Bottoms are items that you may collect through various ways within Love Nikki that can help you complete levels. You may also use them in the Stylist's Arena, Competitions, and Free Dressing.

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List of BottomsEdit

# Item
1Casual Shorts-Blue
2Casual Shorts-Pink
3Casual Shorts-Beige
4Classic Kilt-Brown
5Classic Kilt-Blue
6Classic Kilt-Red
7Classic Kilt-Green
8High-waist Shorts
9Sakura Bud
10Snow Bud
11Momo Overalls-Blue
12Momo Overalls-Brown
13Momo Overalls-Black
14Momo Overalls-White
15Blue Purity-Skirt
16Silent Cherry-Skirt
17Peter Pan-Pants
18Cicada Skirt-Pink
19Cicada Skirt-Yellow
21Sweet Knight-Skirt
22Overalls of Innocence
23Gray Jeans
24Cropped Jeans
25Beige Pants
26Heart Pants-Blue
27Heart Pants-Purple
28Heart Pants-White
30Pearl Skirt-Purple
31Pearl Skirt-Blue
32Rocket Overalls
36Black Shorts
37Secret Love-Blue
38Secret Love-Pink
39Secret Love-Purple
40Secret Love-Black
41World Traveler-Blue
42World Traveler-Black
43World Traveler-Gray
44World Traveler-White
45Tailor Class-Khaki
46Tailor Class-Brown
47Tailor Class-Army
48Lead Singer
49Classic Jeans
50Creative Stitch
51French Coffee
52Coix Seed
53Summer Frappe
54Pink Youth
55Sports Meeting-Blue
56Sports Meeting-Red
57Sports Meeting-Brown
58Sports Meeting-Cyan
59Brown Bear Shorts
61Glamorous Rose
63Duke's Daughter-Bottom
64Dignified Fishtail
65Lily Petals
66Printed Skirt-Pink Plaid
67Printed Skirt-Cyan
68Printed Skirt-Momo
69Printed Skirt-Duck
70Fresh Peach-Culottes
71Fresh Strawberry-Culottes
72Fresh Rose-Culottes
73Ocean Breeze-Culottes
75Marble Twig
76Graffiti of History
77Winter Mume Flower
78Decorative Shorts-Gray
79Decorative Shorts-Green
80Decorative Shorts-Pink
81Decorative Shorts-Red
85Black A-line Skirt
88Piano Keys
90Scattered Pearl
91Panda Pajamas-Trousers
92Heart Pajamas-Trousers
93Sexy Bad Girl-Hot Pants
94Mask of Night
95Hide and Seek
97Butterfly Dance-Epic
98Bottoms of Orchid
102Eastern Vintage Style
103Red Apron
104Red Apron-Rare
105Red Apron-Epic
106Skirt of Sailor Suit
108Ring Bikini-Bottom
109Fluff Boat
110Gray Knit Skirt
111Leather Trousers
112Art Teacher-Gray
113Felt Pants
114Sports Pirate Shorts
116Fishtail Skirt
117Art Teacher-Purple
118Wave Pants
134Running Stream
135Sweet Filling
136Sweet Filling-Blue
137Sweet Filling-Gray
138Sweet Filling-Yellow
139Summer Holidays-Blue
140Summer Holidays-White
142Pure Tranquility
143Gentle Waiter-Trousers
144Polite Waiter-Trousers
145Humorous Waiter-Trousers
146Obedient Waiter-Trousers
148Sacred Doctor-Skirt
149Alice's Adventure
150Seal Sailor
151Devout Flower-Skirt
152Blossom Season-Trousers
153Flower Field
157Rock Singer
161Strawberry Tart
162Banana Pie
165Suit Pants
167Black Leather Trousers
169Elegant Ceramic Tile
170Pitaya Platter
173Jean Shorts
174Purple Trousers
178Twin Flowers
179Cream Skirt
181Summer Shorts
185Beach Kerchief
195Soft Fangs
200Washing Machine
204Comfortable Summer-Blue
205Comfortable Summer-White
206Culotte Set
208Black Culottes
209Blue Short Skirt
210Summer Pieces
212White Hot Pants
213PJ Shorts-Black
214PJ Shorts-Gray
220White Collar Skirt
221Litchi Smoothie
223Funny Look
224Hemmed Girl
228Short Skirt-Black
229Short Skirt-Red
231Pleated Skirt
232Retro Sapphire
233Retro Pink Gem
236Rose Skirt
238Black Yarn Skirt
240Blue Corset Skirt
241Ordinary Jumpsuit
242Miss Poker
243Thin Brace Overalls
244Maid's Overalls
246Prime Secretary-Skirt
247Super Agent-Trousers
259Dancer's Tulle Dress
260Pink Storm-Bottom
261Fantasy Skirt-Purple
262Fantasy Skirt-Yellow
263Fantasy Skirt-Black
264Fantasy Skirt
266Tulle Dress-Green
268Tulle Dress-Navy
274Pointed Beauty
276Grid Shorts
277Worn Jeans
278Rose Dream-Purple
279Rose Dream-Pink
280Rose Dream-Blue
281Rose Dream-Black
282Suspender Skirt-Blue
283Suspender Skirt-Black
284Suspender Skirt-Red
285Career Skirt-Blue
286Career Skirt-Black
287Career Skirt-Yellow
288Sandal Branch-Red
289Sandal Branch-Green
293Ordinary Dress
315Moonlight Ocean-White
316Moonlight Ocean-Mint
317Moonlight Ocean-Purple
320School Skirt-Green
321School Skirt-Red
326Condiment of Wisdom
327Textiles Leggings
329Blue Porcelain-Skirt
330Tea-picking Tune-Skirt
331Cloud Pants-Blue
332Cloud Pants-Ink
333Northern Soldier-Trousers
334Stripe Gentleman-Pants
335Tarot Bottoms-Epic
336Phantom Bottoms-Rare
337Lotus Chant-Skirt
338Space Travel
339Stripe Braces
341Tarot Bottoms
342Tarot Bottoms-Rare
344Kaitou Gentleman-Bottom
346White Jeans
347Original Jeans
348Diving Carp-Bottom
349Disciple of Night
350Fantasy Sleep
351Fantasy Sleep-Blue
352Fantasy Sleep-Pale
353Brown Military Pants
354White Military Pants
355Frontier Girl-Epic
356Frontier Girl-Rare
357Frontier Girl
358Bamboo Pavilion-Epic
359Bamboo Pavilion-Rare
360Bamboo Pavilion
361White Fishtail Skirt
362Black Fishtail Skirt
363Stripe Blue Pants
364Little Princess-Skirt
366Magician Bottoms
367Hopping Dots-Bottom
368Tranquil Night-Bottom
369Sweet Plaid-Bottom
371Melodious Night
372Dreamy Miracle
373Dreamy Miracle-Rare
374Dreamy Miracle-Blue
375Dreamy Dress
376Ink Tale-Skirt
377Plaid Miniskirt
378Plaid Skirt
379Ice Blue Dress
383Star Pleated Skirt
385Rainbow Chant-Skirt
386Snowflake Miniskirt
388Christmas Skirt
390Woolen Miniskirt
391Elegant Rendering
392Tranquil Rendering
393Lucky Star
394Lucky Star-Blue
396Office Miniskirt
397Chiffon Miniskirt
398Chiffon Miniskirt-Pink
399Iron and Rose
400Iron and Rose-Rare
401Iron and Rose-Epic
402Mechanical Heart-Bottom
403Skateboard Shorts
404Iron and Rose-Garnet
405Iron and Rose-White
407Hot Miniskirt
408Circus Adventure II
409Lunar Spell-Bottom
410Heart Spell-Bottom
412Crazy Scratch
413Model Worker-Bottom
414Bun Girl-Pants
417Ice Chant
418Starry Pants
419Hasty Vacation
420Design Standard
424Eagle Song
425Eagle Song-Rare
426Eagle Song-Epic
427Scarlet Finale
428Dancing Flower
429Dancing Flower-Green
430Jungle King-Pants
431Soul Echo
432Batik Dress
434Autumn Ginkgo
435Mermaid's Dream
436Snow Taro Planet
438Black White Style
441Splendid Peonies
443Bagpipe Kilt
444Fresh Leggings
445Carefree Holiday-Bottom
446Dark Pattern Denim
447Cute Rabbit -Bottom
449Untamed Girl
450Keyboard Shorts
453Free Fall
455Fox says-You
456Sky of Dream
458Relaxing Holiday-Day
459Leisurely Holiday-Late Night
460Desert Trip
461Desert Trip - Rare
462Desert Tour - Epic
463Desert Trip-Night
467Christmas Eve Reindeer
468Wind Rider-Bottom
469Mysterious Nebula-Bottom
475Magic of Cotton Candy
482Fairyfloss Magic-Star
483Cotton Candy Magic-Dark
485Tartan Rose
488Star of Blue Sea
490Textured Shorts
491Love Mark
492Love Mark - Night Color
493Clear Sky Shorts
494Retro Wide Leg Pants
495Explorer's Journey
496Dreamlike Chess Piece
497Passionate Brazil - Bottom
498Bangladesh - Bottom
500Zebra Marshmallow
504Sky Impression
505Multicolored Blue Sky
508Sailor Girl Power - Bottom
509Radiant Full Moon
510Ideal Culottes
513Ideal Culotte - Clear
514Dream with Deep Love
518Adverse Joke
520Song of Mermaid
522Vanilla Ice Cream
525Immortal White Deer
528Blues Tide
529Golden Girdle
530Plain Satin Floating Pants
532Fleeting Youth
533Sakura Lotus
534White Phantom
542Long-lost Bottom
545Echo of Bell Tower
546Lonely Tartan
547Pumpkin Bloomers
548Kitten Suit Pants
551Limited Must-buy
554Curse of Hunt
559Canary Wings
560Cold Night Arrival
561Knitted Pattern
562Snow Wish-Pants
566Hip-hop Wave
567Street Color-Bottom
569Glint Moment
570Warm Friendship
571Shuttle Note
578Golden Song
581Clear and Melodious Voice
582Each Word a Gem
583Fickle World
584Great Wealth
585Attire for Riding Dragon
586Confusing Sight
587Ordinary Life
588Listening to the Moon
589The Figure in Field
591Electronic Recombined
592Airborne Step
593Fluffy Shorts
594Rainforest Inhabitant
595Green Concentration
600Electromagnetic Induction
601Code Red Rose
603Young Courage
604Cicada Sing in Summer
605Clear Future
606Beautiful Chapter
607Soaked with Sunlight
608Unrequited Love
618Dance of Stars-Second
621Move Forward
630Eternal Gold
631Rules of Rebellion
632Fallen Dust
633Envoy of Tragedy
639Wish for Tomorrow
640Shining Dome
641Eternal Tides
642Timeless Guardian
644Battle Cry
647Chaotic Moment
648Origin of Evil
666Void Chain
671Dreamy Reality
673Imagining Space
674Naughty Gift
683 Electro Load
684 Dazzling Entrance
688 Lemon Snow
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