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The first season of the Barbie x Love Nikki collaboration event was a pavilion event held on March 14th to the 20th, 2019.
Nikki Barbie Round 1 Thumb

The app's icon during the event.

How to Play Edit

Draw in the event pavilion to obtain parts of the Space Fantasy and Romantic Moment suits.

The first draw was 50% off at 40 Diamond, while the following draws were 80 Diamond each.

Suits Edit

Space Fantasy Edit

Notice: The skin, Light of Cosmos, could have been obtained via the mailbox.

Romantic Moment Edit

Web Pavilion Edit

Barbie Web Pav 1

During the event period, the website had a special event which involved sharing to Facebook for a randomized redemption code, which could be redeemed in-game for items and in-game currency. If a user drew from the web pavilion 12 times, they could get all 12 rewards.[1] The items in the web pavilion, which were also created for the Barbie collaboration, included:

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