The milestones increased from the first season to the second season. If you have already reached a milestone in the first season, reaching the same milestone again during the second season will not give any rewards.

The Blood Moon Event ran from August 23rd to September 1st, 2019. It ran again from July 14th to 20th, 2020. The event was for the Blood Moon series of Story Suits.

How to Play Edit

Draw in the event pavilion to collect BM Sigil (Blood Moon Sigils).

One free draw will be available every day, and additional chances could be bought for 30 Diamond each. Each draw would return Stamina (Stamina), Gold (Gold), or Diamond (Diamonds).

Collecting BM Sigil would allow the player to obtain one of the 5 event suits.

Your progress is saved from season to season. The milestones will increase after the first season. If you have already reached a milestone in the first season, reaching the same milestone again will not give any rewards.


Season 1: 15, 40, 100, 170, and 265 BM Sigil

Season 2: 20, 45, 110, 180, and 275 BM Sigil

Suits Edit


Note: Pastoral Sigh is given upon reaching the 4th milestone, not upon obtaining the Flickering Pistill suit.


When you reach and claim a milestone, you will see a story that indicates which suit you'll be getting.

Abyss ApparitionEdit

Clear charming eyes
Sweet seductive clavicle
The enchanting lips
And the living guts
What a dark
Chaotic Feast
Your beauty is mine

Wandering Wraith Edit

How long I've been wandering
What am I guarding
Whom I want to save
The gate of Blood Moon
Locked my body
Prisoned my mind
Only a pure lily
Is hidden deep in the maze

Flickering Pistill Edit

Stars float in the sky
Hung up above the cage
The lost soul
Wanders in the world of chaos
I forgave you
You should too
Withdraw the blade of sins
I'd like to be your sheath

Covenant Servant Edit

One thief wanted fortune
She lost the tongue to lie
One thief wants power
Her body withered and decayed
The last thief covets the immortality of Queen
She drowned in her own blood
Why do I know all these?
Because I am the three thieves

Blood Lust Edit

I was born in primitive desire
Break the boundary of blood and elf
Ascend the throne of sin
Let me destroy your pride
And your wings to
Summon the key to pleasure
And hold it in my hand



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