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The Cloud Realm event was a hell event that originally ran from June 25th to July 11th, 2019. It returned from May 16th to May 22nd, 2020.

How to Play Edit

Purchase Karma Star Karma Star for 100 Diamond each to gain chances to draw from a pavilion. Then draw from the pavilions for Lunar, Ace, and Kimi to gain resonance and pieces of the Cloud Realm suits World in Dream, Aster Guardian, and Glorious Chapter respectively. After 31 resonance for each, the pavilion for Bobo is unlocked and the user can draw to gain the suit Daymare Fairy Tale. After every 8 resonance gained, 1 Wish Bottle will be filled, dropping minor suits, super rare items, Stamina, Gold, or Diamond.

The avatar pendant Karma Star can be gained, with 80 hours being added for each Karma Star Karma Star.

During the event's return, since the player cannot gain Karma Star Karma Star from the story stages and event store, there are no free Karma Stars and no free tries.

Suits and ItemsEdit

Main SuitsEdit

Minor SuitsEdit

Super Rare ItemsEdit

Cloud Dream

Suit: Cloud Dream

Additional Rules Edit

Cloud Realm
  • Every 10 pulls in the main suit pavilions will guarantee a new item.
  • Resonating 31 times in a pavilion will allow a special item to be collected.
  • Every 3 Wish Bottles will guarantee a new minor suit.
  • Minor suits do not repeat, and customized versions drop already customized.
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