Auspicious Cloud
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Exqus bunny guided him through the big snow. He skelped down the road and recalled the plum drink and colored silk back home.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Accessory, Foreground
Style: Pet
Attributes: GorgeousLively
Rarity: GH
Color(s): White/Blue
Wardrobe #: 2712
Obtained by: Star Secrets Event
Auspicious Cloud could be obtained from the Star Secrets event.

Appearance Edit

Blue transparent cloud designs with white rabbits and snowflakes. The white rabbits move in a circle around the character.

Gallery Suit Edit

Auspicious Cloud is part of the Stars suit Rabbit of Room Sun.

The other parts of this suit are Sun Rabbit of Room, Song of Cold Spirit, Exquisite Snow Cloak, Heaven Horse Sock, Mysterious Boot, Mysterious Hand Cuff, Hook and Bell Cane, Fairy Lying Rabbit and Cold Pond Eyes.

There is an alternative version. It contains Sun Rabbit of Room, Mysterious Song, Auspicious Omen Cloak, Mysterious Pedal, Dreams Drawing Dream, Fairy Lying Rabbit and Cold Pond Eyes.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm
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