Autumn Firefly is a Story Suit that appeared in the Time Palace Event together with Old dream in Fleeting light.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Light Crossing Fingers and 30 Diamond.

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The glows rose from grass, lighting up the dark night.

They were shining on faces with all kinds of expressions, and under these faces there were various stories to be told.

The moonlight went through the window and shined on the paper. Qiuli has just finished the letter. The dense words were telling the experience of its owner, and the happiness and emotions within.

At that moment, the sense of déjà vu reminded Qiuli of something long ago.

Back then it was a summer night. The fireflies was induced by the fragrance from her glass jar and flew inside. She covered the top with a piece of gauze and fixed it with a rope.

The fireflies in the jar was twinkling gently like a lamp, lighting up the dark night for Qiutang.

Qiutang took a glance at the book, and told Qiuli various stories and legends of the ancient times.

In the middle of the night, Qiuli untied the knot on the jar to let out the fireflies, which then carried her dreams away.

They would never come back again. Even if she made another jar, it would never be the same one, as the moment when it lighted up the story and their hearts was over.

How many moments will we have in our lives? The sad ones and happy ones; the tough ones and the lucky ones; the real ones and the illusory ones.

And how many of them can we share with others?

Qiuli put down the pen and walked to the window. THe glows around the window faded away, making the darkness even more lonely.

Perhaps those lonely moments we had to spend or those we choose to spend are more common than any of the others.

And her real home lay in where castles were built with words, plains covered with flowers and the moon shined warm lights.

The warm wind blew over, reminding Qiuli of that night and beautiful world Qiutang described.

'The warm wind has just arrived and the glowing fireflies are transformed from rotten grass'

Destiny and reality are ruthless. After leaving home, I realized the world isn't a simple and nice fairytale.
Chilly Autumn

The world is much too harsh. But I have to stand up to the hardships and smile to myself.
Sky Green

The firefly light was dim but not fading away. My big sister is gentle, but never showing weakness to life.
Green Moss

Neon lights are twinkling, never dim. Seeing them as a kind of firefly lights encourages me to pursue dream.
Candles Flicker

With courage, you can rewrite cruelty into fairytale. I will continue writing the sequel of our world.
Cicada Wing

When depressed, I always remember my sister's encouragement that dream lies ahead and I shall march bravely.
Firefly Dance

When writing to my sister, I always capture the best, assuring her that living in city is another fairytale.
Letter from Homeland

Firefly lit dream, as if I were back to my sister's arms. I woke up on time in my tiny bed, drying my tears.
Bright Night

A fairytale is a wish, but it encourages me. No matter how difficult life would be, I'd always keep going.
Dancing Shadow

I mailed my recent photos to my sister, 'Everything is fine. City lights are prettier than firefly lights.'
Living in the Wilderness

The crystal jar full of firefly sealed my wishes. And I shall realize every dream inspired by my sister.
Light Crossing Fingers

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Coming soon...

See also: Old dream in Fleeting light.


Name by ServerEdit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Autumn Firefly N/A
France Flag International (French) Luciole d'Automne Firefly of Autumn
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 萤火诉秋心 (Yíng huǒ sù qiū xīn) Firefly's Autumn Heart
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
螢火訴秋心 (Yíng Huǒ Sù Qiū Xīn) Firefly's Autumn Heart
Japanese Flag Japan 秋伝う蛍火 (Aki tsutau hotarubi) Autumn Firefly
Korean Flag South Korea 반딧불의 소망 (bandisbul-ui somang) Firefly's Hope
Indonesia Flag Indonesia Firefly Wishes N/A
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Đom đóm mùa thu Autumn Fireflies
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A

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