Azula is a character in Love Nikki. She is a member of the Losol Church.



Azula wears a black and white nun's veil and has a long sleeved black slit-leg dress with the top also styled like nun's clothing. She wears thigh-high black high-heeled boots and carries a black sword with dark red splatters on it. She has dark red waist-length hair, dark blue eyes, and pale skin.


Azula speaks seriously and directly. She is not a warm or welcoming person, and takes the Losol Church seriously.[1]


Year 680 Edit

After Shade was spotted in Losol, the Apple Federal Security Agency and the Losol Church decided to cooperate for the safety of the nation.[2] Orlando brought Nikki, Kimi, Bobo, and Momo to the Losol Church and asked Azula to look after them. She told him that though they may have been his friends, they were not her, and that Losol Church would not accept the weak, challenging Nikki to a styling battle.[1] Regardless, she took them into the church, where they were meant to stay for a few days, and Orlando directed them to her in case they had any questions.[2]

Bobo left partway through the first night, and Nikki, Kimi, and Momo planned to follow her.[2] However, they did not see Azula anywhere, and accidentally ate drugged food at the church's cafeteria.[3] Azula told Orlando about their abduction, but it was too late to save them.[4]


  • "Azula, you should be a sister and spread the blessing to people."
    — using Smile.
  • "Your design will pass the judgment og gods."
    — using Critical Eye.

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