Kuhlau Kuhlau 10 days ago

New home banner

The other day in Discord I brought up the idea of updating the banner on the home page. I like the one we have right now, but it was made in 2017, it's a little low-quality/jpeggy, and tbh I think it could be fun if we updated it with more recent beloved suits. However I want to hear what suits other people want to see. I don't know the best way to do this but please comment with any suits you would like to have on the banner :) and if someone else nominates one you like then mention that too!

The final suits chosen will probably depend on popularity as well as how good they look together while still representing a variety of styles. Along with the Nikki in the middle, it would be 4 suits.

Here's the original banner:

(Also we can still keep som…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 16 days ago

UCP migration

Hello all! If you are an editor here, or even if you're not and you're just a lost reader who happened to find this blog post, you may have noticed that our wiki looks a bit different now. The reminder, which you may have clicked away on instinct, gave some information about that change, which you can read more about here.

The "too long, didn't read" story is that FANDOM (the company that supports all these sites) made the decision to stop using an old and defunct editor and instead upgraded to a more modern one with more capabilities. It may be a pain to get used to but in the long run, doing this now will probably make sure the entire site doesn't die, which is nice.

Our wiki probably won't have much in the way of changes. Most are gonna b…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 25 days ago

Dealing with dupes in AWB

Hello, here is my second explanation of how to do stuff in AWB, so that nobody has to reinvent the wheel.

Here is my process for what happens when someone says "Hey Kuhlau, please bot this". It's usually a very straightforward process but it varies slightly depending on the specific case. Also this is basically bots 101 so I'm sorry in advance for over-explaining.

  1. Using your normal account, change the name of the page to the new name. It doesn't usually hurt to leave a redirect but you don't have to.
  2. Add in the new information about the new name and the old name to the article. Change the name in the infobox (if applicable), in the opening line, and in the gallery suits section. Then make a note of what the old name was in the opening line.
  3. In…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 29 August

Two new-ish changes~

Hello! If you are in our Discord you already know about these, but two (not very big) changes have been made regarding item pages.

  1. You can now create a new item page using the "Standard Layout" button on the create a new page prompt. We hope that will make it easier for new editors to have an easily-accessible guide for following format!
  2. We now have a Teal category for any turquoise, teal, or blue-green items. As with other colors, just use your best judgement :) I put some preliminary teal items in there and will probably add more if I happen upon them~ feel free to do the same!

As always if you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment!

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Serenity Angel Serenity Angel 28 August


i am new to this wiki

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Tishayer Tishayer 27 August

Discord Love Nikki DUQ

Bonjour à tous!

Je me présente, Tishayer! J'ai créé un serveur sur le jeu  Love Nikki Dress Up Queen  pour organiser des  concours de styles   !

Voici le lien: https://discord.gg/TVVtYaz

Sur ce serveur, vous trouverais:

• Des concours de styles! 💄 • Des astuces pratiques! 🎓 • Un salon pour partager vos tenues! 🛍 • Un salon communautaire pour discuter de tout et de rien! 💬 • Un salon vocal avec bot musique! 🔊 • Des personnes aimables qui seront ravies de vous aider si vous êtes perdus! 🆘️

Venez nombreux! ❤👗
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Jupitia Jupitia 6 August

Borrowing friends' accounts (with consent, for sure) - What is Elex's stance on this?

Good news: I just got consensual access to a V14 account. It has Banshee Momiji, Goldfish Girl and Miss Goldfish, as well as all other kinds of recharges. Individual parts for these ranking suits don't have their own pages and their own images, so I'm going to use the account to help contribute images of clothes to the wiki. (Maybe style clothes as well, for sure!) More info filled in should be good, right?

BUT... In terms of Elex's policies, is it really ok? High-profile Vivi Gaming has done so with Cheryl Agatha, Iri has done so with the "100% Wardrobe Goddess", and a lot of my LN friends have said that it's a normal (and fun!) activity to play with a friend's wardrobe (once in a while, for sure). I myself have even done so with a V9 friend, and w…

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Vansari Vansari 1 August

Looking for Translators

Hello, everyone! We recently reached a CN server player for a Character Realationship Chart she made. She was really nice and agreed to give us permission to use it on the wiki! We now have this amazing visual support! However, the latest english version was only up to the 20180802 ver and they stopped updating it. So we are now looking for people to help translating it ourselves. The following are criterions which need to be answered:

  1. understand both Chinese and English
  2. know a lot about both the EN and the CN server's plot, especially the CN server since there are some parts that haven't made its way to the EN server yet
  3. know terms about this game, such as character names, places, events, etc.
  4. have at least some knowledge about editing

If you …

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ItsWiz ItsWiz 9 July

Help Me!!!

Someone please help. I updated Love Nikki and it said "download fail, file not found". How do I fix this?? Now I can't log in and play. I tried to uninstall it and install it again, but it still says it.

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ItsWiz ItsWiz 9 July

I need some help.

So I made a Facebook account to connect to my Love Nikki account.

If my Love Nikki account is already bound with my email, how do I bound it with my Facebook?

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BlueStarka BlueStarka 18 May

Два года в Никки!

Фух, я не думала, что доживу до этой даты (в плане, я могла бы давно уже забросить игру). Но я не забросила Никки, хоть иногда у меня к ней и пропадал интерес, не заходить я могла максимум неделю-две. И я подумала и решила, что буду каждый раз писать о своих ежегодных достижениях сюда, это будет как традиция. 

  • Получила 7012 вещей.
  • Собрала 363 полных сета.
  • Собрала некоторые сеты, которые вернулись в магазин.
  • Собрала весь Old Album.
  • Собрала все сеты из павильона.
  • Достигла 83 уровня.
  • Прошла все на данный момент присутствующие главы.
  • Собрала сет "Star Sea".
  • Получила почти все достижения (My Growth - 98%; Collection - 99%; Journey - 97%; Styling Contest - 94%; Warm Home - 86%)
  • Получила сет "Beat of Abyss".
  • Смогла накопить 10000 алмазов.
  • Собрала три сета из магаз…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 6 May

Cleaning pages in AutoWikiBrowser

When users edit in VisualEditor, it can make the fields of a template "cramp up" and make the code basically unreadable in source editor, which many other editors (including myself) use due to how it allows them to gain a closer control of the text. (The VisualEditor does not allow for a lot of more complex formatting, and frankly is just annoying.) As well, the program AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) itself, which runs my bot, edits pages in source formatting. So, it's essential to keep the source format of the pages clean.

After some reading, I finally figured out how to use AWB to clean up pages with messy templates so that it can be actually edited in source editor! The one downside is that you have to make a rule for each field of the template. …

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DuchessDream DuchessDream 2 May

One-Dollar Sales

  • 1 2017
  • 2 2018
  • 3 2019
  • 4 2020

  1. Guard Sunshine May 25 - Jun 9
  2. Cute Sheep Bag Jul 7 - Jul 13
  3. Snow Moment, 2 , and 100 . Sep 7 - Sep 13
  4. Prank Cutie Oct 30 - Nov 3

  1. 100 , 100 , and Funeral of Roses. Oct 16 - Oct 22
  2. Spring Seaside Sparrow, some and . Aug 14 - Aug 20
  3. Ocean Sunglasses, 100 , and 1 . May 11 - May 18
  4. Discount Brand, Fish and Dragon Dance, and Momo's Rice Ball Shop Feb 28 - Mar 9
  5. 100 , 100 , and Flower Vine Swing. Feb 10 - Feb 14

No One-Dollar Sales occurred in 2019.

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Kyara39 Kyara39 30 March


My tribute to baikki wooooo

This is part of my LOVE STRUCK BY VEHICLES series which I hope I'll be able to write more of (someday)

Nikki knew the sky was full of shining stars, but today she couldn’t spot a single star. Where did Andromeda disappear to? Had Cassiopeia fallen off her throne? Had the Goddess of the Big Dipper given up as well? As Nikki waited at the metro stop of Welton, her mind drifted to the dream she dreamed of earlier. By the time she was awake, she found herself holding a shell bracelet. All she could remember was the foam and the smell of the sea, but something told her there was more to it.

Through the earbuds she wore, a sombre intro played, and along with the lyrics, she mumbled…

“My journey with all of you ends here
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Kyara39 Kyara39 13 March

Mirror Tale

What is it with me and fanfics in the dead of the night? In fact, it's 3:30 AM by the time I publish this and I can hear birds tweeting outside... yep.

As the title indicates, this is based on the suit Mirror Tale. I tried to be faithful to the description but at some point I just started to diverge and missed the opportunity to use the moonlight motif derp. I was also inspired by Mirror Mayday by Zig (which for the record I put on replay) where two Miku sings at the same time, as if mirroring each other. I wanted to do something similar but in the end it's just random parantheses added in random places lmao.

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning; that was all I did in this lonely old mansion. Be it the dining room, the study, or the bedroom, I clean…

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Lwgph Lwgph 8 March

Updated version of my page script!

I created a script to easily create pages. You may already know that, but I made a lot of improvements to the script so it should be easier to use it. You can find it at https://repl.it/@lwgph/page  

  • 1 Image
  • 2 If the item is part of a suit
  • 3 Running it
  • 4 Copying it to a page

First, screenshot the item in the wardrobe and crop the screeen shot to just the item. Upload that to the wiki. If you want to change the name of the image, you can click more options and fill in the new name.

If your item is part of a suit, you first need to change the suit variables. The first one is insuit, which is where you need to fill in if the item is in a suit. By default is is set to "n", which means no. If it is set to n, you dont have to change any of the variables b…

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Lwgph Lwgph 7 January

Items where the two listed attributes are not the highest

Every item has two attributes listed. One would assume that those two attributes are the highest ones. It turns out that is not always the case.

  • 1 Hair
  • 2 Dress
  • 3 Coat
  • 4 Top
  • 5 Bottom
  • 6 Hosiery
  • 7 Shoes
  • 8 Accessory

  • 5 Untamed Heart has instead of
  • 7 Elegant Nobleman has instead of
  • 13 Scientist has instead of
  • 46 Pretty Pony Tail has instead of
  • 61 Iceworld Whisper has instead of
  • 78 Wild has or instead of
  • 95 Wheat Ears-Rare has instead of
  • 100 Reind has instead of
  • 115 Cheese Cake-Epic has instead of
  • 127 Butterfly-Epic has or instead of
  • 136 Higanbana has instead of
  • 137 Geisha-Rare has instead of
  • 140 Butterfly has instead of
  • 166 Benevolence has instead of
  • 173 Tiny Puff has instead of
  • 178 Kids Show Host has instead of
  • 180 Rock Girl-Purple has instead of
  • 185 Ahoge-Bl…

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Lwgph Lwgph 28 November 2019

To do list for updates

I decided to make a to do list for updates because it can be hard to remember everything that needs to be done.

  • 1 New Chapter
  • 2 New suits
  • 3 Returning suits
  • 4 Event
  • 5 Returning event

  • Make chapter page
  • Update Journey navigation template
  • Update Stages template
  • make stages pages
  • update wardrobe pages
  • update Extra Stage Bonus
  • add link of chapter page to front page

  • make suit pages
  • update gallery pages
  • update gallery suits navigation, hidden suits navigation, story suits navigation
  • update wardrobe pages
  • possibly update Clothes Store, Store of Starlight, ect.

  • update the suit pages
  • update the item pages
  • update the ingredients pages
  • update clothes store, store of starlight, Time Diary

  • Make event page
  • update the Events page and the events on the front page

  • add the new date to …

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DuchessDream DuchessDream 17 November 2019

Hidden Suits (not fit for wiki space)

{{Suit Infobox|type = Hidden Suit|color = Black/Blue/Khaki|how to obtain = Clothes Store|image =

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XXRainbowsXx XXRainbowsXx 7 November 2019

Ya yeet

SO. First post. I'm gonna share stuff! I'm an artist, I've played love Nikki since.... like December? Idk. I draw a lot.... that's some stuff about me....

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 14 October 2019

Improving Chapter 8

Hi guys, it has been a while since I last made a plot based blog post, but I have more thoughts!

I have been somewhat critical of Chapter 8 Mysterious Moonlit City before, with my primary concern being that, imo, it "doesn't advance the plot". Why is this? Well, here is a brief summary of why Chapter 8 exists.

In Chapter 7, Lunar finds out that something is "up" with the Silk Shop. She rushes off to Moonlit City, and at the end of 7, Nikki and her friends decide to follow her to find out what is going on. Once they reach Moonlit City, they discover that Lunar has been KIDNAPPED (!!!), her family's store ROBBED (!!!), and the Mayor is acting weird. Well, actually, it was all a ruse the whole time and the Mayor and Lunar were just PRETENDING t…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 25 September 2019

Changes and such!

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed we have changed a few things, mostly in the Wiki's organization of images.

  • Going forwards, we've removed the "Needs HQ image" category and are moving towards using screenshots with the pink wardrobe background (which now matches the infobox)
  • Another new change that we've been talking about but haven't started implementing yet is including screenshots of different versions of the suit, namely the unposed version since those generally aren't shown in any promo images. We were thinking that we could use the default background A Girl's Room given that everyone owns it and it is light colored. Those files can be uploaded under the filename in order to keep things organized. Of course someone would have to own the …
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Kuhlau Kuhlau 18 July 2019

Redundant Categories

Hi guys,

As you may have noticed, until today all gallery suits were categorized with two categories relating to which section of the gallery they were in, for example, Apple Federal and Apple Federal Suits. This

  1. was redundant
  2. cluttered up the Apple Federal category (which is also used for other content that didn't have its own tag)
  3. was more confusing to navigate (imo).

This was also the case with categories like Stars and Stars Suit which literally had no difference between them at all in terms of how they were used or what content went under it. So, after checking with an admin I changed the suit categorizing to be as follows:

  • All gallery suits have one category relating to the section of the gallery they're in. For example: Category:Cloud Empi…
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Kuhlau Kuhlau 6 June 2019

Event Reorganization Proposal

Hi guys, this is an idea me and a few others have tossed around a bit, but here I am finally writing something out about it.

To those who edit event pages, you may notice that we only have one category to describe event format: Event Pavilions. We also have a category for event maps, but it's for the event map pages themselves (since they get a bit long), Event Maps. Well, we should probably change that. So here I am to propose a set of categories to describe how events work. Turns out they're actually sort of complicated, but basically, MOST events will have one category from each group.

  • 1 The Categories
    • 1.1 Event Format
    • 1.2 Clothing Obtainment
    • 1.3 Additional Modifiers
  • 2 Examples
  • 3 Rationale
  • 4 Other Plans

These will describe, you know, the actual event. …

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DuchessDream DuchessDream 3 June 2019

Self-Reminder (Sites)

Sites that provide a lot of information:

kamigame (Japanese suit names)

qjnn.qq (Chinese suit names)

news.4399 (Chinese suit names)

News.4399 (Chinese Hidden suits)

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BlueStarka BlueStarka 18 May 2019

Один год с Love Nikki!

Да, это событие достойно того, чтобы написать о нем блог (ну и, конечно, ради значка это тоже стоит сделать).

В общем. Сегодня, 18 мая, моя годовщина. Первый год в Love Nikki!

Тип я сама удивлена, что каждый день могла заходить в эту игру.. Хотя у меня будильник на нее стоит, вряд ли бы я его могла игноривать.

  • Получила 4531 вещь.
  • Собрала 222 полных сета.
  • Узнала много новых вещей в плане сюжета.
  • Скупила все вещи в магазине за золото.
  • Собрала несколько стори сьютов и полностью два сета из павильона.
  • Достигла 69 уровня и 7 вип.
  • Прошла все на данный момент присутствующие главы.
  • Собрала сет "Черный Лебедь".
  • Получила почти все достижения (My Growth - 94%; Collection - 93%; Journey - 97%; Styling Contest - 92%; Warm Home - 82%)
  • Собрала большинство своих любимых сетов.
  • И, наконец-та…

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ThatWeirdElf ThatWeirdElf 10 May 2019

Another question

Okay, i know i ahve a lot of questions. I'm just very curios. why can i edit the 6 heart gold? Is it because somone get on putting weird things on it or somthing else??

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ThatWeirdElf ThatWeirdElf 10 May 2019

A Question

I have a question. What is the difrence between miracle nikki and love nikki? Why isn't there a wiki for miracle???

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NightmareFoxy111 NightmareFoxy111 7 May 2019

Introduction of rendy

Hello And welcome, My name is NightmareFoxy111! you may know me as rendy from the Rendy Love Studios youtube channel!

I will be uploading Theories And Stories about the game, that is all for the intro, Bye.

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 3 May 2019

Dreamweaver stages

Hi, to anyone that has changed the Dreamweaver pages back to the format with the templates, I'm sorry for reverting them, and I will explain my reasoning in a sec. In the future, I do recommend checking the page history, since for the most part they were already changed to be that way, rather than "created wrong". I changed some to be without the templates for a reason. (Well, actually several reasons.) But in the future I will try not to make big changes like that without making a blog post/rules change about it first. Copy pasted from the Discord server 3/3/2019, here is my message:

I was wondering what you guys think about the dreamweaver templates now that we've been using them for a while
I feel like the level prerequisites are pretty r…
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Shimazu Sumiko Shimazu Sumiko 22 April 2019

Chapter 19 Hidden suit?

Here are some items from the Maiden levels of chapter 19. I think I know which items go to which, but I'm hesitant to make suit pages for them until we've decided on an unofficial name or we're given one through one of the official accounts. I've probably got some of the items mixed up. Don't hesitate to leave a correction in the comments. ^_^

Suit 1
  • Hair: Time of Merry
  • Coat: Veil of Stars
  • Top: Deep in the Night
  • Bottom: Neon Night
  • Hosiery: Happy Battery
  • Shoes: Neon Leap
  • Hair Ornament: Dream of a Universe
  • Earrings: Star Earrings - XL
  • Scarf: Fluorescent Light
  • Necklace: Tiny Heart
  • Gloves: Cute Bandage
  • Face: Hexagonal Plaid
Suit 2
Original Color
  • Hair: Leisure Center Part
  • Top: Trending Sport - Blue-gray
  • Bottom: White Sport Skirt
  • Hosiery: Curly Socks
  • Shoes: Handsome Youth
  • Hair Ornam…
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Kuhlau Kuhlau 9 April 2019

Shining Nikki!

To those who aren't aware, Shining Nikki (colloquially known as Nikki 4) is having its first official release later today (it should open April 10th at noon in China). As one of the extraordinarily lucky people chosen to be a beta tester who already misses the game dearly, I'm super hype to return to the world of Miraland 680 years ago

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Kyara39 Kyara39 2 April 2019

The Abyss

DISCLAIMER: More evidence has popped up after the Brave New World event and new suit releases. I'm planning to add them here to the list soon!

For those who visit the wiki discord's lore channel might know how crazy I am for the Abyss. This post is me trying to break it down.

So... what the heck the Abyss?

The Abyss is the realm for lost and deceased souls, aka Limbo. As described in Time And Space, the edge of the Abyss reflects the living world, which is a cruel scene for those who are dead. It is conceptualized by the Backlight Chord suit, where it is described that the Abyss has stagnated life and time. People born from such place has no joy, no sorrow, no direction, nowhere to go. Wings of Nine Wheels describes Luciter's drumbeats "like …

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 30 March 2019

Five thousand pages!

Congrats everyone! I love stats and spreadsheets so I put a little something together to commemorate this occasion. Enjoy!


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Kyara39 Kyara39 24 March 2019


So it's almost 2 AM and I was just sitting writing a Nikki x Kimi oneshot lol. I just wrote it on a whim and I haven't proofread or anything so sorry if things are off or if the characters are OOC!

The fic is based on this lovely song by Kedarui.

In the morning of April 25th of year 680, Kimi waited at the bus stop with a can of black coffee in hand. Upon seeing the digital timetable at the monitor, Kimi had tapped her foot rather impatiently; apparently the bus had run late—again—for the 3rd time this week. Traffic jam wasn’t exactly unheard of in Welton, but even so repeated delays upon delays were unacceptable to say the least. Sighing, she took a sip from the steaming hot coffee and adjusted the strap of her Epiphone guitar case, which w…

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Kyara39 Kyara39 3 March 2019

Changing World Q&A

The item descriptions of Changing World is so amazingly sweet so I wrote this because it needs more love lol

There are a lot of suit references and other obscure references in there so kudos if you recognize them!

Q: When time stops, do you still remember those love oaths?
A: Time will never stop. It erodes everything away—and even I cannot hide from it. Yet at that time, when we held hands during that dark, lonesome night… it really felt like time could stop. The crimson creek froze while the wind waned, silencing the sound of rustling leaves. The forest held its breath in anticipation, and the shining stars beyond the canopy had served as our witness when our noses mingled.

Q: When time changes, do you still remember the gift you exchanged?

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 16 February 2019

New tag!

Hey guys! There is a new tag for clothing pages: Category:Wardrobe Item. Now we can see how many of them we have!

Currently we have 3068 out of 8320 total in-game, which comes out to about 37%. The number is slightly off considering we use one page for Miss Bone/Underworld Lord items that take up two slots, but it's a good indicator!

Please add it to any new clothing pages you make, and let me know if I missed any~

The names are also now updated to their new names, so you should be able to link to any former dupes without issues!

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KitsuneStar KitsuneStar 15 February 2019


Ok guys! If you play any of the [title-games]show me your shows for CocoPPaPlay and tell me your username! I’m ❤️❤️FateFluff❤️❤️!Show me your OCs, scenes, skits,edits,and character codes!(Gachaverse is eligible for anything but character codes)

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Kyara39 Kyara39 14 February 2019

Overdrive Cycle prompt

Just something I wrote 23:00 in attempt to cure my writing's block. I absolutely love Overdrive Cycle's description and find her very expressive. That said, I haven't double-checked so this might contain errors haha

EDIT: Updated the text a bit

‘Elapse’, ‘War’, ‘Pain’, ‘Suffering’;
‘Staff’, ‘Hecate’, ‘Keeper’, ‘Abyss’;
‘Miraland’, ‘Greenfield Tower’, ‘Ashes’, ‘Rekindle’;
‘Miracle’, ‘Ghosts’, ‘Lost’, ‘Music’—

… ‘Music’? In the void, entropy gathered around that peculiar word.

“System reboot… system reboot…” resonated in the void, fading into nothingness. Dark energy suppressed the entropy from accumulating. However, when ‘Hope’, ‘Peace’, and ‘Love’ came into existence, a thermonuclear fusion was initiated. Gravity had been established, and as word…

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Emptymorgue Emptymorgue 19 January 2019

Morgue's favorite hairs (of the ones i own)

Watery-Rare - matches a lot of stuff i make that has an ice/snow vibe and is very flowy and kinda transparent?  big ol curls

Fox Spirit - ok this doesn't match very many clothes but the ears are so cute? idk it's just cute in general!!

Wasteland Jewel-Silver - yeah it also mathces a lot of winter show themes and i really like the hairstyle tbh, the tiny braids are adorable

SapphiresThief - the lil pony tail is amazing and the color is a good icy grey color and it's a bit messy and idk i just like it a lot

Night Date - Curly, long, the hair ornaments are built in but they're cute so it's ok

Bat Shadow - Ok this hair is so long?? and a lovely dark purple??? and it's kinda curly and yeah it's very nice

Autumn Afterglow - there's not that many orang…

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Emptymorgue Emptymorgue 18 January 2019

Morgue's favorite makeups (of the ones i own)

Salvation of Blood is really good, crying but kinda mad??? also just - very on point makeup
Freezing Glare  - death stare need i say more
Pupil of Silver Wings - look, it just has a very specific vibe?? also looks robot-y?? like, more so than the Wound of Nirvana / War makeups
Eyes of Order - i just use it a lot? thats all
Invisible Figure - the tats make it impossible to use but like, just on a pure aesthetic level it's good... slit pupils??? i want more eyes with that
Shadow and Fragrance in Dark - so elegant & happy and nice dark blue eyes, red lipstick
Radiance of Heart - yeah. yeah it's just good. winking, a nice gradient
Mortal Game - idk it's just very spooky? the lips are sewn a bit, the eyes have swirls... fun to use
Radiant Poem - there's …

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Shimazu Sumiko Shimazu Sumiko 14 January 2019

Category Clean-up and Organization

I've been thinking about tackling the category portion of this wiki. There are a lot of categories that are being used, but don't technically exist because their page hasn't been created. There are also some duplicate categories and some categories that might be useful, but otherwise superfluous.

Basically, the reason I'm making this blog post is so we can come to a consensus about what extra categories we want to keep and want we want to get rid of before I dive right in.

  • Customization vs Customizable
  • Background vs Backgrounds
  • Any category where clothing/suits are sorted by color (Red, Blue, Green, etc.)
  • ETA: Category:Evolution vs Category:Evolved (ShadowQuxxn)

I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of any more off the top of my h…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 24 December 2018

The Chapters, Ranked

We all know some chapters are better than others. Some are pure fluff, and some are actually very important. Here is where I will attempt to rank my personal favorite chapters. Spoilers ahead!

  1. Chapter 15 Besieging Of The Cloud City/Chapter 15 Head North To The Cloud City: Is it cheating if I'm including both? Regardless, this is definitely the best chapter. There's just so much dialogue. The political stuff with Huo Qizhou and Zhong Lizi may have been a bit long-winded, but I feel like it sets a good precedent for including more and is probably just as frustrating for us as it is for Nikki and friends. And 15-9 is just... fantastic. I cry every time. Not only is it a great Bobo moment but it's really amazing worldbuilding. Also best girl Yu…
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ShadowQuxxn ShadowQuxxn 26 November 2018


We’re holding a giveaway! We have two $50 Google Play gift cards to help promote the competition for Fan Favorite Game of 2018! Love Nikki is also nominated so please try to vote for it! The link to it is here. The voting ends on November 26th so that’s when this giveaway will end as well.

Also, don’t forget to post a screenshot of your vote here to get 30 and a Momo Trophy. If you’re outside of the U.S, make sure to comment your support on the Facebook post instead!

This giveaway is open to all android users. To participate, please answer this question:

What is your favorite suit and why?

Please make sure to leave some form of contact in your comment as well.
(Discord, Twitter, Reddit handle, or if you don't have those, email)

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Rrrockio Rrrockio 12 November 2018

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Nomination!

Great news: Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a nominee for the Google Play Fan Favorite Game of 2018! This award puts the power in the communities’ hands, allowing fans like the ones on this wiki to vote for and support their favorite game. The voting for the Fan Favorite Game Award runs through November 26.

Cast your ballot now on Google Play. Check out the full list of nominees below.

  • 1 Pokémon GO
  • 2 Clash Royale
  • 3 Toon Blast
  • 4 Kick the Buddy
  • 6 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
  • 7 Guns of Glory
  • 8 Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest
  • 9 Hungry Dragon
  • 10 Run Sausage Run!
  • 11 Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
  • 12 Homescapes
  • 13 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
  • 14 MARVEL Strike Force
  • 15 The Sims™ Mobile
  • 16 Jurassic World™ Alive
  • 17 Asphalt 9: Legends
  • 18 Candy Crush Friends Saga
  • 19 The Walking Dead…

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Lwgph Lwgph 5 November 2018

Create a page

Do you want to create a page for a clothing item and don't know how? Or just want to do it faster?

I wrote some code to create pages! You can find it here: https://repl.it/@lwgph/page

For a better explanation on how to use it, see this post.

Change the suit variables at the top if the item is in a suit, then press run and answer the questions. Copy the output at the end.

Go to the wikia, click on a red link to create a page, then click on those three lines next to the cancel button and choose source editer. Paste the result of the program here. Then press "apply changes" and "save page" and "save page" again and you're done!

If you upload an image named "item name.png", it will automatically be added. For example, Moon Rabbit-Red.png was used f…

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Kuhlau Kuhlau 20 September 2018

Upcoming Suits and Features

I am just over the moon that we are getting Icy Wind - no uh, wait, Icewind Warchant - that's not it either? Okay then, Battle Song. I've been farming it since the moment I reached Chapter 12 a few months ago and while I'm still quite far from completing it, I think it will be fun to have it in the tracker and really be able to go all out on it.

Chapter 16 will also be amazing, I've pre-farmed it so that I can try and get the dialogue and info up ASAP. I'm also super excited for the content, because I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen.

Of course, everyone is on the edge of their seats for Dreamweaver. And I know it'll be a great addition to our server! It's going to make editing the character profiles so fun and easy! And uh, I'm sur…

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CureFeather CureFeather 10 August 2018

CH17 Miracle Nikki

Apparently, 360mobi Miracle Nikki Asia just got their 17th Chapter, and so they have posted the following picture showing off the suits that can be collected from the chapter. They look gorgeous! I can't believe that 2 more chapter updates and we'll finally get them! I especially like the Pine Forest Curse one. ^^

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Kyara39 Kyara39 9 August 2018

Miracle Nikki x Magical Mirai Collaboration

Because I'm Vocaloid trash I just have to share this!! The Japanese version is getting a Hatsune Miku collaboration! It's speculated to be a hell or ranking event and features 7 suits: Miku V2, Kagamine Rin and Len V2 and Magical Mirai suits: 2015 to 2018.

  • Twitter announcement link: https://twitter.com/miraclenikkijp/status/1027394396285591552
  • Miku V2 and Magical Mirai 2015: https://twitter.com/miraclenikkijp/status/1027466835086589952

I've saved like 2k diamonds in JP and while I know I won't be getting all the suits, I can't wait to just get her :p

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ShadowQuxxn ShadowQuxxn 29 June 2018


As requested, here’s a guide for categories! Remember, the categories do not have to be in a specific order.

  • 1 Suit Pages
    • 1.1 Regular Gallery Suit
    • 1.2 Story Suit
  • 2 Items
    • 2.1 Clothing
    • 2.2 Furniture
  • 3 Events
  • 4 Chapters
  • 5 Stages

All suit pages should have the following categories:

  • Suit
  • Suit Name
  • Obtainment Method
    • If event, say the specific event as well
  • Styling Gift Box if it has one as the completion reward

  • Nation
  • Nation Suit
  • Target Suit if target suit

  • Story Suit
  • Specific Story Suit (Ex. Evernight's Dream, Ghost Gathering, Four Seasons, etc)

Examples: Princess Dawn, Crime Buster

All item pages should have the following:

  • Obtainment Method
    • If event, be specific
  • Main Color(s)
  • Rarity
  • Tags
  • Type (Be specific!)
    • Ex. a hair ornament will have accessories, headwear, and hair ornaments as …

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