Blossom Season-Shirt
In Miraland, you can customize various beautiful clothes. But a bygone blossom season can not be customized.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Top
Style Dryad
Attributes Cute Pure
Rarity H4
Color Brown/White/Red/Pink
Wardrobe # 131
How to Obtain Master Stylist·Princess·Phase 5
Blossom Season-Shirt can be obtained from the achievement Master Stylist·Princess·Phase 5.

Appearance Edit

A white collared short sleeve shirt, with a pink and red striped lopsided bow. The coat is a dark brown and the collar is red.The coat has beige designs on the coat, while the bottom of the shirt has dark brown designs.

Gallery Suit Edit

Blossom Season-Shirt is part of the Apple suit, Blossom Season.

The other parts of this suit are: Lovely Lady, Blossom Season-Trousers, Maiden Student Socks, Adolescence, Sweet Fawn, Flower Knot and School Bag.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Cool