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Brave New World

Brave New World originally ran from June 25th to July 11th, 2019. The second time, only the hell event section, Cloud Realm, returned.

Rules Edit

  1. 'Brave New World' features new story chapters. The second chapter starts on June 27. Complete all the levels to claim mysterious limited rewards.
  2. Clear stages to win Window Flower. In [Event Store], use Window Flower to exchange draw ticket, new background, and more!

Notice: Brave New World stages are special that only partial clothes will be available in the wardrobe.

The styling chance is shared among all the styling stages. Log in daily and 5 free chances will be given.

Map Intro Edit

  • Cloud Realm: Resonate with nebula to win exquisite suit of Bobo, Ace, Lunar, Kimi, and super rare live2d interactive set!
  • Red Pack: During the event, claim red pack reward daily!
  • Event Store: Collect Window Flower to exchange draw ticket, background, and more!
  • Cloud Dream: Charge 6300 Diamond in total to win gorgeous set Nightmare Lullaby.

Video Edit

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