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Special map for the Bell Tower Phantom Event. There are 5 stages that do not require Stamina to complete. Two are quiz stages and the other three are styling battle stages. Complete these stages to collect Memory GearsMemory Gear. You are given 3 free attempts per day and may reset the attempts for styling battle stages for 30 Diamond each.


1 - Town GirlEdit

  • Quiz Stage

Town Girl
You are outsiders? What are you stealthy doing here? Answer my question right and I'll let you in!

2 - Suzu's QuizEdit

  • Quiz Stage

A phantom in bell tower? Sounds like the show Opera Phantom by December Troupe. Are you here to trace the romantic legend?

3 - Ghost LegendEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
  • Tags: European Evening Gown
  • Opponent: Cali
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 8, Picky Immune 5, Picky Bounce 2

Where there is news there is me! I've heard word of the phantom. Defeat me if you want to know Cali's exclusive news!

  • Cali: The December Troupe's 'Phantom of the Opera' is underway! Why did Sofia appear in a remote town after the play? Are there truly phantoms in the belfry? We shall find out soon...
  • Momo: Isn't that Cali? If she's here, that must mean something big is happening, right?
  • Cali: Nikki, Momo, why are you here?
  • Nikki: We were passing by and overheard a girl talking about rumors of a phantom in a belfry. We thought we should check it out.
  • Cali: I'm here for the rumor, too! It's said in the abandoned belfry outside the town, there is a girl dancing in the moonlight to a soft wailing song!
  • Cali: When a few curious people went to investigate, they were scared off by falling rocks and chandeliers, and bloody handprints on the walls...
  • Cali: The old men in town say that there's a phantom living in it who doesn't like being disturbed by outsiders.
  • Nikki: Sounds like the December Troupe's famous play, 'The Phantom of the Opera!'
  • (Just then, a girl in a purple dress approaches from the direction of the belfry)
  • Momo: Guys, look! Sofia's back!
  • Nikki: Did you go to the belfry because of the rumor too, Sofia?
  • Sofia: Yes. The belfry reminded me of an old friend, so I went there to take a look.
  • Nikki: What old friend are you talking about?
  • Sofia: He was a watchmaker. I promised that I would go see him once I realized my dream, but he's been missing for the last nine years...
  • Momo: Did you find him in the belfry?
  • Sofia: No, that wasn't the watchmaker.
  • Nikki: That makes sense. He has been missing for many years; finding him wouldn't be that simple...
  • Sofia: You're right. But maybe one day, I'll see him again. After all, we have our promise... I should be getting back to the rehearsal. See you.
  • (After Sofia has left)
  • Momo: Nikki, let's check out that belfry. Maybe we can find some clues about Sofia's friend!
  • Cali: But before that, let's have a quick matching contest! The theme is Sofia's look in the 'Phantom of the Opera:' Classical, elegant clothing in the style of the Pigeon Empire!

4 - Bell Tower PhantomEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
  • Opponent: Sofia
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 1, True Love 3, Clock 2

Please... help... Help me... put on... dancing dress, gorgeous... Find... memory, of master...

  • Nikki: Is that the haunted belfry? Such an ancient building standing tall in the moonlight; it's actually quite romantic... Hey Momo, did you hear that? Somebody is singing!
  • Momo: But... their singing is so awful! Let's go inside and see who's responsible!
  • (Nikki and Momo climb up to the second floor, and open the first door they see. Beyond is a room full of cogwheels, machinery, discarded clocks, and assorted maintenance tools)
  • (Standing before a gigantic cog with a wrench in hand is an old watchmaker. He glares coldly at his reckless intruders)
  • Clockmaker: This is my belfry. I am not accepting any visitors right now, much less trespassers such as yourselves, now leave!
  • Momo: T-There really is a watchmaker in here! But... what about the dancing girl?
  • Nikki: That watchmaker looks really angry, we'd better get out of here!
  • (Nikki and Momo exit the room through a nearby door. The door creaks shut on itself as soon as they step outside)
  • (Just as the two are about to go down the stairs, they are stopped in their tracks by some strange sounds)
  • Momo: Huh? Who's there?!
  • (A young maiden appears on the steps, a clockwork spring jutting out from her back... it appears this girl was created by the watchmaker!)
  • Clockwork Girl: Please... h-help me...
  • Momo: Holy cow, the clockwork girl can talk, too!
  • Nikki: How can we help you?
  • Clockwork Girl: Find... Master's memory... please... h-help me...
  • Momo: Master's memory? Did the watchmaker lose his memory?
  • Clockwork Girl: Please... h-help me...
  • (The clockwork girl repeats her message, her limbs swinging around erratically. Her voice is just as stiff as her peculiar movements)
  • Momo: Hey, what's the big idea! You almost hit me!
  • Nikki: Doesn't it look kind of like... dancing?
  • Momo: Dancing? Wait, I got it! She must be the dancing girl in the belfry!
  • Nikki: So how do we help her?
  • Momo: Nikki, try changing into a beautiful dancing dress; maybe it'll jar the watchmaker's memories!

5 - Memory PendelumEdit

  • Style: Warm Cute Lively Pure Gorgeous
  • Tags: Winter
  • Opponent: Winter Coat Girl
    • Base score: 30,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 5, Critical Eye 4, Sleeping 1, Clock 1

A bell tower with a specter... Somehow it feels a bit cold here, Nikki, did you bring some warm clothes here?

  • (Nikki puts on the dress and, the moonlight pouring in through the window, she was bathed in gentle light. The clockwork girl starts singing a different song)
  • (Suddenly, a bell chimes, marking the hour)
  • (The door to the second-floor room opens, and the watchmaker comes out. He is stunned at the sight of Nikki, his hand trembling, but still with an indifferent expression)
  • Clockwork Girl: Master... Master...
  • (The clockwork girl struggles to move her creaking body towards the watchmaker. She reaches out her hand, but stumbles on the last step and falls to the ground)
  • (The loud noise seems to shake the watchmaker from his stupor. He picks up the clockwork girl in his arms and, with a look of surprise mixed with anger, barks back towards Nikki)
  • Clockmaker: I won't tell you again: NO TRESPASSING! Now get out!
  • Momo: What's your problem! We're just trying to help you regain your memory!
  • Clockwork Girl: Master... They... are not...
  • (Without another word, the watchmaker carries the clockwork girl back into the room, her parts rattling loudly the whole way)
  • Nikki: Let's go, Momo.
  • (Nikki and Momo go to exit the belfry. As they turn to close the door, they hear the watchmaker's voice from above)
  • Clockmaker: Don't worry, Christine; I'll fix you up, good as new. You'll see.
  • (Nikki and Momo sit down to rest in the meadow surrounding the belfry, the beautiful, almost surreal landscape doing nothing to quell their irritation)
  • Momo: That watchmaker has some screws loose, huh!
  • Nikki: Calm down, Momo. After all, we did break into his belfry.
  • Momo: You're right... but that clockwork girl was so beautiful. If she didn't look like she's been neglected for years, she would be even more amazing!
  • Nikki: Yeah, that watchmaker is actually pretty talented, isn't he?
  • Momo: But we still don't know if his memory's back...
  • (Suddenly, a loud ticking resonates from the belfry, like the winding up of a clock. A clear and soulful voice begins to sing, and Nikki and Momo look at the belfry's top.
  • (By the window, a handsome man stands opposite a dancing girl who spins and shows the large clockwork spring in her back, which Nikki feels like she has seen before)
  • (The wind breezes over Nikki's arms and through the girl's hair as the bell rings once more)
  • (If his memories can be found, then perhaps old friends can be reunited)
  • Momo: The wind is picking up, Nikki. Change into some warm clothes and let's hurry back.


Q. How many times will minute hand and hour hand coincide in one day?
A. 22
Q. Which of the following is not a tool to record time?
A. Triangular ruler
Q. Which of the following country does prime meridian NOT cross?
A. Canada
Q. International date line is not a straight one. Which of the following is NOT around its turning point?
A. Strait of Gibraltar
Q. What happens to the date when you cross the international date line from east to west?
A. One day forward
Q. What happens to the date when you cross the international date line from west to east?
A. One day backward
Q. What is the unit of time in the international system of units?
A. Second
Q. How many seconds are there in an hour?
A. 3600
Q. A clock chimes every other hour. It takes 5 seconds to chime 6 times. How long will it take to chime 12 times?
A. 11
Q. In the Gregorian calendar year, how often does leap day happen?
A. Every 4 years
Q. Which is the slowest pointer on a normal clock?
A. Hour hand
Q. At the International Longitude Conference in 1884, in order to avoid the chaos of time, how many time zones are there on the earth surface?
A. 24
Q. Summer Time is a system regulated by human for saving energy, how?
A. Set clock one hour forward
Q. By what principle that pendulum clock records time?
A. Isochronism of the pendulum
Q. Who was the inventor of pendulum clock?
A. Huygens
Q. What’s the working principle of quartz clock?
A. Piezoelectric effect
Q. Who was the inventor of quartz clock?
A. Warren Marrison
Q. Which is not a main structure of a clock?
A. Harajuku
Q. Which of the following factors will affect the accuracy of a clock?
A. All the rest
Q. Which of the following is not a type of clock oscillator?
A. Dimension Cube

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