Blue Phoenix Tune is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from draws in the Tower of Zen except for the bracelet, which can be bought from the Clothes Store 



This haircut makes Nikki think of her sister in the other world, has she found dad yet?
Phoenix Feathers

Only in this dreamland, Nikki saw the spectacular view of birds dancing and singing to the Phoenix.
Blue Phoenix Tune

The Phoenix, with her long tail behind, soared up into the sky as the song started. How stunning.
Phoenix Plume

The beautiful singing of the Phoenix remained lingering in mind even when Nikki waked up.
Song of Blue Phoenix

In the dream, so many birds brought branches and jades to weave a bracelet for Nikki.
Ring of Blue Phoenix

The hair references a previous Nikki game, where Nikki and her sister are trying to find her father.

The other parts of the suit describe Nikki having a dream about a Phoenix, who sings and flies around. Even after she wakes up, Nikki continues to hear the singing.


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