she feels familiar, but still, keeps a distance from Nikki.)
  • Nikki: What? Where to?
  • Nikki: Wait! Bobo, it's you? Right? You are Bobo!
  • Bobo: She is using the dream to control everyone. Nikki, run!
  • Nikki: Who? No... Bobo, we talk about this later. Now let's leave together!
  • Bobo: No, I can't... Nikki, you go! Before it's too late!
  • (Bobo pushes Nikki away. Her hand draws an invisible line in the air. The space behind Nikki is torn apart and she is gonna fall.)
  • (But Bobo, seemingly pulled by something, falls onto the ground, her body huddled up in great pain.)
  • Nikki: Bobo?!
  • (Nikki tries to reach out her arm, but nothing can be grabbed ahold of.)
  • (The moment she falls out from dream, she sees Bobo clutches the fist and the dream space quickly closes.)
  • Bobo: Makes no difference... No matter how hard you struggle, it makes no difference!
  • (As if something suppressed by Bobo finally breaks loose, her eyes become strange again, like the bloodcurdling dark mist in the void space.)
  • (That's the last picture Nikki sees.)


Brand New World Map Night.png

Opened on June 27, 2019 at 12:00 server time.

Dream Waking[]

Drops Window Flower.png

For the umpteenth time of waking up from the dream, the scenery of the Miraland unfolds. The extended dream, the dangerous situation of Bobo and the mysterious one. What is going on here exactly?

Once again at the bottom of the world, Yet nothing can be grabbed ahold of.
Dark, like a haunting nightmare, Sets root in the body.
Ignorant of what she's fighting, The last bit of strength is used up, Nikki finally opens her eyes--
  • Nikki: This is...
  • (Gradually, the world becomes clear in the eyes, reminding her of those familiar memories.)
  • Nikki: ... Miraland!
  • Momo: Nikki!
  • Nikki: Momo? Are you here?
  • Momo: Of course, Momo's here! Nikki, you have slept very very long!
  • Nikki: I... I seem to have a very long dream... No! I seem to have had many dreams!
  • Nikki: I don't even know I'm still dreaming now...
  • Momo: Speaking of dreams! Nikki, when you were asleep, there seemed to be a lot of rumors about dreaming on this land!
  • Momo: Many people dreamed of something about a deep sea and destruction!
  • Momo: See, a lot of reports here!
  • Momo: Momo doesn't believe the nonsense! But nobody can explain what's all this about...
  • Nikki: Deep sea... I dreamed about a deep sea too.
  • Momo: What?! What was it like?
  • Nikki: In that long dream, every night I sank into the deep sea again and again...
  • Momo: Deep sea in the night... How about daytime in the dream?
  • Nikki: During the day, I was with everyone and had a great time -- oh yes! Bobo! We have to save Bobo!
  • Momo: Nikki, what are you talking about? Hasn't it been a long time since we last heard from Bobo?
  • Nikki: No, I saw Bobo in my dream! She's in danger now and needs our help!
  • Momo: Nikki... I know how you feel, and I'm also worried about Bobo, but it was just a dream...
  • Nikki: It was a dream, but what I saw was the real Bobo! I'm sure!
  • Nikki: Everyone is having the same dream. It's not a good omen. It's dangerous for Bobo to stay in that dream!
  • Momo: Huh? You mean real Bobo... In the dream? Momo is getting more confused! Nikki, you are not mad, right?
  • Nikki: I don't know how to explain... But I'm really worried about Bobo...
  • Momo: ... Ok! I believe Nikki. Let's move!
  • Momo: But then again... How are we gonna save Bobo...
  • Nikki: I think the key is these strange dream.
  • Nikki: Bobo said, 'she' is controlling everyone though the dream...
  • Momo: She? So someone is making everybody dream?
  • Momo: So, who is 'she' really?
  • Nikki: I have no idea... 'She' can talk in the form of Bobo. Sometimes she and Bobo appear in turn... Like she can take over Bobo's body!
  • Momo: What?! 'She' can take over Bobo's body?! That's horrible!
  • Momo: Nikki, then we have hurry up!
  • Nikki: Hmph! If we can find and stop 'her', the dreams should stop and Bobo will then be out of danger!
  • Momo: However, 'she' sounds powerful...
  • Momo: Can we really stop 'her'?
  • Nikki: I've felt the power of 'her'. It's really strong...
  • Nikki: Wait! Maybe... I have an idea!
  • Momo: What is it? Tell me!
  • Nikki: Kimi, Ace, Lunar... they looked weird in my dreams...
  • Momo: Nikki, you dreamed about Lunar?!
  • Nikki: Correct... Like before she left us...
  • Nikki: I know! I've got it, the reason why I think they're weird is that they look exactly the same in the dream as in my memories!
  • Momo: What's wrong with that?
  • Nikki: I mean, they're like robots that only act as programmed.
  • Nikki: If I ask questions beyond the program, they won't respond to me as if they can't hear me.
  • Nikki: And this program, is my memory.
  • Momo: Feels... Like they are just illusions made up from memories instead really exist in the dream?
  • Nikki: That's right! That's the feeling!
  • Momo: But the newspapers say people dream of the deep sea only. Why does Nikki dream so much more?
  • Nikki: I have no idea... But that complicated dream is very real that I cannot even tell it from reality.
  • Momo: Is this what Bobo said about controlling people with dreams?
  • Nikki: I think if I didn't notice the anomalies, I would have been trapped in my dream forever...
  • Momo: This, this is so horrible! Nikki, so what did you come up with?
  • Nikki: I was thinking, if this person who created the dream cannot make up my memory, it means...
  • Nikki: My memory is beyond the reach of 'her' power.
  • Momo: Yes... That sounds right! And so?
  • Nikki: Can we, in turn, use our memories to change and break her dreams?
  • Momo: Is... Is this doable? And, yeah, Nikki, how did you wake up from the dream?
  • Nikki: I... I remembered the memories of Bobo and I. I miss her so much and I really want to help her.
  • Nikki: I told her what I thought, then... She pushed me out of the dream...
  • Momo: That sounds... Like it could work?
  • Momo: But how do we get this ethereal power... 'memories'? It's not as if you can do it by just trying...
  • Nikki: In the dream, the memory of Kimi, Ace, Lunar and I was not under 'her' control. In this case, maybe I could talk about it to Kimi or Ace first?
  • Momo: Mmm... That makes sense. Let's get going! Shall we go to Kimi or Ace first?

Note: The following dialogue assumes the player chooses Kimi first. The dialogue, but not the story, is slightly altered if the player chooses Ace.

Into the Dream[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

Nikki comes to Kimi for help, only to know that she is unconscious due to illness. And the doctor can't tell why. But it seems to Momo that Kimi is experiencing something like Nikki did.

  • (Apple Federation, Welton)
  • Nikki: Joe Brownie says Kimi has a personal matter and has not been in the office for several days.
  • Momo: It seems that Kimi has been very busy recently...
  • Nikki: I don't think Kimi is the type of person who will delay her work for so long because of her personal life... Shall we go to Kimi's house?
  • Momo: Okay!
  • (Kimi's House)
  • (Nikki and Momo have been waiting in the living room for a long time. The first person they see, however, is the nervous secretary of Kimi.)
  • Secretary: Hello, Miss Nikki. I apologize for the long waiting, but my lady... She really cannot see you now.
  • Nikki: Why? What happened to Kimi?
  • Secretary: Lady Kimi...
  • Momo: We are worried about Kimi too! Tell us about it!
  • (After a moment's hesitation, the secretary sighs as if in compromise.)
  • Secretary: ... Fine. The lady has been in a come since she fell ill a few days ago. Many doctors have come, but the reason is still not found...
  • Nikki: What?! Coma?
  • Secretary: Please do not let this out... Mr. Joe has discussed with me and we decided not to announce it publicly to avoid negative influence on my lady and the company...
  • Nikki: Okay... So, what are you gonna do?
  • Secretary: We have contacted Mrs. Xinglin, she will arrive tonight, and we can only hope she has some ideas...
  • Nikki: Mrs. Xinglin...
  • Momo: Momo thinks Kimi's situation sounds quite like Nikki's...
  • Nikki: Oh? Like mine?
  • Momo: Yes! Nikki, you had a long sleep and the doctor could do nothing. Lucky that you woke up yourself.
  • Nikki: That does sound... Similar.
  • Nikki: Wait! Then it means... Kimi could be trapped in the dream too?
  • Momo: Momo thinks so! Nikki is not the only person 'she' is trying to control!
  • Nikki: Um... Miss Secretary, can we see Kimi? I might be able to wake her up.
  • Secretary: Really?! Then please!
  • (In the bedroom, Kimi lies quietly in bed. Her face looks pale but she breathes steadily.)
  • (Nikki walks to Kimi's bed and feels the temperature of her forehead with her hand.)
  • Nikki: Kimi doesn't look like sick, maybe she is trapped in the dream...
  • Momo: If Nikki can get out from the dream, can we help Kimi escape?
  • Nikki: But I don't know how to do it. Maybe I was just lucky...
  • Secretary: Miss Nikki, if you have any ideas, please do help my lady! We are really... worried about her...
  • Nikki: Okay... I'll try my best.
  • (Nikki sits down beside the bed. She holds Kimi's hand and closes her eyes.)
  • (She tries as hard as she can to remember the feeling of missing and pass it to Kimi.)
  • (The dark from closed eyes now reveals the memories like a movie.)
  • (The net moment, Nikki feels a warm breeze blows in and her consciousness brought into a softness.)
  • (Kimi, at the center of the picture, turns to walk into that dazzling light.)
  • (When Nikki opens her eyes again, she stands in front of a big house, just like the one of Kimi's.)
  • Nikki: ... Kimi?
  • (Only the sound of wind answers.)
  • (Nikki pushes the door and the squeak echoes under the high roof.)
  • (The layout of the house is the same as Kimi's except that each door is tightly closed.)
  • (Nikki subconsciously walks to the room opposite to the front door. She gently pushes down the handle and the door opens.)
BNW Kimi and Crescent 1.png
  • (Warm light covers Nikki. She hears a little girl's laughter like silvery bell tinkles.)
  • ???: Mom, look, am I beautiful wearing it!
  • ???: Of course, my princess is beautiful no matter what she wears.
  • ???: No, this one is special! Because it's mama's design!
  • (The elegant young woman touches the head of the little girl. Their laughter is contagious that Nikki cannot help but smile.)
  • (Nikki quietly closes the door, leaving this room of harmony undisturbed.)
  • (Nikki searches for Kimi in the rooms but the pictures behind the closed doors all belong to the past.)
  • (In that huge, gorgeous and exquisite house, there are so many rooms full of Kimi's memories and imaginations about happiness.)
  • (That's what will warm the rest of life.)

White Sakura Dream[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

Kimi's dream is full of happy memories with her parents and she doesn't want to leave at all. But a dream is a dream. People have to face the reality as it is.

BNW Kimi and Nikki.png
  • (Nikki closes the door of the last room, shutting the melodious waltz, Kimi's dancing parents, and smiling Kimi on the other side, and leaves that memory.)
  • (But real Kimi is still missing.)
  • Nikki: (Kimi... Where are you?)
  • (It was not until Nikki searched every corner that she finally found Kimi at the end of the winding corridor.)
  • (Kimi stood quietly with her back to the wall.)
  • Nikki: Kimi?
  • (Kimi doesn't respond, her eyes closed, maybe her heart too, indulging herself in the happy dream.)
  • Nikki: Kimi!
  • (Hearing Nikki's voice, Kimi turns her head hesitantly.)
  • Kimi: ... Nikki? What are you doing here?
  • Nikki: I'm here for you! I'll explain later. Let's get out of here!
  • Kimi: Get out of here? What do you mean?
  • Nikki: Kimi, this is only your dream. Let's leave here and return to Miraland.
  • Kimi: (Whispering)... Dreams, are they all dreams?
  • Nikki: That's right. Lots of things have happened in Miraland. We have to go back quickly!
  • Kimi: ...I, I don't want to go back.
  • (Kimi lowers her head a little, avoiding Nikki's eyes.)
  • (Nikki, a little confused, tries to hold her hand, but Kimi steps back and leaving Nikki's hand in the air.)
  • Nikki: ...Kimi, I know it's hard for you to believe that all these are but memories, but living in the past won't change anything!
  • (Kimi seems to want to say something, but says nothing in the end.)
  • (Kimi lifts her head, she looks at Nikki, and Nikki also looks at her.)
  • (There were so many unspoken words in her eyes that Nikki seemed to hear them, but the next moment Kimi disappeared with them.)
  • Nikki: Kimi?!
  • (The surroundings also gradually become empty with the disappearance of Kimi. In the misty white, there is no sound of breath.)
  • Nikki: ...Where did you go?
  • (All is white.)
  • (Nobody and nothing but the whiteness. The ground extends infinitely and there is nothing that can be touched.)
  • (Nikki walks and walks without knowing which direction she's going and she finds nothing.)
  • Nikki: (Nothing at all...)
  • Nikki: (If things go on like this, I won't go out myself, lest saving Kimi.)
  • (A gentle wind sweeps past Nikki as if carrying a breath from the distance.)
  • Nikki: (...Wind? Mm-hmm... What's that smell?)
  • (Following the direction of the wind, Nikki carefully sniffs the fleeting aroma in the air.)
  • Nikki: (This is... the fragrance of cherry blossom!)
  • (Get closer to the direction of the aroma, Nikki sees a huge white cherry tree.)
  • (Night and moonlight fall at that moment, and finally, the infinite white is gone and moving pictures set in.)
  • (Wind blows and flowers gently fall from the tree.)
  • (Kimi stands under the cherry blossom tree, while white petals fall onto the tombstone.)
  • Nikki: (The tombstone... Something is not right about it!)
  • (Kimi reaches out her hand, trying to sweep the petals off the tombstone.)
  • Nikki: Kimi, no! That's not real!
  • (But it's too late, the moment when Kimi touches the tombstone, white petals soar and blur the sight.)
  • (Distorned pictures flash in the air, piecing together scenes of painful memories.)
  • (Lady Crescent's hands fell lifelessly, and Schiller held her in silent tears.)
  • (At the funeral of Lady Crescent, Kimi, held by Xinglin, is staring at the black-and-white photo blankly.)
  • (Under the white cherry tree, Schiller is making a final farewell to the White Blossom.)
  • (The non-stop scene after scene makes Kimi sit on the ground weak and limp, tears falling uncontrollably.)
  • Nikki: Kimi...
  • (Nikki walks up to Kimi and squats and holds her hands.)
  • (Kimi tightly frowns, as if deeply disturbed by something. Tears drop ceaselessly, making her look like in a trance.)
  • Kimi: I promised mom I will grow up and protect dad... Maybe... I didn't do well enough, but at least I tried. But no matter what, Mom won't see...
  • (Kimi's voice is a little husky and chocked. She's trying her best to hold the sorrow.)
  • Kimi: I'll try really trying... But sometimes I just cannot help wonder if things would be different if mom hadn't left...
  • Kimi: I can be strong, I can do everything by myself, but I also want to have... a warm hug, a place where I can put everything aside for a short time...
  • (Nikki, holding Kimi's hands, carefully listens to her words.)
  • (She raises her hand to wipe away Kimi's tears and looks into her still-hazy eyes.)
  • Nikki: Kimi, I know you have heard enough comfort words...
  • Nikki: Maybe I'm not the one who can really understand your pain, maybe I'm not even as strong as you are, but I think you know, you can rely on me...
  • Nikki: If you want, you can always be weak with me.
  • Kimi: Nikki...
  • (Kimi stares at Nikki, tears no longer falling down.)
  • Nikki: No matter what happened, I'll be with you. We'll face things together.
Let's Go back?


Drops Window Flower.png

Finally, Kimi wakes up from the dream and leaves with Nikki for Pigeon where Ace is. In Ymilan, Debbie provides them with the clues of Ace and some other information...

  • (The dazzling light illumnates again, waking Nikki up, her hand still holding Kimi's.)
  • Momo: Nikki! You're awake. How is it going?
  • Nikki: Kimi! Did Kimi wake up?
  • (Though trembling, Kimi's hand grabs back Nikki's hand firmly. Kimi finally opens eyes.)
  • Kimi: Nikki...
  • Secretary: Gosh! My Lady, you are finally awake!
  • Kimi: Did I sleep for a long time?...
  • Kimi: What happened? Nikki, why are you here?
  • Nikki: I'm here to ask for your help. I hope you can come with us to go find Ace and we will save Bobo together.
  • Nikki: This is really important and it concerns everyone in the Miraland.
  • Nikki: As for what happened... I will explain to you on the road.
  • Nikki: Kimi, will you help me?
  • (Kimi puts the other hand on Nikki's hand and smiles.)
  • Kimi: Sure.
  • (Pigeon Kingdom, Ymilan)
  • Kimi: This is...
  • Momo: Kimi, you really understand?...
  • Nikki: I know it's a little hard to understand, but... Kimi, I did enter your unusual dream and escape with you. Do you believe what I said?
  • Kimi: I believe you, Nikki. I'll do my best to help you.
  • Nikki: Thank you, Kimi.
  • Nikki: Since we cannot get in touch with Ace, I contacted Debbie who recently saw her. She should be able to give us some clues. The library ahead is our meering place.
  • Kimi: Cannot get in touch with Ace... Did she also fall into a strange dream?
  • Momo: Momo thinks it's highly possible!
  • Nikki: I think so too... Here is the library. Let's go in!
  • (United Library of Pigeon Kingdom)
  • Debbie: You're finally here! I've been waiting for you for ages!
  • Nikki: Sorry, it's a long way...
  • Debbie: It's all right. let's get down to business. While you were on the road, I also did some investigating. I think things really aren't very good...
  • Kimi: Why do you say that?
  • Nikki: Is there some bad news about Ace?
  • Debbie: That there is not... I have found some clues about Ace that should help you. But there's something else...
  • Momo: What it is! Speak! Speak!
  • Debbie: As reported in the newspaper, almost everyone has had strange dreams about the deep sea.
  • Debbie: But there are also many people who can't wake up after falling into these dreams as Nikki described, such as... Sherry.
  • Momo: The Sherry who serves Queen Elle?
  • Debbie: Yes... And we lost the contact with Elf Prince. I guess there is some connection between these.
  • Nikki: Even Prince Chloris...
  • Debbie: So I think this time, it's definitely not accidental. These two kinds of dreams should be two forms of some power, though I don't what's their boundary...
  • Nikki: Since 'she' wants to control everyone, then the difference between the two kinds of dreams must also be related to control? Will it be a different degree of control?
  • Kimi: Probably. If I can't wake up from a dream, it's really an extremely powerful control.
  • Momo: Can we talk about this later? Let's talk about Ace's clue first and how to find her.
  • Nikki: Hmm, let's go find Ace first! Debbie, tell us what you got!
  • Debbie: Sure, no problem. But I suggest you put on some unassuming clothes before you go. A man wanted by the queen can't just show up in City Oren!


  • (City Oren)
  • Nikki: According to Debbie's clues, it should be around this place...
  • Momo: Could that dwarf be mistaken about something?
  • Kimi: She was not, I think we're getting closer.
  • (Nikki looks in the direction Kimi points, where there is a small, inconspicuous theater.)
  • Momo: Really! We found it!
  • Nikki: Is this where Ace often comes?
  • Momo: Based on Debbie's words, yes. Ace often comes here for breaks, even when there is no show staged.
  • Nikki: Then let's go inside and have a look!
  • (Nikki and Kimi search the theater for a long time and finally find Ace in the corner of the lounge.)
  • (Ace is lying on the bench and has fallen asleep.)
  • Nikki: Ace!
  • Momo: It looks like the same as Kimi's situation. She must have been trapped in a dream.
  • Kimi: Nikki, I wanted to ask on the road. So how did you get into my dream?
  • Nikki: Actually... I am not sure...
  • Nikki: But this strange dream is different. I can sense the dream with our shared memories, and if I go on concentrating, I can enter, even interfere with your dream.
  • Kimi: That sounds... not very easy. At least, you need enough memory and trust.
  • Momo: About the details, Kimi, you can wait and see! Nikki, hurry up!
  • Nikki: OK.
  • (Nikki sits down by the bench and takes Ace's hand with eyes closed.)
  • (She tries as hard as she can to remember the feeling of missing and pass it to Ace.)
  • (The dark from closed eyes now reveals the memories like a movie.)
  • (The next moment, Nikki feels a warm breeze blows in and her consciousness brought into a softness.)
  • (Ace, at the center of the picture, turns to walk into that dazzling light.)
  • (When Nikki opens her eyes again, she returns to the gate of the theatre.)
  • Nikki: (Huh... Didn't I succeed?)
  • Nikki: (No, I'm outside the theatre now, which means Ace's dream is in this theatre!)
  • (There was cheerful music in the theatre and a play was about to begin.)

Abyssal Dream[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

The two little girls who acted in the fairy tale dramas are now going their separate ways. Regret and sorrow in the dream has taken Ace, dragging her into the darkness...

BNW Ace and Elle 1.png
  • (The little girls performing on stage all have purple hair, one is wearing a beautiful classic dress, the other, in thick armor, is wielding a wooden sword and a wooden shield.)
  • Nikki: (That's... Ace? And Elle?!)
  • (Wearing large armor and holding a wooden sword, little Ace is bravely fighting with the paper dragon and little Elle is hiding behind her.)
  • (The little knight bravely protects the little princess and bravely fights with the dragon.)
  • (She eventually defeats the dragon and returns to the castle with the princess.)
BNW Ace and Elle 2.png
  • (After the show, the knight takes the princess by the hand and bows to the audience.)
  • (There were two people wearing crowns standing up under the stage. They smiled and applauded, looking at the two little girls with love.)
  • Nikki: (Are they... The old King and Queen?)
  • Little Ace: Sister is the princess, I am her knight!
  • (Little Ace is holding her sister's hand; her smile is even dazzling in the spotlight.)
  • (The surrounding scene is frozen at that moment, and then suddenly distorted. The old theater becomes a gorgeous palace, and the joyful atmosphere becomes grave too.)
  • (The king is very ill in bed.)
  • (Hearing the cry of little Ace, the old King finally wakes up and she laughs in tears.)
  • (But Elle, in resolution, clenches her first.)
  • (The scene changes again, sixteen-year-old Elle in the Nine-Day War wins two relics, and thus the name 'Reborn Goddess'.)
Elle Vol 2 1-SS2.png
  • (Four years later, Elle accedes to the throne. The age of 'Iron Queen' has come.)
  • (Then comes the familiar and alarming scene - on top of the palace tower, Ace disobeys Elle.)
  • (In these ceaselessly switching memories, Elle becomes more powerful but also more indifferent. The distance between her and Ace finally becomes an unbridgeable gap.)
  • (Their parallel tracks finally diverged.)
  • (Finally, the picture of memory rests in an empty, dark room, with few rays of light through the seams of nailed shut windows.)
  • (And Nikki can only see Ace sitting in the room in a trace through the gap outside.)
  • Nikki: Ace!
  • (But it is as if Ace cannot hear Nikki's call. She only looks down and murmurs.)
  • Ace: I could have done better...Then perhaps bad things won't happen and the drama between the princess and the knight won't end. If I could go back. If I could go back...
  • Nikki: Ace...
  • Nikki: (Even if Ace has been looking for ways to help Queen Elle restore her memory, she still has a past that she can't let go...)
  • Nikki: (I can't leave her in that mood... But she can't hear me. What should I do?)
  • (Just as Ace whispers again the word 'go back', time and space begin to distort, Ace is pulled to another world, and the surroundings become the small theater again.)
  • (But nothing was changed, memories are still staged in the old order. In the dark room, Ace still fantasizes going back in regret.)
  • (And before Nikki tries to knock on the door, she is pulled back into the loop of time and space once again.)
  • Nikki: (No... There's no way out of this. I have to do something!)
  • (The third cycle.)
  • (The fourth cycle.)
  • (...)
  • (After how many loops nobody knows.)
  • (Nikki keeps running and finally manages to make it to the room before the last memory ends.)
  • Nikki: (Ace! Wait!)
  • (Nikki slams into the nailed shut door, her shoulder numbed from great pain.)
  • (She could hear the murmur.)
  • Nikki: (Ace...)
  • ('Crash')
  • (Nikki staggers but the door finally gives the way.)
BNW Ace and Nikki.png
  • (The light from behind Nikki casts into that darkness as if Nikki is the only light.)
  • (Ace looks up at Nikki. For a moment, she seems to have stopped thinking and is simply attracted by the light.)
  • Nikki: Regret is something inevitable no matter how hard we want to avoid. Its significance is to let us know what to cherish, instead of getting trapped in it and stop moving on!
  • (Ace's eyes catch the only light, and her trance finally shows signs of dissipating.)
  • (But in an instant, black hands stretch out of the twisted space behind Ace, as if trying to drag her into the chaos.)
  • (Ace is subconsciously to turn back when her shoulder is touched.)
  • (Nikki runs forward and then stops in front of Ace, giving Ace her hand.)
Don't look back!
Look and me, and move forward!
  • (As if bewitched, Ace reaches out her hand for that light.)

The Person in the memory[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

There is still an inch away before the power of memory is fully mustered against the powerful dream. But where can the once tender smiles be found?

  • (The moment Nikki pulls Ace out of the room, the dazzling light rises again, and Nikki wakes up.)
  • (She's still holding Ace's)
  • Momo: Wow, finally awake!
  • Nikki: Mm... How about Ace?
  • Kimi: It seems that she will wake up soon.
  • (Ace's brow frowns slightly, and moments later, she opens her eyes.)
  • Ace: ... Nikki? I was like...
  • Nikki: It's okay. It's a dream. It's all over. It's okay.
  • Ace: ... Thank you.
  • Momo: What are you talking about? What was in Ace's dream?
  • Kimi: We can talk about this later. Now explain why we are here.
  • Ace: Yeah, Nikki, why are you here?
  • Nikki: Ace, you must have felt it too. The dream you fell into is not a common dream, nor an accident.
  • Nikki: I know if sounds crazy, but to stop this from happening and spreading, and to save Bobo...I need your power, I hope you can help me!
  • Ace: No problem, but I still don't know what to do...
  • Nikki: Time is urgent, I will explain to you on the way. Now we should go to find the next person...
  • Ace: Next person? Who is it?
  • Nikki: It's... Lunar...
  • Momo: Lunar... I also miss Luna...but...
  • Kimi: But Lunar... Will she have a dream that belongs to her?
  • Nikki: If so, where should we start...
  • Ace: If memory itself can be a power, maybe we don't have to find it in Lunar's dreams?
  • Momo: Ace, what do you mean?
  • Ace: We just need to find memories of her.
  • Nikki: Ace has a point! Maybe we can just go back to the place we used to go with Lunar and then we can find memories with her!
  • Momo: Then what are we waiting for! Come on, let's go!
  • Kimi: Where to?
  • Momo: How about... Flower Field and Moonlit City?
  • Nikki: I think otherwise... Though we had beautiful memories in Flower Field and Moonlit City with Lunar, maybe...
  • Nikki: The place we should go to is Cloud City.
  • Momo: Cloud City... But there is only sadness there, right?...
  • Nikki: But it's also the place Lunar sacrificed her life to save. It's the last place we saw her... I think, maybe the place carries her thoughts and unfinished words...
  • Momo: Lunar's unfinished words...
  • Momo: It's such a sad place to go, but Momo also wants to know what kind of thoughts and words Goddess Lunar left! Let's go!
  • (Cloud Empire, Cloud City)
  • (Just like the day Nikki will never forget, Cloud City is bathed in the downpour and shrouded by gloom.)
  • (Rain mixed with cold air soaks the clothes and hair, but also rinses the remote sky clear.)
  • (Nikki and her friends walk on the street. Nikki closes her eyes from time to time, trying to catch something, but she only feels rejection and strangeness, no memory.)
  • Momo: Seems... Not going well...
  • Nikki: There is a place we haven't visited...
  • (Everyone is silent.)
  • (As if it's intended, Nikki didn't even take a single look at the wall on which her friend's bloodshed.)
  • (Long silence... And Nikki speaks again.)
  • Nikki: Let's go up to the wall.
  • (On the path leading to the wall, every step seems to rip open the just closed wound, reminding Nikki of those painful memories.)
  • (But Nikki doesn't slow a bit, instead, she is anxious, like chasing after something.)
  • Momo: Nikki... Momo wants to cry...
  • Nikki: Momo, you stay here. It's okay. I can do this myself!
  • Momo: But Nikki, we have been looking for so long, is there really a memory of us and Lunar? Even if we find some painful memories, will it really have power?
  • Nikki: I don't know... But there must be something up there! I can feel it! I cannot ignore the call of Lunar... I have to go up!
  • Momo: Lunar's calling... Then Momo will go too!
  • (Running and sadness make Nikki and Momo on the steps burst in tears, their gasps mixed with sobs.)
  • Nikki: We are... almost there!
BNW Lunar and Nikki.png
  • (The moment they ascend the last step, the downpour turns into great snow, blocking the sight, as if they come to another world.)
  • (Before long, snow covers the whole wall and Nikki's feet.)
  • (Nikki, entranced by the suddenly accumulated snow, feels unknown power stirs in inside.)
  • (Snowflakes in the wind fall onto Nikki's body, but there is no cold feeling.)
  • (Slowly steps draw near. No more snow is falling.)
  • (Nikki raises up her head, and someone holding an oil-paper umbrella shields her from the snow.)
  • Lunar: Nikki, long time no see.

Cloud Realm[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

From amid the heavy snow appears a figure long expected. The rampart covered with snow has turned into the road of starry sky and light. And the memories of Nikki and the companions contain infinite power...

  • Nikki: ... Lunar?
  • (Nikki's eyes wet instantly, and countless words crowd into her throat.)
  • Momo: What?! Lunar? Goddess Lunar?! Is that you?
  • Lunar: Of course it's me. I've been waiting for you here for a long time.
  • (Lunar's smile is as usual as if she had never left.)
  • Nikki: Am... Am I dreaming again?
  • Lunar: No, it's not a dream. This is the Cloud Realm that only belongs to you.
  • Nikki: ...Cloud Realm? Isn't this the Cloud City?
  • Lunar: You're not in Cloud City anymore.
  • Lunar: This is a world independent of Miraland, of any other places, a universe of memories belonging to you only. It changes with the memory and thought in your mind.
  • Lunar: Because you miss me, I have a place here.
  • Nikki: I still don't understand...
  • Lunar: You can take this place as your mind. Because of our shared memory, you remember me, you think of me from time to time, so I have a little house here.
  • Lunar: And I will use our shared memory to encourage you, care about you, help you overcome difficulties, and remind you not to repeat mistakes.
  • Nikki: Like... When I confronted Nidhogg?
  • Lunar: Correct.
  • Nikki: Thank you... Lunar. Thank you for giving me power.
  • Lunar: This is our memory, so this is your power.
  • Momo: Gosh, I still cannot believe that I can see Goddess Lunar again. So great... This place is marvelous. Can we just stay here?
  • Lunar: Unfortunately, no... Without emotions and memories in the real world, this place will collapse too.
  • (Upon hearing Lunar's words, Nikki seems to be thinking of something. She holds Lunar's hand anxiously, but Lunar already knows.)
  • Lunar: I know what takes you here, and I will help you.
  • Nikki: Lunar, thank you...
  • Lunar: That's what I'm supposed to do. Nikki, close your eyes, try to turn this place back to what it was.
  • (Nikki closes her eyes, and in a short while, the long wall and the snow melts away, and it becomes a starry sky, together with a light path under the stars.)
  • (Shooting star crosses the sky, leaving a beautiful line. The nebulae afar flash.)
  • Momo: Wow! What's going on! How did we come up to the sky?
  • Lunar: This is what Nikki's Cloud Realm really looks like.
  • Kimi: Nikki, you're back.
  • Nikki: Kimi?! Why are you here?
  • Ace: The same as Lunar, you're the one who brought us here.
  • Kimi: What you are seeing now is not the real us, but the embodiment of our memories.
  • Momo: Embodiment... What?
  • Nikki: In other words, this is a place where there is not only the memory of me and Lunar but also the collection of my memories with everyone?
  • Ace: You can put it this way.
  • Nikki: Then my power in the dreams...
  • Kimi: It should be from here.
  • Nikki: So what are those beautiful nebulae and patterns in the sky?
  • Lunar: It is your impression of each person, each memory. They are your own totems.
  • (Nikki looks up and the stars seem to twinkle in response.)
  • Lunar: What you are staring at is my nebula.
  • Momo: It's Lunar's? Hmm... I don't know why, but it does feel like Lunar!
  • Nikki: Lunar... So is the one next to it of Kimi?
  • Kimi: Yes.
  • Nikki: That's Ace's over there!
  • Ace: Correct.
  • Nikki: That's...
  • (Nikki looks at the distance of a small dim nebula, suddenly falling silent.)
  • Momo: Feels so familiar...
  • Nikki: It's... Bobo.

Black Feathers[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

Finally, the dim star-clouds glows with charm. But soon it is blocked by the heavy dark clouds. From between the thunders, the black feathers fall down, heralding the advent of the real tempest.

  • (The nebula shines faintly, almost invisible on the background of the dark night sky.)
  • Nikki: Bobo...
  • Lunar: So, why isn't Bobo here? What happened?
  • (No one answers Lunar's question, the air is in stiff silence.)
  • Momo: ... Bobo, has left us.
  • Lunar: Left? How...
  • Nikki: It's all my fault... My mistrust of Bobo took her away from us... Then a lot of things happened, we lost touch with her, and also the opportunity to explain...
  • (Nikki lowers her head and also lowers her voice.)
  • (Lunar comes over and gently strokes Nikki's shoulder.)
  • Lunar: Nikki, don't be too sad. Why don't you look up?
  • Nikki: Hmm...
  • (Once again, Nikki looks up at the dim nebula.)
  • Lunar: Do you still remember the happy time and memories you shared with Bobo?
  • Nikki: I do! I remember everything! Bobo was my first friend after I came to the Miraland. We have had a lot of memories. I cherish them all...
  • Lunar: As long as you remember these memories, as long as you still miss Bobo, then in your heart, the place belongs to her will never disappear.
  • Lunar: Someday you will meet again. Just like us, right?
  • Nikki: Really?
  • (Tears sparkle in Nikki's eyes and that remote nebula also overflows with a hint of moving brilliance.)
  • Nikki: Bobo...
  • (Suddenly, there is a thick cloud in the distance, blocking the shining stars in the sky. There are lightning and thunder rolling in it.)
  • Momo: What is happening? What's that?
  • Nikki: Looks like.. Is it going to rain?
  • Lunar: No, it's not. Someone is coming.
  • (Lunar looks very serious. She stares at that dark cloud and frowns tightly.)
  • (As the wind blows, what's raining down are black feathers.)
  • Momo: Lunar, didn't you say that this is the place that only belongs to Nikki? How did someone else get in here?!
  • Lunar: She is different from us. Nikki's memory is not the reason for her existence...
  • Kimi: Then she is... an intruder...
  • Ace: It was similar to the power I felt in my dreams... The dark, wild, unbridled feeling... Like those black hands pulling on me.
  • (A black swirl appears in the center of the storm, drawing nebulae around into it. Lightning and black feathers flutter around.)
  • Nikki: ... Is it 'she'?
  • Ruin my dream then hide up like this?
  • Momo: What?! Who is that!
  • Lunar: Nikki, get out of here!
  • Get out? I've been looking for you for a long time. Now don't think you can escape this time.
  • (In a flash, black clouds flow from the sky and envelop everything.)
  • (Like the void of dreams drowns all hope.)
  • (Suddenly, the void builds up black walls and chains. A rising castle locks everybody in, only the lightning outside can be seen through the dark glass.)
BNW Dark Bobo and Nikki.png
  • Ace: There's no way out of here. 'She' wants to lock us up!
  • Momo: But this is Nikki's Cloud Realm, isn't it controlled by Nikki's consciousness? What can 'she' do to us?
  • Kimi: No. Though it's Nikki's space here, 'her' strength has already invaded this place by force, Nikki's consciousness, so 'she' could appear here.
  • Lunar: If we leave her alone, she'll ruin this place! Not only here, Nikki herself will also be greatly affected!
  • Momo: What?! No way! Let's find a way to stop 'her'!
  • Stop me? So, you are all still so naive.
  • (In the center of the storm, the clouds are so pitch-dark that it's impossible to see what is coming.)
  • (In a moment the clouds split, revealing the slender figure of a young girl.)
  • How about let me tell you what's the invincible power.


Story Stage Story Stage.png

But it is Bobo who appears from behind the cloud. She intends to reduce the world including Nikki, into the dream by the name of salvation. The vortex is about to devour everything. And Nikki has to make a choice...

  • Nikki: ... It's 'her', the initiator of all those dreams.
  • Momo: What?! You're the one who occupied Bobo's body?!
  • Bobo: Occupied? You're wrong. It was mine all the time.
  • Momo: No! It's Bobo's body. Not yours!
  • Nikki: You're... You're Bobo?!
  • Bobo: Does it surprised you that your best friend is on the opposite side as you? But there may be something more surprising.
  • Lunar: No, Nikki, don't trust her. Although her feelings are very similar to Bobo's, she is not Bobo, but... the power of blood hidden in Bobo's body.
  • Momo: Hey! Give us Bobo back!
  • Bobo: Hmm? Don't you get it? I am the master of this body, the heir to the blood that flows in it.
  • Nikki: You... Who are you?
  • Bobo: Sooner or later you will know, for I will save this world -- humanity will dream with their sins, and this will be true peace.
  • Bobo: And then the whole land will call me by the name of True Queen.
  • Nikki: That's your purpose? In order to get power, you will control everyone in such a cruel manner?
  • Bobo: Cruel? You call this 'cruel'?
  • Bobo: Then what about war? What about bloodshed?
  • Bobo: The girl chosen by fate? So what? Do you really understand what fate is?
  • Nikki: I...
  • Bobo: Do you have any idea what this land is facing? Even you know, do you know how to save it?
  • Nikki: ...
  • Bobo: Huh, the hope of humanity, the chosen one of Miraland? If that's you, then no wonder this land will be destroyed.
  • Momo: Stop talking that nonsense in Bobo's form! What do you know?!
  • Bobo: Me? I know everything.
  • Bobo: I'm the truth and answer that the land has been looking forward to for three hundred years. I'm true power.
  • Bobo: The 'Bobo' you talked about has lost her will and is asleep in my body. And all you have to do is do what she has done -- bow to me.
  • (Bobo raises her hand and the storm vortex is born in her hand, powerful enough to destroy everything.)
  • Kimi: Nikki, this is not good...
  • Ace: She will destroy the whole place!
  • Nikki: But I, I...
  • Lunar: Nikki, don't be afraid, we will always be behind you. Speak your mind, and we will fight with you!
  • Momo: That's right, meow! And the true nebula of Bobo is still trying to shine! Nikki, we can't give up!
  • Nikki: Thank you, everyone...
  • Hmm, meaningless.
  • Nikki: No! You're not right! This is not meaningless!
  • ... Hmm?
  • Nikki: Maybe we really don't know the truth about the world, maybe we are really that ignorant...
  • Nikki: But humans are not worms. To give up can never be the solution. For me, it's only escaping the problem! There... There must be a better way! How could you know without trying?
  • That's why you are ignorant. Destruction is the doomed fate of Miraland. Only I can change it, and the new fate I grant you all is the eternal sleep in the dream!
  • Nikki: If you can change the fate of Miraland, we must be able to change ours! Bobo is still here, I can still hear her! Even she has not given up, how can I yield here!
  • (Nikki reaches out and everyone puts their hands on Nikki's hand, and light is born from it, dispelling all the darkness.)

After the Rain Comes the Sun[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

The cloud cast away, the last black feather has landed as well. But Nikki still has to face the Miraland and her own fate. Destruction or evasion, this seems to be a hard choice...

BNW Dark Bobo and Nikki Hug.png
  • (Black clouds scatter and the wind also stops. The starry sky shines so brilliantly after the storm.)
  • (The last black feather falls slowly and Nikki reaches for it.)
  • (Bobo holds her forehead with one hand, and she frowns in pain as if she is fighting against something.)
  • Momo: Bobo! No... What's wrong with her?
  • Lunar: Watch out! Her power is not fully awakened. Maybe it's not finished yet.
  • Nikki: (Bobo...)
  • (Nikki runs to Bobo despite Momo's block.)
  • Bobo: Don't come over.
  • Bobo: Chosen girl, I was expecting more from you, after all, you are the most special memory in this body. But now, it seems that you humans can never understand True Queen.
  • Bobo: Believe it or not, it was no use beating me here.
  • Bobo: The Miraland is doomed to be destroyed. If you do not rely on my power, save your foolish human regrets for the day of the flood.
  • Nikki: We won't regret if we've tried our best, we will face it boldly!
  • Bobo: There is only one truth in this world - if you let humans face destruction, then destruction will come. This is self-destruction.
  • Bobo: Unfortunately, humanity would never understand.
  • (In Bobo's sneer, Nikki takes a deep breath and takes a step closer.)
  • Nikki: I know I still do not understand a lot of things. I know my strength is not enough, but I will never choose to escape.
  • Nikki: If pain is what this land must go through, then face it bravely we will! Indulging in the false memories of happiness will always make me regret my weakness and cowardice!
  • (Bobo covers her ears with both hands and lowers her head, enduring more and more intense pain.)
  • Nikki: Bobo, I know you can hear me!
  • Nikki: Do you remember, you said the most important thing is trust, so trust me! We should face everything together, guard the Miraland together!
  • (Nikki walks up to Bobo, one step at a time, and puts her arms around her.)
  • (Bobo freezes for a moment, then tries to push Nikki away.)
  • (But Nikki doesn't let go. She still holds Bobo tightly and wants to share the pain with her.)
  • (How long it has past Nikki has no idea, but she can feel the soreness in her arms.)
BNW Bobo and Nikki Hug.png
  • (There is a tiny light that comes out of her fingers and she feels the warmth.)
  • (The familiar embrace accepted Nikki.)
  • Bobo: Nikki...
  • (As if liberated from pain at last, the strange feeling of Bobo disappears.)
  • Nikki: Bobo! You're finally back!
  • Bobo: Nikki, I'm sorry... I can't help myself... I don't know how to explain, and I don't expect you to forgive me...
  • Nikki: It's okay. No need to apologize, no need to explain!
  • Bobo: I just hope... You should hurry back to your own world!
  • Nikki: ...Bobo, what are you talking about?
  • Bobo: Nikki, I understand you. I won't escape. I will face the pain bravely.
  • Bobo: But you are different. You do not belong to Miraland. 'She' is not lying. Miraland is gonna be destroyed... I don't want you to be hurt, and you don't have to die with this land!
  • Bobo: I lied to you for a long time, I'm so sorry... Nikki, go back to your world. You have no reason to stay here any longer. This is the last thing I can do to make it up to you...
  • (Bobo lets go of Nikki. She looks at Nikki. In her eyes, there is unwillingness, but there is more resolution.)
  • Nikki: Bobo, I'm not going back.
  • Bobo: ... Why?
  • Bobo: Why can't you listen to me? Just this once!
  • (Nikki takes Bobo's hand and looks her firmly in the eye.)
  • Nikki: That's not what you mean, Bobo. I can see that. Fate brought me to Miraland, so of course I'm a part of it now. No matter what you want to do, I will be with you.
  • Nikki: Even if the experiences and goals were false, was the time we spent together also false?
  • Nikki: These memories are the proof of my existence in Miraland, of my connection with it and you!
  • Nikki: Now, I choose to stay here to protect the Miraland and keep everyone's dreams and future, to also keep our precious memories. I will not let you face this all alone. Trust me!
  • Bobo: Nikki...
  • (The contradiction and pain in Bobo's eyes seem to stop for a moment, and she hugs Nikki again with tears.)
  • (Behind the nebula, something more dazzling appears.)


Story Stage Story Stage.png

The maids hugging each other under the stars are full of hope and strenght. It's like they have returned to the past when they kept each other's companion and never got tired of their conversations...

  • (All the gloomy clouds have disappeared, leaving only the girls who hug each other under the stars, full of hope and power.)
  • Bobo: Nikki... I trust you!
  • Nikki: Great!
  • (Nikki's nose twitches and then she smiles in tears.)
  • Nikki: Let's go back, Bobo, shall we?
  • Bobo: Okay, I...
  • (At that moment, like suddenly being shrouded in darkness, Bobo is once again controlled by pain.)
  • (She pushes Nikki away and holds her head in pain.)
  • Nikki: Bobo?! What happened to you?
  • Bobo: Ah-ah-ah!!!
  • (Bobo's eyes are in a trance, her thoughts are in pain, and her body begins to blur.)
  • Nikki: What's going on?
  • Lunar: She... is about to disappear...
  • Momo: Disappear? Why would Bobo disappear?!
  • Kimi: Just like us, she's just an embodiment of consciousness instead of real being. If real she becomes weak or influenced, then it won't maintain.
  • Nikki: Bobo...
  • Bobo: I... No...
  • (The last of Bobo's light fades away. Nikki stretches out her fingers but can only touch a few motes of light dust.)
  • (Bobo disappears again.)
  • (Nikki looks at her fingertips, even the dust is gone.)
  • Nikki: Bobo... I will find you...
  • (Nikki clenches her fist and makes a secret promise to herself and Bobo.)
  • Nikki: I won't leave you anymore, I will face everything with you.
  • Nikki: Wait for me.
  • (Once again Nikki looks up at the endless night sky, with eyes reflecting the nebula.)
  • (Those lights are the power of eternity.)

Distant Stars[]

Story Stage Story Stage.png

Prize: Chapters of Epic

The night sky restores its clearness and the world its peace. They reunited but have to part now. Still, the twinkling stars will forever shine on the direction they advance...

  • (Nikki looks at the nebula that belongs to Bobo in the distance, standing silently.)
  • (The nebula shines hard to respond to her, but the light is still very faint.)
  • (In the disappointment, a warm hand falls on her shoulder.)
  • Lunar: Nikki, don't be too sad.
  • Nikki: Lunar...
  • Lunar: Bobo has left, but the karma between you and her will never end.
  • Lunar: You'll find her, just like you always find me.
  • Ace: That's right, we will help you, too.
  • Kimi: Indeed.
  • Momo: Nikki, cheer up!
  • Momo: Although Momo is very sad, we can't let Goddess Lunar and everyone down! Nor can we let Bobo down, she must be waiting for us!
  • Nikki: Right! I'll try! Thank you, everyone...
  • (A smile finally re-appears on the faces of everyone, and the grief of separation is finally released.)
  • Lunar: Well, it's time to send you back to your original world.
  • (The heavy atmosphere returns to this starry sky.)
  • Momo: Momo doesn't want to leave yet...
  • Nikki: Actually... Me either... Lunar, can we meet you again?
  • Lunar: It's okay. There is no need to look back.
  • Lunar: Now I exist here, and as long as you miss me, as long as our memories don't dry, I'll always be here.
  • Nikki: I will always remember you!
  • Lunar: It will be fine then. We have never be parted, right?
  • (Nikki seems to realize something. She looks up in the nebula of Lunar. It keeps her company every night.)
  • Nikki: That's right... we are always together!
  • (Nikki is so excited that she wets her eyes, and Lunar steps forward and hugs her gently.)
  • Lunar: Nikki, goodbye.
  • Nikki: Lunar, goodbye. I'm sure we'll meet again!
  • (The flashing star turns into a long, galaxy that leads to that beautiful land, and its light is also selflessly pouring into the world.)
  • (In the remote night sky, bright stars in the nebulae tirelessly guide the way forward.)