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Aliases Cute-Looking Little Girl
Clever Girl (by Royce)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 31st
Zodiac Gemini
Height 155cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pale Brown
Professional Statistics
Personal Status
Relatives Cousin
Game 1-1 Sport Girl Aron
Voice Actors
English Cristina Vee
I think we should think about our own Mr. Rights first! We should hang around in the rose garden. Who knows, maybe we will meet some handsome guys here!
— Bobo to Nikki, in 4-5 Rose Garden!

Bobo, who was formerly known as Yoko, is a girl from Lilith Kingdom who quickly befriends Nikki. She travels with her through her journey in Miraland.



Why are girls in Lilith so inconceivably cute? Because they spent their childhood in the fairy-tale kingdom, right? Bobo's favorite one-piece dress is the one her mother gave her on her birthday. The orange and green perfectly complimented Bobo's flaxen hair. The decorative bow made her girdle look especially cute. The layers of lotus petals and cake tails were also essential!

And also, don't forget the most important thing - the cutest and heartwarming smile!

— Bobo's description in the Time Diary

Bobo has fair skin and soft blue eyes. Her pale brown hair is about shoulder length, with most of it pulled into braided pigtails held by green and orange ribbons to match her hair clips, and tiny daisy flowers. Her straightened bangs are split on the left corner, and she has short forelocks partially covering her ears.

Bobo normally wears a frilly green and orange dress with white ruffled accents and daisy ornaments to match her ribbon ornament and bracelet. She wears cream colored shoes and a pair of pale pink and white vertical striped stockings.


Bobo is a lively, chivalrous, and outspoken girl with a sweet, compassionate nature. She is hot-blooded and has a temper if someone should make fun of her or comment on something she is sensitive about. She is also very emotional, and high-strung when it comes to her appearance or lack of a love life. She is cute and supportive towards her friends.

Like Momo, Bobo has a habit to break the fourth wall.


Bobo first appears in Chapter 1 Arriving the Wheat Field, where she approaches Nikki after her competition against Aron. Intrigued and captivated by her style, Bobo asked Nikki where she was from and why she came to Wheat Field. Upon learning that Nikki didn't know anything about Miraland, Bobo introduced herself and offered her a tour around town. Together, they assist Lunar in retrieving her guqin design from Mela. Mela reveals that she is part of the organization known as the Iron Rose Stylist Legion, and Bobo explains to Nikki their origin and reputation.

When Nikki decides to go to Lilith Kingdom, Bobo accompanies her and shows her around Cicia, where they watch the performance of the December Troupe and help the lead actress, Sofia, retrieve the Star Sea when it's stolen. Nikki is then encouraged to visit the Designer's Tea Party, and Bobo takes her to Wintermount where they meet again with Lunar and get to know Bai Jinjin, Zhong Lizi, and Kimi, as well as a number of other designers and stylists. Bobo continues to accompany Nikki and support her mission of becoming a great stylist as they travel through the Cloud Empire and attempt to help Lunar again. Throughout this time, Bobo laments not having a boyfriend yet. She also shows great interest in Prime Minister Nidhogg, whom they meet at Long Street at the base of Mount Mango.

They continue on to the Fantasy Styling Contest in Royal City, where Nidhogg stages a revolution against Royce, Queen Nanari, and the Lilith government. In the aftermath, Bobo is clearly distressed and unable to believe that Nidhogg has done such a thing. As they travel to the Wasteland to seek the Miracle Scroll, she continues to deny that he had done such a thing at all, or at least without a reason.

After some time in the Wasteland, Bobo, Nikki, and Momo receive the news about Nidhogg's attack on Cloud City and turn around in order to save Lunar. They travel by train nearly the whole way there, and arrive just in time to see Nidhogg kill Lunar.

Bobo is very upset by this, but stresses that Nikki must fight Nidhogg. When Momo asks her how Nikki is supposed to do anything when even Lunar couldn't save herself, Bobo explains the blood curse, which weakens anybody that uses force against somebody else. When Nidhogg says that the blood curse is fake and only brings about a false peace, Bobo argues with him, bringing up his past and asking him if he really felt his victory at the Designer's Tea Party all those years ago was false.

Nikki manages to finally beat Nidhogg with the assistance of the Dawnblade thanks to the Iron Rose's sudden appearance, and Nidhogg withdraws his troops from Cloud City. Bobo, Nikki, and the Iron Rose travel to Lor River City, where they meet Kimi and decide to go to Welton with her to figure out what the situation is with the Apple Federation Apparel Group.



Bobo befriended Nikki after they ran into each other in Wheat Field. They have a good friendship and often encourage each other, with Bobo often trying to help Nikki "prioritize" what she believes to be the most important thing at the time.


Due to their individualistic bonds with Nikki, they have a tendency to bicker and argue a lot. They don't hold back when it comes to offending the other, and Bobo can be physically violent with Momo if he really upsets her.



  • "I still don't believe our Prime Minister could betray us! There must be some reason!"
    — Bobo in 13-8 Tribe's Ritual
  • "The people of Miraland can't resort to force. It is a curse and oath bound in everyone's blood. Once using force, one will be devoured by burning pain. Now Nidhogg is at his weakest... Nikki, put on an army uniform and beat him now..."
    — Bobo to Nikki in 15-9 Compete with Nidhogg

Styling BattleEdit

  • "Hee hee! I feel I'm so cute!"
    — using Smile.
  • "Humph! You're not cute in this way!"
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "Wow~! It's a Christmas gift that I've been dreaming for!"
    — using Gift.
  • "It's a curse for the sleeping beauty!"
    — using Sleeping.
  • "The Crystal Shoes belong to Cinderella!"
    — using Clock.

Postcards Edit

  • "Nikki, let's travel across the seven kingdoms and become better Stylists!"
    — Bobo's Diamond Postcard during Art of War.
  • "When I will figure out some things, I will be back. Are we still good friends then?"
    — Bobo's Diamond Postcard during Time Palace, posted from Unknown City, Mysterious Sending Adress.


In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the characters. All of the following items mention Bobo.

Name Item Description
Rice Butterfly Hair No.54 An elfin born in the Pigeon Kingdom. A very close friend of Bobo!
Locco Hair No.205 Locco is Bobo's friend. Both of them are the standard Lilith-style cute girls.
Sister's Long Hair Hair No.465 Bobo's cousin has this hairstyle since she went to work in Apple Federal.
Bicolor Cutie Hair No.677 In order to resemble Cutie Bobo better, Nikki especially bought orange and green pair hairpin.
Liliana-Epic Hair No.825 Liliana is one of those cute girls who love dressing. Her manner is totally different from Bobo.
Liliana-Gray Hair No.826 There is a dreamy rose castle in Lilith. It's where Liliana, Bobo's friend, lives.
Berry Short Hair Hair No.1148 On the morning of Valentine's Day, Bobo received a small gift box. Inside it is a pink hairband
Magic Doll Hair No.1359 Welcome to magician's tea party. I'm the master, Bobo. Come and play a game with me!
Realized Dream Dress No.77 Bobo and Nikki are both moved to tears when they watch the new couple making vows to each other.
Dot Dress No.118 A sunny day is best for a picnic in the park! Guess whether Bobo or Momo will take more snacks?
Picnic Cloth Dress No.119 It just reminds Nikki of the wonderful time she has spent with Bobo and Momo.
Candy Heart Dress No.171 A gift Bobo received from her mother at her 14th birthday. She becomes a typical Lilith girl after she put it on.
Locco's Tea Party Dress No.245 Nikki and Bobo are both invited to attend Locco's tea party. It's nothing like Wintermount competition.
Blue Fish Dress No.262 Bobo's cute Lilith swimsuit, even the picky Momo praised her this time.
The Wonderland Dress No.338 Bobo took Nikki to the garden party in the Apple Federal. The magnificent party felt like a dream!
Abstract Black 'n White Dress No.474 Bobo is said to have learned painting. Maybe stream of consciousness?
Elegant Dress-Pink Dress No.500 Simple dress of Pigeons, Bobo loves the big bow.
Light Feather-Gray Dress No.503 Momo always feels that Bobo in this dress looks pretty like a dove.
Light Feather-Pink Dress No.504 With light skirt and soft color, it is as beautiful as Bobo's dream. Momo commented.
Light Feather-Blue Dress No.506 How comes someone would like such dark color? Bobo couldn't understand.
Bobo's Dress Dress No.570 Another present that Mother gave Bobo on her birthday, and of all she loves this most.
OL Shirt-Black Top No.37 Bobo will never wear something like this. Only one-piece dresses are the most beautiful clothes to girls from Lilith.
Purple T-shirt Top No.63 To avoid the chaos of disagreement among the four of them, Bobo, who likes grapes, bought this T-shirt.
Sweet Plaid-Top Top No.397 Bobo fell in love with it on the first sight, and even Momo didn't complain about anything.
Printed Skirt-Duck Bottom No.69 It is one of the prizes won by Nikki. She gave it to Bobo, which made her happy for a whole day.
Decorative Shorts-Pink Bottom No.80 Bobo will always love pink, heart, bow, puff sleeves... Are all Lilith girls like that?!
Sweet Plaid-Bottom Bottom No.369 Bobo is attracted at the first sight of it. Even Momo couldn't deny its cuteness.
British Plaid-Pink Hosiery No.11 Bobo's favorite socks. She only knows that the socks have Lilith girls' favorite pink element.
Candy Heart-Socks Hosiery No.144 The Candy suit is a gift for Bobo's fourteenth birthday. And the socks goes well with the dress.
Locco's Complex Hosiery No.172 Locco really likes sweet pink knee-high stockings. Bobo jokingly calls this as Locco's complex.
Officer's Pistol Hosiery No.243 When Bobo picked up this pistol, Momo hid behind Nikki's back immediately.
Wheat Field Stockings Hosiery No.264 It's said that Nikki bought the stockings when she went window-shopping with Bobo in Wheat Field.
Candy Heart-Shoes Shoes No.359 The Candy suit is a gift for Bobo's 14th birthday. And the shoes from the suit match with the one-piece dress.
Lace Boots Shoes No.564 Bobo gave it up after just a quick try. Momo laughed at her short legs.
Muffin Shoes-Epic Shoes No.566 Momo painted an odd smiley face, and said that it's Bobo. Then Momo didn't touch grilled fish for three days.
Bobo's Shoes Shoes No.617 Nikki still didn't find that kind of shoes like Bobo's. So Bobo gave her own to Nikki as a gift.
Red Bean Paste Shoes No.678 Honey bean rice pudding is not only Nikki's favorite but also Bobo's delicacy.
Rose Castle Shoes No.750 Halfway through the party, the host Liliana disappeared. Bobo supposed her to get lost again.
Bright Street-Star Shoes No.938 Look, Bobo, all the people on the street are in couples. So I have to stay with my grilled fish.
Teenage Days Shoes No.1005 Bobo should have been the best one for double ponytails, yet she just forgot!
Candy Heart-Necklace Accessory No.221 The Candy suit is a gift for Bobo's fourteenth birthday. And the necklace goes well with the dress.
Candy Heart-Headwear Accessory No.223 The Candy suit is a gift for Bobo's 14th birthday. And the headwear from the suit matches with the one-piece dress.
Candy Heart-Bag Accessory No.225 The Candy suit is a gift for Bobo's 14th birthday. And the bag from the suit matches with the one-piece dress.
Heart Necklace Accessory No.246 An exaggerated necklace in the eye of Momo, it's one of Bobo's favorites.
Locco's Bowknot Accessory No.268 Bobo called Nikki as a long-hair Locco jokingly, but Momo retorted, Nikki would never wear that big bowknot.
Mist Butterfly-Red Accessory No.301 Why Toto can have so many boyfriends? Bobo thought that's because she has many bags.
Plaid Bag-Snow Accessory No.639 With a color of snow white, this bag makes Bobo's love for cuteness ignite.
Bow Bracelet-Pink Accessory No.790 Street peddlers in Wintermount are selling colorful bow bracelets. Nikki picked this one at first glance to give to Bobo.
Crystal Music Box Accessory No.1199 It was late in the night, Bobo fell asleep. In the cabinet aside a red figure dances.
Morning Dew Maid Accessory No.1264 The girl in the morning mist is as pure as the morning dew. But Bobo came and broke the peace.
Flower and Chignon Accessory No.1941 Small light-spots rose and lit up the sky. No matter how many times Bobo have seen fireworks, she is still immersed in it.
Perfect Picnic Accessory No.2312 Bobo, why do you let the squirrels and rabbits eat our food! Ask the grilled fish in your stomach!
Doll Wrist Flower Accessory No.2997 Bobo is the only one. Bobo is the doll master likes most. Don't mention anyone else or I'll get angry!
Time of Adoration Accessory No.4817 On the car, Momo writes down all the funny moments of the party down so that he can share will Bobo later.

Alternative NamesEdit

Version Name/Transliteration
France Flag International (English)/France Bobo
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 啵啵 (Bobo)
Japanese Flag Japan ポポ (Popo)
Korean Flag South Korea 안나 (Anna)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Yoko
Vietnam Flag Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Yoko


  • Prior to December 24th 2017, Bobo's name was localized as Yoko.
  • The Association Workshop suit Fairy Tale Cutie is based on Bobo.
  • She is the only female character that doesn't compete with her main clothes.
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