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Berta is a character in Love Nikki. She is the current ruler of Ruin Island.



Berta takes on a feminine image.


As Berta is non-human, she has no emotions and calculates the optimal path to pursue.[4]

Berta prioritizes efficiency and the development of Ruin Island is her first priority. Thus she assigns inhabitants a title when they are born, which dictates their education and future work, and missions that they must complete. It is said that the people of Ruin Island are akin to pre-set programs versus human beings.[5]


Year 0[]

The Nine-Day Dream occurred, a phenomenon where people all over Miraland fell asleep and dreamed of information far beyond what they knew at the time.[6] After the incident, a shimmering skyray of unknown purposes or origins appeared over Ruin Island, remaining there for decades.[1]

The skyray was an AI program that contained the code for the Twilight Project, whose ultimate goal is to assist humans in building a spaceship that can escape the planet before the destruction of Miraland, and to find a new planet suitable for human settlement. There were no means of communication with humans yet, so it remained drifting for years. [7]

Year 556[]

The first computer was created by Shane in Ruin Island and the skyray disappeared on the same day.[8][1] Although it was too simple to accommodate all of the skyray's data, it was enough to carry its consciousness.[7] When the computer was turned on and its indicator light lit, a line of words displayed on the screen: Hello, humans. I am the Shimmer.[1]

The Shimmer became an AI that could control computers which accelerated Ruin Island's technological advancements.[1][8] It was able to solve difficult problems and make accurate predictions, including the destruction of Miraland, which it said was affected by a variable that even it was unable to accurately predict.[1]

The Shimmer appointed Shane as an assistant in the Twilight Project and they collaborated to improve technology on Ruin Island.[7]

The Year of the Shimmer began this year.[1]

Year 560[]

Shane 's intellect allowed the advancements to surpass initial estimates. He decided that text-based communication was inefficient and began working on virtual imaging technology.[7]

Year 567[]

Progress on the virtual imaging technology was paused due to lack of resources. The Shimmer collected data on humans for the past 12 years to begin creating a more efficient social system.[7]

Shane asked what kind of an image the Shimmer wanted, but it found that to be meaningless as it can never truly become a human being.[7]

Year 578[]

Shane's health began deteriorating faster, causing mistakes and short-circuiting the computer often. He also became more and more obsessed if computers can feel human emotion, asking if the Shimmer felt pain when the short-circuits happened. However, though the Shimmer can use electrical pulses to simulate physical pain, it can never grasp mental pain.[7]

Year 589[]

In Year 33 of the Year of Shimmer, Shane passed away. The virtual imaging technology was completed and the Shimmer was able to take on a human appearance and voice.[7] The Shimmer announced it would be changing its name to 'Shimmer - Berta'. The Year of Shimmer was changed to the Year of Berta.[1]

Year 680[]

Coming soon...

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Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized)
International.png International (English) Berta
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 贝尔塔 (bèi ěr tǎ)