Biting Wind
Biting Wind
Swirling snow outlines the story. I pushed the broken gate open and returned to this deserted manor.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hair
Attributes: MatureSexy
Rarity: H5
Color(s): Grey
Wardrobe #: 1829
Obtained by: Recharge

Biting Wind could be obtained through a Cumulative Recharge.

Appearance Edit

Long grey wavy hair.

Gallery Suit Edit

Biting Wind is part of the Apple Federal suit Frost Rose.

The other parts of this suit are Grand Fireworks, Unfinished Love, Soft Light, Colorful World, Shining Year, Night Parade, Winter Prelude, Hot Blossom and Myriad Stars.

There is an alternative version of this suit. It includes Biting Wind, Frost Rose, Soft Light, Winter Prelude, Hot Blossom and Myriad Stars.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
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