The Black and White Swan event was a crafting event that ran from May 19th to May 21st, 2017. The event will not return as the suits have been made available through Recipe Crafting and Evolution.

How to Play Edit

Solve the riddles to find which stages to go to for the parts of the White Swan suit. The White Swan suit can then be evolved into the Black Swan suit.

The target stages were only in the first 3 chapters of Volume 1.


Item Riddle Stage
White Swan The turntable of constellation starts rolling. Symphony of Destiny plays love. 1-5Princess Level
Pristine Dancer Secret love is the most beautiful affair in youth. It's so fortunate to fall in love with you. 1-6Maiden Level
Plume of White Swan March by the savage Iron Rose, chanting the war song of fate. 1-9Princess Level
White Swan Earrings Hey! You are Capricorn, great! 2-4Maiden Level
White Swan's Crown
Snow-white Body The destined silver hair comes to sight 2-8Maiden Level
Snowy Wings
Snow Diamond Chain To love is to follow recklessly, to let you go and to let me go. 3-1Maiden Level
Snow Diamond Bracelet
Swan of Innocence After the song stops echoing, I will bring you the loser back home. 3-3Maiden Level


White SwanEdit

Black SwanEdit

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